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APRIL 3, 2012 12:08PM

Reality Check V. 1.01

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Good day, I am getting sick and tired of all the half truths, deliberate decption, and the outright lies.  What the hell ever became of just plain telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  Have we all decided that unless we are under oath and facing the possibility of perjury charges or contempt of court charges, then the truth is just not that important?

The political arena for example, people, politicians, the media, left and right all talk of "Obamacare",  there is no such thing.  What we got in return for some pretend "bi partisan" reform was a mishmash of half changes to a system that feeds the pols their dinner in the form of fact finding missions, conferences, and meetings that all seem to involve large sums of "donations" or trips to exotic, expensive , and eliteist resorts, spas and golf courses.

The only real good to come from it was the requirement to the insurance companies to stop the cruel practice of denying coverage for pre exisiting conditions.  Of course one of the worst aspects was to force every person in the nation to pay for that coverage at rates determined by those insurance companies, followed closely by giving them two years to weed out the sick before it went fully into effect.

So, the "insurance mandate" that the G.O.P.  is howling about esists solely at their own insistance.   Without it there would have been no republican support for the bill and combined with the insidious "Blue Dogs" the bill would not have passed.

On to other things.  I've explained this in the past but since it is sstill being delivered as absolute truth I will address it again.  We live in  a representative republic, NOT a direct democracy.  There is a reason for this, by requiring that our representatives and elected officials regard the rights of EVERY individual as sacrosanct, we assure that no ones freedoms or rights are disregarded in the name of the majority.  

Our government and our citizens seem to have forgotten that these days.  We cannot make laws that violate the rights of individuals in favor of one group or another thus, the suspicion that our president is of the Muslim faith has no bearing on whether or not he can be President.  He is obliged by the constitution to protect and defend that document at the expense of all other interests.  So when we seek to make laws that single out a person for their religious beliefs, we are breaking our own laws.  When we try to find ways around the constitution in order to make those kinds of laws we are breaking the law.

The reason that churches are exempt from taxes is so that the government cannot be forced by a large church to make rules that favor its beliefs.  The churches may NOT campaign for a particular candidate for that reason.  When they do this the law says that they revoke their tax exempt status.  

Christians are found of telling each other that the U.S. is a "Christian nation founded by Christians"  It is not.  In fact many of the founders were Unitarians who are NOT Christians.  One founding father went so far as to say "Christianity is the biggest lie ever created"  (look it up for yourself).

Here is another chestnut for you all, the president cannot be a fascist, a Marxist, a Stalinist, and a socialist at the same time.  They all have serious conflicts with each other.  

A thought on illegal immigrants. Every one that came to this country, this continent, from Europe, Africa, India, Asia, or Russia is an "illegal".  How can that be you ask?  Simply because we, none of us is here as an invited guest of the indiginous people who were here milleniums before the first of those other settlers.   We did not enter here with the intention to join the natives, we came to take the land as though those indiginous people had no right to it in the first place.

While I'm on the subject, let's quash the lie that illegals do jobs no American will do.  That is the same shit used to justify the virtual slavery of Asians, Hispanics, Poles, Slaves, Italians, and Irish when the time came to build railroads.  The real truth here is that we can't get away with paying citizens off in rice and beans.   We can't just get them deported if they raise a stink about brutal conditions and less than subsistence wages.  No citizens must be paid and treated according to the laws that protect them from abuse at the hand of an employer.

To sum things up, religions have no right to influence laws that will infringe on the rights of those who do not share their beliefs.  Employers have no right to hire illegals without the risk of being forced to pay those people what the law says they must.  Congress cannot just hand over to their contributors the keys to the kingdom for money or gifts.  The president is under no obligation in fact, he is obligated NOT to make laws that are favors to any religion. 

Here is a bit of trivia for you, When G.W. Bush took oover he government, he had a 10 trillion dollar surplus, after 4 years he had a 5 trillion dollar deficit, at the end of eight years that had doubled to 10 trillion.  So he had 10 trillion, pissed it away, then he pissed away 5 trillion more, and in the end another 5 trillion to go with it.  That comes to a grand total of what? 20 trillion dollars.  Now Obama has spent 5 trillion trying to keep the nation afloat in the disasterous wake of the "Conservatives"  and we are bombarded with statements saying that Obama has wasted more money?  How the hell can that be? 

 Feel free to respond in any way you like as long as you can keep a civil tone and back up claims with facts.  If not then, I reserve the right to remove comments that are racist, fascist, or insulting at my own discretion.

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I love a good rant, especially if I agree with the ranter.
No facts, just agreement.
Great post, civilly and respectfully rated with love
I'll add my favorite bon mot on the religious issue, quoted directly from the Constitution (Article VI):

"no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

'Nuf said.

That's what politicians do, Bob. They couldn't get elected otherwise. We vote, reluctantly, for the ones who tell the lies we want to hear.
Don't forget the belief that America needs a military that is bigger and more expensive than the next 43 biggest national militaries, many of which are our friends.

We spend 6 times as much as China and ten times as much as Russia, but cut so much as a dime and our homeland will be in danger.

Frankly, I think national security would be enhanced if we cut the military budget to 25% or less than the current amount because then we'd have to think harder before committing troops to useless exercises like trying to make modern, Western-style democratic nations out of places which are not modern and are not in the West and have no tradition of democracy or of nationhood.