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MARCH 13, 2012 10:12AM

Happy Birthday, Mom

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Dad and Mom on their 50th Anniversary

When I was young she was always there.  She was soft, welcoming
and huggable.  She doesn’t like to admit it, but she loved to nap.  She
cooked from scratch and baked cool things and spoke to her own
mother every day on the phone.  She was the fifth out of seven
siblings, and had a strong sense of family.  She watered the lawn
with a hose-sprayer after dinner, as if it gave her peace and
comfort (What the hell was up with that?  So not me! )  
She was beautiful, peaceful and rarely raised her voice to me.    

The list is on autoplay when I think of her.  Hearing the word
“mom” rewinds me back to her then and transports me to who
she is now.  Still, my list doesn’t really play into why I love her
so much.  There is something uncharted in the human heart
that makes people beautiful and valuable to us.  My mom is both,
and I am so grateful that she is in my life. 

I didn’t always feel this way.  If you would have asked me at 16,
I would have said my mom didn’t care much for me.  If you would
have asked her who her “challenging child” was, she would have
answered that I was.  Her glowing, graceful, feminine persona
accepted the of hardships of life as well as its blessings.  I was born
outspoken, waiting for someone to ask for my opinion about
anything, and giving it readily.  Growing up, I was a classic
underachiever, though, with a tendency toward being overly
sensitive.   Almost every report card I brought home had notes
saying that I “wasn’t applying myself” or that I daydreamed
or that I was careless about handing in my homework. 
I waited for her to lose faith in me, but somehow, she never did. 
She would chew me out between clenched teeth when I crossed
her boundaries and I would stand with my hands on my hips and
roll my eyes like it didn’t faze me. 

Nevertheless, my mom, over the years, became a pillar of wisdom
for me.  She had little by little chiselled out a place of refuge in my
life, becoming a trusted ally, even though we were so different. 
My first child was born when I was 23 and I instantly had a heart
change for her, longing for her to be near. In every sense of the
word, she was a natural mother, and when I compared myself to
her, I came up wanting.  When I would tell her this, she would
almost scold me, reminding me that I shouldn’t compare myself
to anyone. 

Being polar opposites, now, has its advantages.   I can count on
her to have a viewpoint I respect... one that I need to hear because
it’s usually the reverse of mine; and in the balance I find wisdom
for the moment. 

I know lots of people – good people – who are not drawn to their
mothers like I am to mine.   I can’t explain why, but my mother is
the safest person I know.  When I’m lonely for her, I cry. 
Sometimes I call her when I do, and instead of asking me to return
to my homeland and to my family, she reminds me of my calling
here and prays for God to strengthen me. 

She loves me, and I know it.

March is her month, and she just celebrated another birthday
without me there.  Some days you just want your mom, no matter
how old you are. 
Today is one of them.  

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I cannot imagine a more beautiful gift than the love you put into writing down these memories.
rated with love
I think we had the same teachers. Plus, my dad watered the yard everyday, like clockwork. You can see the love you have for your mother in every word you've written. Give her a Happy Birthday from Scanner!
Mom's can be so cooool, and you're so lucky to have yours.
hey! today's my mother's birthday, too. I wrote my blog on it :)
I'm lucky to be "drawn to her" as she is "drawn to me" because we are both train wrecks and it's fun to watch for both of us.
What a lovely tribute you have written here...she is very proud, I am sure.
She sounds just like what a mom should be. I hope she reads your blog. It will make her day.
No shock to me. Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree situation. Lovely Tribute, BP.
"There is something uncharted in the human heart
that makes people beautiful and valuable to us."

So true. I am madly drawn to my mother. Her birthday is on the 30th, and I view it as an as of yet uncelebrated international holiday
Happy Birthday, Brazen Princess's wonderful mother!
Tender tribute to your lovely mom, Brazen. Happy Birthday to her!
What a wonderful tribute.
Sometimes, we see things differently as we get older, as we parent, as our life itself evolves. They evolve too. Nice post.
Romantic Poetess~ Thank you!! You realize, like me, the value of these memories!!

Scanner~ Why does it not surprise me?? My teachers were bent on getting me to pay attention: which I did...when it was interesting!! I'll refer her to this post to "see" your happy birthday wish!!

jmac~ Thank are right. My mom is so cool!!

Pensive~ WOW!! Thank you for the heads up...I'll come and read it!!

jlsathre~ thank you so much for posting here, and you're right...she loves words!!

fernsy~ Thank you for your comment. Your mom is a doll and so intelligent!! Can you believe our moms are as old as their age says they are?? It doesn't make sense!!!

Erica~ your daily tributes to your mom inspire me...thank you for your comment and your wonderful example!!

Sarah~ Thank you so much....congrats on your latest post. Incredible strides!!

Shiela~ I completely agree!! It is so wonderful to appreciate them as we get older!!
my mom is a march b-day too.
like you, she was my partner in crime.
also a glowing type, yes.
lots of glow going my way. when i failed over and over again,
the glow never went away.
"my only friend" is what i became.
hard job for a son, but i got over my childish resentments
and whatnot and did it and found her to be delightful company.
Well said, James...although your point is so valid!! My husband was the same to his mom, who was delightful, but struggled for a suitable companion and relied on her sons... Thank you for commenting!!
What a lovely post. May your mom's birthday year be filled with many blessings.
Oh, what a lovely tribute to your Mom, Brazen Princess! She sounds so wonderful, and must be missing you as much as you miss her. I love everybody's comments about their own moms...esp. Fernsy's mom's b-day being a yet uncelebrated international holiday. Wishing happy birthday to your Mom, Brazen!
Lovely tribute! Happy birthday to your mom, with best wishes for many more!
Some days you just want to read a post about a mom.
"Somedays you just want to read a post about a mom."

When my mom was living we'd go for a bagel and coffee.
I always sigh when I pass that bakery. I loved this & photo
If she was still here . . .
requesting paper, crayons
for my mom
Victoria~ Thank you for your mom has to see this page!!

Clay Ball~ SOOO Agreed!! I love what Fernsy said about her mom, too.

Jennifer~ Thank you so much for coming by!! I will pass along the greetings.

mhold!!~ What a delightful thing to say... I am so glad you enjoyed it!!

Art James~ Wow...that part about much healing is in crayons?? How much bonding between mother and child is in there!! Gorgeous!!
LOVELY... the best gifts are those phone calls. Your Mom sounds like the idea. How fortunate you are to have her.
A beautiful tribute to your Mom, best wishes on her birthday. Most of us pass through a stage of being polar opposites, or not seeing eye-to-eye, but as we grow older, we understand a mother's love. Many happy returns to the person who gave birth to you, Brazen Princess!
Giving readily is not a careless act but an impulsive character of generosity.
James Stuckey