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OCTOBER 7, 2010 1:43PM

With Full Knowledge of This, They'll STILL Vote Republican

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A WELL TRAINED CASTimage6935617_370x278 


Stephanie Condon

Casting Call for West Virginia GOP Ad Called for "Hicky" Actors

A casting call for a Republican West Virginia campaign ad called for actors with a "'Hicky' Blue Collar look."

The ad "Stop Obama" produced for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, features three men in plain clothes and trucker hats sitting at a diner, complaining about President Obama and West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, the state's Democratic Senate candidate.

Even with this bold confession of the efforts of main stream media and Republican politics enlisted towards manipulation of “hicky people,” it will certainly be swallowed hook, line, and media by the very "hicks" they're demeaning.

We're NOT talking about people filled with purple marks of passion here, or hell maybe we are. I suppose, in this case, the marks of passion are worn out clothing, a poor education, two people working four jobs and still four months behind on their single-wide mobile home payments (parked on rented property).

We’re talking about people who haven't seen a dentist in so long, they can't recall exactly how many teeth they have left, even if that number is under ten; people utterly riddled with health problems and whose life-spans are cut drastically short because their jobs don’t provide access to health insurance.

They have very little hope of ever leaving the hollers and backwoods of "Hillbilly America" even for a day and the very jobs they have in order to seek out the “American Dream” are killing them. Entire towns are ingesting deadly amounts of heavy metals due to the pollution caused by the very jobs they seek.

The pride of those "hicks" absolutely prevents them from accepting the fact that they are the voting door mats of the elite, wearing with pride “I vote Republican” buttons. 

They are the ones who protect American soil from the evil world outside our borders, halting the efforts of those vermin just waiting to take us, subjugate us, rape our wives and kidnap our children for white slavery.

Of course, little is realized, in Hollerville, about the fact that the military is comprised mostly of their sons and daughters (especially if they happen to be black or brown), who join up as a means to earn a living that’s not available back home in Hollerville, or is used as a vehicle to escape Hollerville. 

Sadly, many do escape, only to return in pieces contained within a box draped in an American flag.  Yet, mom and dad stand proudly, waving the American flag, for they've just given their child's life up for, in their eyes, American freedom.

AND here’s the kicker:  These people habitually vote and will continue to vote for the very people who make their lives what they are - pure hell on Earth.  The same people who send their children off to some other country to give their lives for corporate America and the elite, so the elite don't have to bother with such "uncomfortable circumstances."

They’ll vote for anti-union Republicans because they’re afraid their jobs will simply move on to a town that is not pro-union.  They’ll vote Republican because those same Republicans are masters of deception, born with a silver spoon and have grown silver, forked tongues, those tongues flicking out such bullshit as “they are the middle class of America;” “they justly take pride in a hard day’s work for a buck,” “they are the backbone of America,” “they are the Joe Plumbers of America” and because they swallow this shit every day of their short-lived lives, when someone refutes (or “refudiates”) such rubbish, their pride is being attacked.

The "hicky" people are then incensed that someone could have the audacity to feed them such hogwash.  In fact what they hear goes against everything they’ve been fed for generations; their parents, and their parents and their parents have all lived by the same code created by those silver, forked-tongues of the elite and the main stream media.

It's all a “pinko, commie, subversive effort bent on undermining the wonderful America they know and love," when some progressive from those uppity college folk somewhere beyond the obscure borders of real America tells them that “you need to educate yourself.”

Even though it’s been a lifetime since most of these “hicky people” have read anything other than the local newspaper (the same local media which runs articles from L.A Times, Washington Post because there’s very little to write about in Hollerville and a filler is needed to make more than a one-page newspaper), they will not only resist such babble from that “rich college kid,” they’ll likely make that “rich kid’s” life a bit unpleasant the entire time he/she is visiting Hollerville, because they’ve been told by the government themselves (and the main stream media, through their little one plus page newspaper), that THEY are the pride of America and THEY are the ones who will defend America with all of their twenty-some weapons stashed in their mobile homes, cars, pockets, wells, etc. against anyone who threatens their way of life. “You rich college kids don’t even know what life is about, for the Bible told us so.”

So just who do you think you are, comin down here in these parts with ideas put in yer heads by some o' them fereigners tryin to take our lives away?  It tells me rightchere in this here paper who to vote fer.  Go smoke yer dope somehere's else and leave me to my alcihol, cigarettes, obesity, pancreatitis, diabetes, hypertension, CHF, colon cancer, and my babies - them guns that I'll use to defend my wonderful Republican life without you.


Sadly, regardless of the party line, political campaigns have become nothing but powerful marketing schemes using the human psyche against us with propaganda-style expertise and unless you have a mind the likes of Freud, Bernays, Goebbels, etc (thanks RW005G :-), you're likely to fall prey to multiple marketing schemes within your lifetime, including those of the political nature.  Perhaps it's just my naiveté, but it seems to me that changes in the manner in which politicians use marketing to sway the direction of votes should to be legally challenged.




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You're right, Bob. It's sad...just so sad that this is where we find ourselves in 2010. If a candidate, from either party, has something to say then just fucking say it and quit with the actors and the fake conversations. It's all bullshit.
The scary part is, the people who are being made a mockery of, will vote for those making the mockery, cause, well, it's just how it works.

~shaking head~
Jeez Bob kind of makes me glad I have sworn off voting. Fredrick Nietzsche In Thus Spake Zarathustra lamented the invention of the printing press because he felt that with reading came great responsibility to actually understand what you were reading. He felt that the ready availability of newspapers would only serve to have a detrimental effect on the intellect of their uneducated readers A little more than 100 years ago he predicted that in 100 years the human race would be reduced to complete idiocy by the homogenized printed word. I believe the exact quote was: “and they vomit up their bile and call it newspapers”.
You know Bob your writing skills have increased markedly in past couple of months.
It's stuff like this that makes me love America for the joke that we are.
Frustrating as hell.
I suppose that--if they did acknowledge that they have been used badly by conservatives--their lives would self-destruct with despair. The lie they tell themselves is the worst one.
Amen, Bob.

Sad, but true..
Yes, this is true. But it also amazes me that women, any women, would vote for these guys who think there are only 3 uses for women-birthing, cleaning, or whoring! R
The only thing more dangerous than a stupid poor person with the vote is a stupid rich person with a seat in congress or a church.

The more I look at political parties, the more alike they seem to be. Political parties have their own agenda and that agenda has absolutely NOTHING to do with the job the citizens hired (elected) them to do.

I have little confidence that another damn party is going to be of much help - except to increase the number of politicians, of course.

What we could really use is some "Politician DDT".
Smithery - a couple weeks ago, I'd read an article about campaign ads. The article prompted me to look on the Net for any laws regulating campaign rhetoric and to my surprise there are no laws whatsoever related to truth in campaigning. Although I knew bullshit is a campaign staple, I had no idea that politicians could out-right lie about anything and everything and do so legally. Wrong, simply wrong.

Tink - you're right. The campaigners use psychology and marketing methods improved upon for centuries and it works very well

Jack, ol buddy, I haven't quite gotten to that point yet, but not far from it. Regardless of the party affiliations, it's all bullshit.

Stellaa - be careful, you might make yourself a "hick" doing that :-)

Duane - it is a joke, isn't it. The infuriating thing is, the joke is on us

Dom - oh yes, if we could get a third party to put a halt to the control the political scum in this country has upon us, it would actually be worth the effort to vote. Since I became eligible to vote (not too long after the U.S. Constitution was developed :-), I can't remember a time when we actually had a choice of anything other than bad and worse.

Steph - it always is. I's the lie you know is a lie, but you accept it because it's the easy way to deal with what seems to be your permanent position in life.

Steven - horribly sad, sad that we really haven't made much progress from the caste system concepts the colonials brought with them to America

Libmom - don't forget the cooking part - gotta have that and that's after you come home from the 3rd job.

sky - Maybe you have an idea there. DDT creates birth abnormalities. Maybe if we use DDT against the politicians they'd breed abnormally abnormals, a double negative that might just make them normal :-)
How dare you mock real 'Marycans"!! Oh wait a minute, it's the Repugnuts that are mocking them. This is no different than Bush and Rove sucking in the Christian Right and then laughing at them behind their backs. But you're absolutely right, these people are too stupid to know they're being made fun of -- which is why they'll continue to vote against their own fucking interests.
Tom - I know, Marycans can do some dayumned foolish thangs at the polls. It's just too easy to be ignorant.
I see both sides stereotyping, so what's new?
I never have any luck at those open casting calls for "hicks."
Buffy, you little devil - yep, steriotyping seems to be the name of the political game, covering all their bases

Scanner - amen, amen so they sing

Willie - you just gotta have the hick attitude man
You may take this for a joke but I've often wondered if we wouldn't be a lot better off if we used a lottery system to chose our governors. No political parties. No life-time career sucking from the public trough. No career "hacks" and "hangers on" and "lobbyists". Just average people of average honesty and integrity doing the job for four years only, then returning to their private lives. People who would be mindful of the needs of citizens instead of the "party agenda".
Sky - no joke at all. A pure, simple electoral count would, as far as I'm concerned, fix many decades of corruption and nonsense, but we'd have to do away with the holy grale of electoral processes - the electoral college. The electoral college is, theoretically, designed to overcome the shortfalls of those states with very small populations. BUT, they've become the power brokers for the dominant parties, caring less about the state's political needs and interests and are used as an insurance card to determine who is elected and who is not. Case in point - the presidential race between Bush and Gore. Gor won, overwhelmingly, the popular votes of the U.S., but Bush won the electoral vote b a narrow margne after Florida was monitored and decided by the Supreme Court.

Interestngly enough, there's a ballot issue in the upcoming Nevada elections attempting to override public preference for judges by making them an appointed position through the governor's office rather than elected officials as they are now.

If that were in place now, just what do you suppose would happen to your concept of a simple electoral process?
What "simple electoral process"? I suggested doing away with a process involving elections of any kind.

And please don't "pin the tail on the donkey" by pinning a lottery system onto the present 'Merikan mess. NO ADD-ON OF ANY KIND can ever fix that. A lottery system would entail a complete re-vamping of the very concept of "one man - one vote" as the basis of democracy. Instead of "one man - one vote" we'd be looking at an "All citizens eligible for office" when duty calls, type of system. A true participatory democracy. I'd rather carry someone who is kicking and screaming into that office than put one self-important, arrogant, "jerk-who-wants-power" in there.

Someone recently pointed out that "anyone who 'wants' to be in a position of power has just disqualified himself." I concur.
What Jack Heart said. I haven't voted in 28 years -- for anything.

And I sleep well at night.
It always boggles my mind when people vote against their own best interests, but I guess racism trumps reason.
Good post. rated
sky - Ahh! Sometimes I read through words without paying attention. I like that idea. Holly shit, how much bullshit, beuracracy, corporate influence (all the way from election through leaving office) would such a concept remove. Cool idea. I wonder how difficult it would be to introduce such a concept?

Czar - I'm getting pretty damned close to doing that myself. I just worry that if too many people do that, the politicians will figure it out and then we'll really be in a mess.

Owl - yep. The truth is smaking us and them in the face every day and yet, the propaganda machine moves on.

RP - I think the politicians figure out a way to give anything they select a way to trump reason. It's easy to say it's all simply due to everyone being lazy aand ignorant, but the propaganda machine used is extremely powerful and effective, so perhaps just blaming it on pure ignorance is only a partial truth.
Changing the law so that all campaigns are publicly challenged would help get special interest groups back in their cages.