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Bonnie Bernstein

bonnie bernstein

bonnie bernstein
New York, New York,
November 02
Starving Writer
Quirky, Edgy Authoress, Phanatically Baseball Lite. Writing the great American smutty memoir. Bonnie's words can be found in places like TheFix, YourTango, Modern Love Rejects, Salon, Petside, Babble, Perils of Divorced Pauline, Newsday and NYResident. Lisa Belkin wrote about Bonnie in Motherlode and Anderson Cooper interviewed her. Follow Bonnie on Twitter: bonnieb_writer


MARCH 4, 2012 4:21PM

Having No Furniture, I Write On The Floor

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This Bonnie Bernstein (the one who pens confessional essays -- not the one from ESPN) is featured on Pauline Gaines blog.  It was great fun writing this piece, and I so appreciate the opportunity Pauline gave me to be a part of this.  I've always enjoyed reading about writers "writing" spaces, and voila I get lucky enough to be included.  
So if you could go over to, read my story and maybe even comment, I'll remember you when my book hits the best seller lists.  Wait, I'll remember you for always :).  And while you are there, please send some love to the other blogger space tales and all of Pauline's stories.  They are all very inspiring.
Wow -- I'm a writer... 

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Bonnie, thank you for guest posting for me!