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JANUARY 25, 2011 12:26PM

101 Words for Penis

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I promised to list 101 different ways to say penis.  From an idea of justcathy's.  The list will give info about each one if I can find it, otherwise you will just have to trust me since I can find no reference material on the subject.

001.    Dick : really,who hasn't heard this one?

002.    Weiner: same here too.

003.    Cock

004.    Prick

005.    Johnson:  Never sure if  it is the president or the outboard that this one refers to.

006.    Pee Pee: Explains itself doesn't it? 

007.    Pecker: Another one that is just too common.

008.    John Thomas: English in origin.  I assume the guy must have been a real prick.

009.    Baloney Pony

010.    Rod

011.    Shaft:  The black private dick who's sex machine to all the chicks.

012.    Bald headed Yogurt slinger:  Graphic eh?

013.    Baby Maker

014.    Shvantz

015.    Bone/Boner

016.    Bratwurst: A large penis.

017.    Bud:  Common in English ruled Caribbean islands.

018.    Hanging meat

019.    Trouser Snake

020.    One Eyed Trouser Snake

021.    Cack: Gaelic

022.    Choad: A penis that is wider than long.

023.    Chub: Partially erect.

024.    Cornholer:  ick.

025.    Ding Dong

026.    Dong

027.    Dingus/Dingis

028.    Dork: Originally a whales penis.

029.    Dingaling:  Ask Chuck Berry,

030.     Hard On

031.    Tallywhacker

032.    Hog:  Not a Harley, just the ol' pork

033.    Jimber: a new one on me.

034.    Jimmy: Likely related to the Jimber in some arcane way.

035.    Joystick:  Originally for the reasons of pleasure, in the video game age it has acquired another.

036.    Keilbasa:  See Bratwurst.

037.    Knob:  The tip in particular.

038.    Long Dong Silver:  See Clarence Thomas

039.    Love Muscle

040.    Fuck Stick:  Need I say more?

041.    Main Vein

042.    Man Meat

043.    Meat Popsicle

044.    Meat Thermometer

045.    Member

046.    Middle Leg

047.    Monster

048.    Mr. Happy

049.    Mr. Winky

050.    Ol' One Eye

051.     One Eyed Monster

052.    Peen

053.    Putz

054.    Peeter/Peter

055.    Piece:  As in Piece of man meat.

056.    Pocket Rocket:

057.    Pole

058.    Pud:  Short for Pudding.

059.    Pudding: as in pulling your pudding.

060.    Purple Helmet

061.    German Helmet

062.    Salami

063.    Sausage

064.    Skin Flute

065.    Tent Pole

066.    Third Leg

067.    Throbber

068.    Tonsil Tickler

069.    Tool 

070.    Tube Steak

071.    Tube Snake:

072.    Wang

073.    Wanker

074.     Wee

075.    Willie

076.    Weenie

077.    Winky

078.     Spitting Cobra

079.    Spout.

080.   Little Elvis

081.    Trouser Trout

082.     Thing

083.    Meat Puppet

084.    Schlort

085.     Schmeckle:  Getting a bit obscure now aren't I?

086.    Sconge:  See Chub

087.    Schlittle:  The opposite of Schlong

088.    Peeper

089.    Plonker

090.    Love Shaft

091.    Meatsicle

092.    Chup

093.    Chut

094.    Cut:  In particular a circumcised one

095.    Digger

096.    Twig (and Berries)

097.    Doder

098.    Doinker

099.    D

100.    Anacondaa

101.    Alabama Black Snake.


I'd like to thank the folks at the online Slang dictionary for providing me with some of this information.


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hahahaha...I'm sure there are even more! Rocket?
I've always just called mine....Al. I don't know why. He just looks like an Al. All bored and stuff..until he thinks about women, of course...he used to greet me in the morning but mostly forgets these days.. Sigh.
I think I've met all 101.
A great roundup! xox
This made me laugh Bob
Cock is will always be my fav, it just sounds so hot . . . especially in public.

Number 102: Schniedelwutz

When I lived in Germany, it was explained as the word grandmothers use to describe little boy's penises. Remember, the W sounds like a V!

Rated for laughter in the morning!
Mayo cannon

Goop shooter
I call mine Big Guy.
I've had to be very careful of myself however, I've had a great time going through airports.

I think you forgot "Unemployed". For the one that doesn't work! ;)
Although #s 82 & 55 are gender debatable, I'm adding you as a fav.
My wife calls mine Flash. I have no idea why!
Of course I had to run right over here to see this list! OMG, so many names for such a (relatively) small item. :D

Pocket Rocket, Shlong, Wood/Woody...

I call mine the Little Engine That Might.
I hope Eric Holder no snoop.
We have nothing better to do.
Dong is Vietnamese currency.
You could but soup for 1,200 dong.
That was in 1990. I retuned to Hanoi.
I recall a bowl of chow PHO was $0.12.
It is called ` purple helmeted stoops.
It supposed to look like a hemet on stick?
Women can sure cause men to get limp.
I knew a guy from Boston who woke up with a hat on every day.
(Read it again.)
I conk out after this.
not but, but buy PHO.
Helmet on a stink stub.
not a hemet on a stick.
This joint is way goofy.
Bob Skye
We bumped @ 3:05.
In the VAMC I'm told:
A patient went to surgery.
He had a belly snake tattoo.
(Thankfully, I no saw that)
A dong was a copperhead.
Nurses giggled at the snake.
While he was conked out?
Cooks, PT physiologist,
and woman janitors
peeked while he
was in post-
I heard that .
when I must refer to it, I call it PHALLUS.
So, you scream phallus like that, J.E.?
I was here in 2011 but don't remember reading it - I guess I thought you were just a prevert with too much time on his hands - now I know for sure! ha ha R