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OCTOBER 10, 2012 9:06PM

I am a liberal Democrat. I am voting for Mitt Romney.

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I am a liberal Democrat.  ProChoice.  ProMarriageEquality.  Against the death penalty, nuclear power plants and fracking.  I am voting for Mitt Romney.  There.  I just admitted what I’ve been grappling with for over four years.  How a New York City Jewish mother born at the tail end of a baby boom can turn a coat, and vote for the Grand Old Party, the Republican Party.  And it’s not because of how President Obama’s constant visits to the Big Apple kills my love life, either.  So I guess that makes me, to some, a mixed up, confused, ditzy, dizzy political heretic.  That’s ok.  I’m used to heresy.  In 2001, I left my beloved Mets for the Phillies when Turk Wendell was sent to Philadelphia in a trade crafted by Steve Phillips. 


Born during the Kennedy presidency of “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” I grew up, around the corner from Archie Bunker, in a family that revered Richard Nixon.  But, even as a kid, I was enthralled, fascinated by Robert Kennedy, Bella Abzug, Abbie Hoffman, and I wanted to grow up to be like Woodward and Bernstein, breaking stories about what some bad politicos did to hurt the good people.  I wanted to give something back to a land that gave my family a chance when they came over from Europe in the late 1800‘s/early 1900‘s.  Living in New York, I felt the Democratic Party was the place for me.  If I didn’t break Watergate stories, I would run for public office.


“You’re voting for Obama, right.”

“Ah, no.”

“Come on, Romney doesn’t care about you.”


By the way, if anyone has unfriended me on Facebook, yet, I understand.  Wait, forget about that.  I don’t think I understand.  Cause I would stand by my friends if they were Tea Party member, Occupy Wall Street peeps, President Obama supporters, or even Skankee lovers.  Wait, I have.  Cause this country is based on a system of checks and balances.  This is a country formed to protect the minority.  And I am a part of new minority, or am I?  A liberal Democrat for Mitt Romney.  I, also, support the legalization of marijuana.


I have several friends, yes some still talk to me and will continue to do so after this, that voted for President Obama with me four years ago.  Now they are, quietly, going to pull the lever for Mitt Romney.  They don’t want their neighbors, their family members to know.  


“Shhh, don’t tell anyone.” 


That’s what’s going on here in New York, where it’s a given that the Democratic Party will prevail and deliver the vote for President Obama.  Assume nothing.  There are some people who are tired of the economy not just standing still, but slowing shattering.  And four years ago, yes, I’ll admit I almost turned Republican to vote for John McCain, until he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  See the vice presidential candidate does matter.


“I’m voting for Mitt Romney.”

“You can’t do that.  He lies.  Please say you’re not gonna do that.”


So why do I no longer buy into the idea of “hope and change we can believe in.”  Because after four years of this, I ask myself, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”  (Five points to anyone who knows who said this back in 1980.)  And my answer is, “No.”  If anyone out there in reader land can say a yes to this question, I am happy for you.  But shame on me, I voted for a man who I knew would be compared to Jimmy “I’ll never lie to you” Carter, and so President “If it’s not fixed in 3 years I’m done” Obama is just that person.  The Middle Eastern/Iran troubles, back then that happened on the weekend of my eighteenth birthday.  The price of a gallon of gasoline, the tens and twenties going for food.  And, today,  nothing left over but an empty chair.


“Just register to vote.  You may change your mind at the last minute and want to vote.”

“What’s the use?  Why bother?”


I know kids who voted for the first time four years ago, pulling that lever for Barack Obama.  They were excited to hear him speak at places like Washington Square Park and Cooper Union.  Standing in front of a lower Manhattan Starbucks for hours, I was awed when I saw our future President.  This time around many will not be voting at all.  Those twenty somethings.  Some, who may or may not have jobs, will be too busy trying to figure out how to get a meal.  No money for a five dollar box of cereal.  They don’t have the dollars for food, and, repeatedly, get turned down for food stamps.  The food pantry lines have gotten longer across the country, and in New York City the streets are not always paved with gold but sometimes with the hungry.


So, I decided to vote for Mitt Romney before:


* President Obama’s bumbling debate showing him to be a non-leader. 


“Boy Obama got killed last night.”

“It was awful what Romney did.”

“What’s PBS anyway?”


* the murderous 9/11 in Benghazi, and our President’s ridiculous apology to the United Nations.  I’ve heard The View is a lovely television show, never seen it – can’t afford the luxury.  But it would’ve been nice to meet with a few Middle Eastern leaders.  And it would’ve been the right thing not to make one of them wait for you while you ate dinner. 


*  the presidential mix up, and his convention’s confusion, to what city is the capital of Israel.  If the White House hasn’t figured out geography yet…


*  the price of gasoline went back up to the summer of 2008’s prices, well over $4.00 a gallon.


I decided to vote for Mitt Romney when I realized while jobless and relying on family members to help me financially as I slept on the cold floor  That Obamacare was just another program shuffling papers.  Because I don’t have a lease and I get mail at a post office box, I can’t get Medicaid or food stamps In order to get these programs, one must prove where one lives.  A street address.  Funny, the motor vehicle department believes you when you say your address.  And in order to register to vote, just fill in the application and voila! The ability to cast that choice. 


So back to medical care, I am uninsured.  Does that mean when Obamacare takes effect, I will have to pay for insurance or be fined?  If so, I hope I have a job by then.  Yes.  I used to work.  I was a Hebrew School teacher, a tour guide at a military installation, a public relations assistant (whatever that is) and a political campaign worker (for the Democratic party).  Then I took a job at Walmart, and as I was about to leave for a better paying job a television fell on me


When Mitt Romney is elected will I be concerned about the liberal causes I hold dear to my aching without medical care heart?  Yes.  But I’m believing that the world will be a safer place to live in, and that I will be able to earn enough of a living so I won’t have to worry about the ability to get the welfare programs that I need now and can’t get.  What good is a nuclear power plant free world if I sleep in a heatless apartment?  Am I worried about some birth control pills?  I’d rather be concerned about what time Sleepy’s will be delivering my bed (by the way, when a friend heard that I slept on the floor she gave me a couch -- a truly good person who still talks to me, although we are voting differently).  So this mother, me, will be pulling that lever for a man who I don’t agree with on many issues, but I do on some, a safer world with a better economy.  Mitt Romney is my man.

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All right, I'm too weary to argue with you. Just before reading this, I posted a lengthy rebuke to another liberal OSer who'd had it with Obama, and I don't feel like crafting another one. But I will point out that:

* Many things have not improved over the last 4 years because the Republican House blocked any legislation that Obama tried to initiate, and refused to compromise even one iota on a deficit reduction plan if it included even one tiny tax increase on the wealthy. To paraphrase Sen. McConnell, their #1 mission was to make Obama a 1-term President, not to help the American people.

* I don't know what UN apology you're talking about. I heard a Presidential speech that stood up for free speech (even if it defends a fear-mongering piece of crap You Tube video) and told countries that nothing like this justifies violence and in this social media age, they'd better accept that ridicule and criticism can not be prevented.

* Most of the provisions of Obamacare have not taken affect yet. Yeah, I'd much rather have a single-payer system. But I'm thrilled about a provision that allows me to keep my two (currently non-student) daughters between 21 and 26 on my medical plan.

* The President has no control over gas prices, and in fact, comparing prices can be manipulated by choosing arbitrary dates in time.

* The most disgraceful Supreme Court ruling of recent years, Citizens United, would not have happened if Gore rather than Bush had been President. Since several SC justices are elderly and may have to leave the bench in the next 4 years, I would much rather have their replacements be chosen by Obama than have the Scalia/Thomas clones that Romney would choose. Those social issues you're concerned about? Good luck making progress on them if the Court adds another hardline conservative or two.

Now I'm really weary. so I won't go on. No, I won't unfriend you - I have a lot of good friends who are voting for Matt. I can rest easier knowing that you live in the solidly blue state of NY and your defection will have no effect.

Rated because I still like you.
I meant Mitt, not "Matt." Ah, what's the diff?
The opinions of low information voters are not very interesting, but I get the gimmick. I wish you many page hits, for what that's worth.
You can expect a return to the Bush policies and a more bellicose approach in the Middle East. If that makes you feel safer then I'll have what you're having.
What Cranky said. And Paul.

And also:,sb=159461,b=facebook
"I am a Liberal Democrat"

Oh REALLY? The burden of proof of that statement is on you.

Fortunately, I think there are enough sane voters out there to cancel your vote. But in the evil event that Romney wins, I hope your buyer's remorse and that of your friends who are thinking of committing this same idiocy sets in early, and hard. And that you will have to watch in deep dismay as Romney lays waste to the social safety net, sets progress for women and people of color back a generation; when you see a teenaged girl die of an ectopic pregnancy-- a death that could have been prevented if the potential life of a zygote were not regarded as more sacred than HER life by Vice-President Ryan; I hope you're grieving as you see the numbers of the homeless swell in the streets because those terrible 47% are no longer "entitled" to food or shelter or dignity, and Romney would charge them for the air they breathe if he could find a way.

I hope yours is one of the first jobs lost, and that you spend long hours in the unemployment office contemplating your folly as you see your savings depleted, your house repossessed, and your health care taken away. May the admittedly difficult last three years will look like "the good old days" to you. If you can vote for Romney, you will deserve ALL of that. Unfortunately, you will condemn a lot of other people who voted to keep moving forward instead to suffer those same consequences right along with you.

Why in the WORLD would you vote for a man who expects the already mercilessly squeezed middle class to pay more in taxes so HE could pay less because that meager 14% he DOES pay is so awfully burdensome to him? Romney gets zero sympathy from me; he could spare it more easily and feel it far less than say a family of four trying to live on a five figure income. Mr. "I Believe in America" doesn't even believe in this country ensough to bank here.

I, Unlike you, am not giving up on the president. I believe he is an extraordinary man, and a good and intelligent man, even if I haven't agreed with everything he has done. Obama has labored like Hercules to get us as far as we've come with deliberate unhelpfulness from the right and incredibly difficult circumstances. The economy IS showing signs of rallying, and the evil bastards on the right were HOWLING with indignation.

Such patriotism!
Please don't vote for me, Cranky! Please?
I can't wrap my mind around a "liberal Democrat" voting for Mitt Romney. But you did get me to read your post!
ACK! Bonnie! I respect your right to vote for whoever you want, but the man's a used car salesman! IMHO.
I suspect there are a lot more people like you than even you suspect, Bonnie. We'll find out in November.

I think Obama will be a one-term president...and I think the people who helped make that happen will regret what they did until their dying day.

I did sort of thing once. I voted for Ronald Reagan (!) because I was so pissed at Jimmy Carter.

What a jerkoff I was to do that...and we all know that the deterioration of our society to what it is now began with the election of that incompetent man.

Enjoy your stay in the voting booth. Keep that moment in mind. I suspect you will reflect on it many, many times during the coming years.
Please PLEASE educated yourself a little more. I have never been more so, on this election - and must tell you - as a woman, espeically - how important it is that Obama is re-elected.

"Middle Class" is NOT $200.000 (Romney)

"Women deserve equal pay as men" (Obama)

The list goes on and on.

I respect your choice, but will never understand how anyone (especially a woman, and middle to lower class people) won't go Obama.

Education is key. Please know ALL the facts.

ps: Bill Maher, and John Stewart may have a funny take, but you really can learn a LOT from both those shows. In additon to the news, debates, transcripts...
I"m very sorry to let you know, but, Romney could care less if you're uninsured or whether you have electricity.
As for our country's lengthy troubles: as if any president could have fixed all the issues on the table in just four years while trying to work with an obstructionist congress...McCain would not have made the economy any better, or cared about you, neither will Romney.
So short-sighted. Exactly what the Repubs are counting one, exactly what they *were* counting on when they left the country bankrupt.
Now, you (and many others not able to see) will go running back to the creeps who stole America's treasury and reputation, and beg for more?
Frank Apisa is a mindless Obama sycophant.
so you're Liberal when its easy?
Say someone becomes very ill, and her doctor prescribes a course of medication. After the treatment is through, the person is better, but still weaker than before she became ill. Should she conclude that her doctor was incompetent?

We can't decide without considering the severity and nature of the illness, as well as the other possible treatments available.

The severity? Obama took the reigns of a country plummeting into recession. The decline from the growing economy prior to the collapse to the one inherited by Obama was drastic.

The nature? Looking at past recessions in this country and others, we can conclude that it is unreasonable to expect a complete reversal the effects in under four years, regardless of what actions are taken or by whom.

Alternatives? Romney offers basically the same thing that got the country sick in the first place. Relaxed regulations and restrictions on businesses, more money funneled into the hands of the wealthy, continued reliance on fossil fuels, and inept and antagonistic dealings with our enemies and allies alike.

Sometimes, it takes a while to recover from an illness, even with the right medicine. And sometimes what is even more important than the medicine is avoiding the behavior that got you sick in the first place.