Dowell, Illinois, US
July 15
born in Illinois. 5 year Navy veteran. Married for 26 years (not counting the first five when we just cohabited. 4 kids, 6 grandkids, 3 brothers 2 living, 2 sisters 1 living, a mother living, a father not living. 1 dog a labradoodle, and a current cat population of 2/6 (If you count feral kittens ) I've done a lot of jobs in my life, from shill at a carnival burlesque show to making medium caliber ammunition. I built inkjet printers, embedded computer boards, restored and repaired both cars, motorcycles and electronics. I read, write, and do arithmetic (albeit poorly) My wife claims that I have more useless knowledge than anyone on earth and resultingly no one will play trivial pursuit with me anymore. I do play pinohcle but due to my inability to cheat I don't win very often. Recently disabled I turned to Open Salon to re-engage my writing bug. Update add one cocker spaniel to the list and maybe just shoot me.


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DECEMBER 13, 2014 9:07AM

So You Think Obama is a Fascist

For some unknown reason there is a conservative viewpoint that our president is a fascist.  This is utter nonsense.  The problem, I think, is that people have been misled deliberately about what fascism is and what it is all about.  
Fascism is by definition a right wing… Read full post »
DECEMBER 8, 2014 10:23AM

It Was 34 Years Ago Today

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 11:37AM

What's an Atheist To Do?

Well my favorite time of year is at hand.  That special season where we excuse our unwillingness to work by honoring dead religions and getting drunk and fat.  It drives me nuts, the extent that people go through just to either assuage their own feelings of neglect, childhood… Read full post »
OCTOBER 21, 2014 11:08AM

No Cars Go Past my Window

What does it mean when you get so sick of just existing that you can't even pretend to have anyplace to go that's fun?  How can I adjust to a life that is nothing but unnamed pain and exhaustion?  I try so hard to feel something but it… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 9:18PM

dusty pinkie

lonliness is magnified by age
turning time to empty dark nights
the coming death waits
to make me nothing but dust  Read full post »
AUGUST 12, 2014 11:10AM

Robin Williams is Gone

Yesterday, August 11 2014 the world lost something special, Robin Williams.  One thing people have known me for here on Open is my uncanny knack for finding deaths.  In that great long ago, I leapt to spread the word with tributes from my own personal point of view but… Read full post »
JULY 10, 2014 10:58AM

In The White Room

Well boys and girls, this one is one of those let bob wring out his pent up emotions and fears posts so if you were hoping for a boost to your morale keep moving on baby.  I'm not going to write a sixty page explaination of my health… Read full post »
JUNE 25, 2014 10:38AM

You Want Ten?

So as a person struggling to ward off a fresh round of acute depression mine may get silly or maudlin or even disturbing and sad but, hey, I am disturbed and sad so it all works out right?
01.   Thank you for doing the dishes.
JUNE 6, 2014 11:48AM

D-Day +70

Seventy years ago today the allied invasion of Europe began.  Five years aftr Germany crossed into Poland and 11 years after the rise of Naziism to power in Germany.  By this date in 1944 the death toll was well into the millions and there was still no… Read full post »
MAY 14, 2014 12:25PM

Ode from an Ageing Irishman

To begin, I will formally state that this piece is in no way an ode, it is not a prelude, it is not a coda, just miscellaneous ramblings from an old fool who's best suited for sitting and doing nothing.  That being said, I chose the title simply… Read full post »
MAY 10, 2014 8:49AM

The Edge

Where is it
that sharp pecipice over which I wish to fall
How do I get there?
Is it the culmination of the journey?  
Is it that point of no return
Where the mind rests precariously
Aware of its… Read full post »
APRIL 8, 2014 9:53AM


I was born with a Winter mind
slow to grow
covered in ice
preserving a past
so frozen in place
locked tight
in a glaze of ice
I live with a Winter mind
holding fast to the status quo
hazed over with shades of grey
and darkness… Read full post »
MARCH 28, 2014 11:03AM

Big Island Extravaganza

hawaii 2014 003
In February we, Cathy and myself, were the recipients of the most incredible gift.  Her sister and her sisters husband took us for two weeks on Hawai'is "Big Island".  
Now I've done a bit of travelling but Cathy had never been to a place like Hawai'i… Read full post »

 I am at a loss to know what to say. Last Tuesday, while at the Marion E.R. I was "randomly selected for urinalysis" and at that time it was claimed that I failed it for T.H.C.. This was impossible I have not used any cannabis products forRead full post »
MARCH 7, 2014 5:56AM

Travel Tips for Smokers

Recently I traveled to the far off shores of Hawai'i.  It weas a glorious and pleasant diversion from the eternal polar vortex of my home in Illinois.  These tips might help the tobacco addict cope with the perils of using public transport to vacation destinations, likely als… Read full post »

Former child star and ambassador Shirley Temple Black died Monday night of natural causes, she was 85. 
In the heyday of O/S I'd have written a piece that covered her life and dual careers.  Now?  Well what's the point?  There are a thousand plus articles and web si… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 9, 2014 3:57PM

O.S/ers in Hawaii (Big Island)

Will be on Kona side big island 2/14-2/28 any OSers there?   Read full post »

JANUARY 25, 2014 6:31AM

Do We Know?

Do we know?
When time is short.
Do we know?
That we are reaching the end.
Is there a reason?
I can only see what I've failed to do.
Is there a reason?
For being full of words and no way… Read full post »
DECEMBER 25, 2013 9:33AM

It's a Wonderful Life

I've always been a little weird.  I was that kid who was always sleepy in school from sneaking up to watch old movies on television late at night.  I'd turn the volume up just enough to make out what was being said and dim the brightness to try… Read full post »
DECEMBER 17, 2013 11:33AM

Tom Laughlin, Billy Jack Star, Dead at 82

Saturday we lost Tom Laughlin, actor, director, screen writer, and film innovator.   The details can be found in numerous places on the internet so I'll spare you most of them this time.  The thing is the impact that this man had on so many young minds in the… Read full post »
DECEMBER 10, 2013 9:29AM

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

The war on citizens has claimed another life.  A student in Texas was shot six times by a campus police officer over resisting a traffic stop.  It seems a week doesn't go by anymore without a report of a minor infraction leading to an instant death sentence adminstered… Read full post »
DECEMBER 3, 2013 10:54AM

Whining and Self Pity (once again)

I feel like I'm winding down.  Like the clock has turned red and the buzzer is sounding.   I've spent copious amounts of time wasting space and time just bitching about how damned bad I feel some days.  The days I don't feel damned bad become to few and… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 22, 2013 9:14AM

No Road Back to Eden (pt. 3+4)

So what does this all mean?  What is the point of this? I am not going to talk about the myriad of postulations of what was or might have been, I can't speak to what a dead man might have done had he lived, for that matter I… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 4, 2013 6:55AM

There's No Road Back to Eden (pt. 2)

So, there we stood, children watching the world we were born in to slide into a new and frightening thing.  Really, the tipping point came with the 1960 elections.  A clear choice of past or future presented when Nixon and Kennedy faced off.  A Catholic running for presi… Read full post »
OCTOBER 30, 2013 10:41AM

There's No Road Back to Eden

I was just a kid on November 22 1963.  Sitting in my grade school class in DuQuoin Illinois with thirty or so other kids.  The day, for whatever reason still shines bright in my mind.  Abnormally warm that morning but slate grey and overcast with a howlimng south wind.… Read full post »