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MAY 14, 2012 11:16PM

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

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Maybe it’s just me or hell, maybe it’s all you; either way, my preference that most things be outside the conventional is a way of life for me; non-conventional is conventional, at least for me!  Non-mainstream, if that’s a word, is one person’s oddity and another’s reality I suppose and I’ll be the first to admit that for me, there’s an instantaneous gravitational pull towards the unusual, the new and the outstandingly different.

My favorite pizza is cheese with jalapenos and anchovies, although I’m sequestered to the patio to eat it, for no one else in my family particularly enjoys the smell and god forbid I put any of the leftovers in the same fridge as their food. 



My favorite soft drink as a child in the 50s and 60s was a product called “Pommac;” if you don’t know about it, don’t ask me what it tasted like, not because I don’t want to bother describing it, but because it was absolutely unique and it would be a bit like trying to describe the taste of a blackberry; “hmmm, they taste a bit like blackberries?”   It was sweet, carbonated and looked like a freshly opened bottle of Miller’s Beer, that’s about as close as I can get for you.

And yes!  We loved that fact that we could walk around drinking bottles of beer in public at nine years old.

My parents worried incessantly about my food choices, certainly not for health concerns, but because no other child on the planet Earth, human or otherwise, loved spinach, asparagus, okra, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, raw turnips, or ice cream with honey on it; all the while detesting and even gagging at the very thought of ingesting any of the three M’s - Marshmallows, Milk or Meringue.

Or perhaps it was the popcorn dipped in mustard that had them worried.  I dunno!

When I was a working man rather than the screw-off I am today, most of my staff members shuddered at the thought of staff meetings, for I never left the status quo alone; change simply for the sake of change and the energizing effect it brings was a mainstay in Boomer Bob’s department.

Now that I think of it, even my favored collection of music is an extremely eclectic collection of the not so run-of-the-mill artists; Archie Roach, Alborada, Leon Redbone, Nightwish, The Chieftans and Ladysmith Black Mambazo (but that's not to say that I don’t like the occasional CCR, Steppenwolf, or Iron Butterfly).

Sitting here in front of the PC thinking of what to write today, politics simply would not leave me alone (Jasus H Keyrist!  Does that shit ever go away anymore?) and, for some reason Paul Simons “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” invaded my thoughts and would not leave; perhaps because of my love of the background music sung by Ladysmith, or perhaps due to the connection between the obvious disparities and ironies of both the lyrics and the world’s politics today.

So!  As my mind moved from one ever so subtle change to the next; from anchovies to raw turnips to diamond-soled shoes in a matter of a few seconds, I gathered some thoughts for you today:

Enjoy some random thoughts of your own as you listen and ponder some of life's disparities:

July 19, 2011

 5 big vacation-time executive perks

Taking time off is a lot easier when it starts with fueling up the corporate jet.

Barry Diller:

"Last year, shareholders of IAC/InterActiveCorp, where he is senior executive and chairman, paid $644,500 for his personal air travel. Diller is also senior executive and chairman at Expedia. There, he got an additional $605,800 worth of personal flights.  The grand total: $1.25 million worth of personal air travel. 

Last year, he got $8.2 million in total pay from these two companies -- $3.7 million at IAC/InterActiveCorp and $4.3 million at Expedia.”


Poor guy!  It's no damned wonder he has to charge the shareholders for travel; how in hell could he travel anywhere on the pennies he earns?

He should be as lucky as my neighbors.  Just yesterday I saw them heading out for their ranch in Wyoming in their travel trailer.



 Dave is beyond retirement age, but his city job was cut and one of his children, a single mother, lost her job, so he's now working 2 city job at half the wages and his retirement has vanished to support the child whose job was lost to cutbacks.



Their travel trailer is gorgeous


 Oh!  Sorry; wrong picture.  

This is their house after they installed their new solar-heated pool and patio.


May 14, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown's austerity program.

“Gov. Jerry Brown: Cut state workers, health and welfare to solve budget”

The Democratic governor relies on a patchwork of solutions to bridge the gap in a $91.4 billion general fund spending plan, including deeper cuts, his November tax initiative and taking money from a multi-state mortgage abuse settlement with banks.

Among the most unusual ideas: asking state employees to work four days a week for a total of 38 hours instead of 40, or 9.5-hour shifts. Brown suggested in the budget that the proposal would save operational costs by shutting down offices once a week in addition to 5 percent of salary. The proposal would likely have to be bargained with labor unions since Democratic lawmakers will not impose the cuts unilaterally. 

The governor also proposed giving UC $38 million less than he did earlier this year. Both proposals make it more likely that UC will raise tuition in 2012-13 after UC officials said last week they needed an additional $125 million to avoid a 6 percent hike on students.

Jerry Brown House California Governor Race

 Governor Brown's 1.8 Million dollar house in San Francisco. 

Jerry is a poor soul, so sadly, Ann Gust's annual income of 1.2 million plus from GAP would have been required to finance this modest place in San Francisco, California, but that's the way it is; every family must work together and pool their resources to eek out a meager income just to survive.

WOW!  I wonder; do the poor folks even have electricity?

Well, I suppose, if Mr. and Mrs. Moonbeem don't, they could move into an upscale neighborhood where it's easy to get electricity - all be it, a bit inconsistent.

NORCO, Calif. -- This is what conditions are like at one of California's best prisons, the California Rehabilitation Center: Built to hold 1,800 inmates, it now bulges with more than 4,700 and is under nearly constant lockdown to prevent fights. Portions of the buildings, which date to the 1920s, are so antiquated that the electricity is shut off during rainstorms so the prisoners aren't electrocuted.


Uhmmm!  California!  Lethal injection is a cheaper way to kill a person; no faux-electric charis allowed - think AUSTERITY man!

At least they wouldn't be all lonely; hell, look at all the neighbors thye'd have.  And all the homes have storage spaces underneath for all your valuables.

JPMorgan blunder puts Mitt Romney in tough spot.

  Oh, Romney!  Just deal with it for chrissake, will ya!

Any time you have a development that suggests businesses take unnecessary and unwise risks, you give ammunition to Democrats and cause problems for the Republican narrative,” said Stu Rothenberg, editor of the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report.

Romney, co-founder of private-equity firm Bain Capital LLC, has spotlighted his vow to repeal the Dodd-Frank law that aims to strengthen financial regulations, calling it one of several overly burdensome laws."

Now, I understand that "giving ammunition" to someone is always a tough thing to have to do.  But sometimes you just gotta do it, but dammit, don't use it killing those pesky Iraqi civilians first.  What good is it then?

Picture from

Campaign funds used to cover up illicit affair!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — After weeks of testimony about John Edwards' illicit affair and the money used to cover it up, his defense attorneys opened their case Monday by digging into the details of federal campaign finance law.  But John Edwards appears to basing much of his defense, which begins today in a North Carolina courtroom, on the legal interpretation of the word "the."



Ahhh!  I get it now!  Let me make sure I have this right; I don't want to confuse anyone - the Republicans don't understand the meaning of the word "the," the Democrats don't understand the meaning of the word "is" and neither of them understand how to cover-up shit!


Now here's a cover-up

ELMWOOD PARKA mural in Elmwood Park created as a tribute to slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin was defaced over the weekend, according to one of the mural’s creators, Carmelo "Snow" Sigona.

According to a photograph provided by Sigona, a portion of the mural depicting a faceless individual in a hoodie was apparently painted over using a roller.

John!  Bill!  Pay attention here, will ya!  THIS is how you cover things up that you don't want to deal with:

Time for REAL change - vote "non-mainstream" this time around

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I will never forgive Jerry Brown for vetoing the bill to create a state-owned bank in California. Like the Bank of North Dakota, it would be funded by tax revenues, rather than Wall Street banks, and would generate low interest loans for California businesses, students and home buyers.
Great satire. I found Paul Simon's lyrics obscure at times until I learned that he writes the music first and the adds the lyrics by using the first thing that pops into his head. I'm a Leon Redbone fan, too. R
I just read most of the three new executive orders Obama has signed.
This song fits so well to that Bob.
And the headlines at the bottom you added under the video.
Looks like austerity is the new catchword.
California looks like a great test run.
The waves of massive layoffs is just beginning anew.
None of this is good news.
And yet one article I read said that a poll showed 58% of Americans believe the economy will improve significantly after one year. I can only assume that means after the proper puppet gets installed every where. I guess I now fall under one of the gloom-and-doom groups...
If you want to make money, plant one share of AAPLE and let it grow.

People at the top always have nicer houses. Some of them have mortgages.

Ringling owned all of Long Boat Key..lost it in the depression.

Cars don't hug you.

Buy less food, eat less food. You lose weight, you save money.

Washington is a quagmire of power and greed. Doesn't matter who sits on the throne. Promises are forgotten and deals must get done.

I think I'd like to be a junk man. Get stuff for nothing and sell it for 100 X nothing. No taxes to pay, no lawn to mow. Its a win win deal.
Doc - I know. I remember Moonbeam in the 60s and 70s and he seemed a decent person with good progressive ideals (at least he professed to), but as with California's amazing years and economy, it's a thing of the past; a microcosm of the nation.

escrito - Simon is an interesting character, I think that's why I like him - he does everything back-asswards like me.

Mission - I believe the 58% is reflective of the phenomenon of eternal optimism that has existed since the nation was created. Even in speaking to others around the globe, the one thing that is consistently common in the perception of Americans is the optimism despite the odds against it. Check this out, it's interesting

Ande - Fred Sanford would have some good tips for you. I'd say my wife would too, but she just collects junk and never sells any of it; not a good way to earn a living :-)
Way too much in here to make a cogent comment. But this was an enjoyable read which helped jumpstart the low battery that is my brain this morning. Thanks.
And, as a California resident--this state is well and truly "effed".
That's a nice solar heated pool your neighbor has!! I just have a water hose I swing around and go WHEE!!!

Someday I hope to have something to attach it to so there'll be water!! ~nodding~ ~:D

Walt - too bad Moonbeem doesn't have his father's ability to govern; perhaps Cal would still be a great place to live.

Tink - you can always make a slip-n-slide on the pavement too, but it's only good for one slide (the skin that is)