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OCTOBER 14, 2010 2:02PM

American Politics – Belly Laughs for the World

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I feel bad!  Really, really bad!


The world has turned as black as the Devil’s bedroom, or at least his playground and as Venezuela’s Chavez is intimately familiar with – it reeks of brimstone.  International politics are ugly, international relationships are bleak, the world is full of starving and dying, the ecology of our planet is on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown.


Plain and simple, humanity is looking into the abyss and the abyss is not only looking back, it has us by the balls with a set of vice-grips and is pulling hard.


It’s beyond bad; life is simply horrendous, but more so for those who, by misfortune of birth, missed the incredible opportunity of being part of the greatest nation on the planet Earth, hell, maybe the entire Universe.  After all, no one else in the Universe has come forward to dispute the claim, so ---- we are indeed the undisputed, the, well you know; the nation God loves more than the rest of you.  Sorry guys!


What can I say?  It is what it is and life as we know it is about to strike the midnight hour, the dreaded 00:00, the 2012 of history wherein all will vanish in the fiery, cataclysmic, nuclear rage of Armageddon.


But look at it this way:


For years, the United States has been a shining star of entertainment and amusement for a world of the mundane lives of all non-Americans.


We’ve entertained all of you for decades upon decades with the likes of actor wannabe politicians (or is that politicians wannabe actors, I could never get that straight in my head).  We’ve given you opportunities to watch covert activities changing the geo-political atmospheres so that all of you could enjoy change; change for better, well mostly worse, but what the hell, change is  change; and if not for those changes, how fucking boring would this place have been?


Pretty damned boring, man!  Pretty damned boring!


Would you really have wanted a world without “The Gipper” and “Dubya?”  What about “Tricky Dicky?” and “Cheney of Oz?” Hell!  None of us would have a heart (or a surfboard er, uhm, water board) without him.  Oh the list goes on and on, but I really don’t wanna rub it in your unfortunate faces when we’re so close to the end.


the_end_is_near courtesy louisproyect  

 (Photo courtesy louisproyect)


We’ve provided technology with which to fly to the Moon, protect our friends from our enemies, watch each of you getting it on in your own showers, both with and without a partner (“I’m you, you’re me, we are the world, I mean, I’m not a witch, BUT STOP DOING THAT IN THE SHOWER!  God gave us those feelings, but he doesn’t want us to use them), follow you to and from work, and listen to the phone sex you had all night last night (Christine heard all that Veronica)

To make it more interesting, we even passed laws that prohibit such behavior so we were able to allow you to experience America's prison system,



witness asset forfeiture and eminent domain laws


to seize that humble abode we called “wait just a minute!  That might not be your place after all.  In fact, we are sure it isn’t so we’re going to take it from you, give it to someone who’s much more deserving (and damned likely far richer than you) and if you protest, the wondrous technology we’ve developed for you will allow you to watch us drop bombs down your chimney and right up your ass.”

And where would your humor be without our political showmanship.  We’ve provided witches, naughty librarians, Nevada politics, (well give us a break, all we have to pull from are gamblers, drunks and prostitutes, from the desert.  Oh yea, and Mormons; whad’ya expect??)

If cute witches and librarians aren’t enough entertainment, we have given you Alvin Greene 

and Basil Marceaux


We’ve experimented with Sharia law in Dearborn, Michigan and Frankford, Texas, elected a Muslim president.
So as your asses explode, your eyes melt, your hair burns, your skin falls off your bones, the one thing you can thank we in the U.S. of A. for is a lifetime of honest attempts to lighten up your otherwise monotonous, sad lives.
Honestly!  We’ve done our best and we’ve always been willing to change our attitudes and our program, if that program doesn’t quite fit our needs.

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Yes, we need to distract the masses with plots about death panels, gay indoctrination, the evils of masturbation and evolution. Meanwhile, our country is on a highway to becoming like Peru. At least someone is laughing becasue I know I'm not! R
One can laugh......

Or put a bullet in one's head.

Seems I'm fresh outta bullets; maybe tomorrow

Hey, I just want to direct!
Great post! And I know Arianna H. has jumped on board the "America is becoming a third world country" train, but I say we've been one for thirty years (Thank you RR). Do you really think that we could spend the Soviets into bankruptcy without bankrupting ourselves eventually?
I just seem to have more fear growing inside me with every article I read. :(
So much to absorb, much I'd rather not. But a solid reality check, thank you.