Brazen Princess

Loud and Unashamed
APRIL 16, 2012 3:35AM


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Somewhere in the difference

The chirp of nine hours-

I am losing you.

My visit to the moon

Is my fault, you say.


But in the silence your face, a tender blush -

Reminds me that your heart

(so fickle) 

will go to another

If I am not right there to

Watch you endure your life.


In mine, the beauty of love

Reduced to one word

One frame of mind that others see, 

Is fickle,too.

 My love, expressed, has silence.


For one who champions

the beauty, gorgeous-


sumptuous, riotous words 

I am without 


And I am on a one way ship

sailing into space

Tethered, precariously

From your earth.

It is my fault (you say)

that I'm closer to the moon. 


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Earth, fire, wind, water... the mix of scared elements is different in each of us... we look to one another to find balance.
We must have both been in the Moon mood with our posts.
An eerily beautiful musing on the words. If you want a passenger........I might be available. :)
They say who he fears to lose the one they love, has already lost them. I don't know who "they" are!
"closer to the moon," I like that.
Oh, breathtakingly wonderful. I want to see the moon too.
Gerald~ Thank you, dear one!

jmac~ How insightful!! I have to agree...

Ande~ I wrote this right after reading your post, which was PERFECTION today!

Scanner~ I fear you have hit the nail on the head. Our children are never Gibran says, "And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you..."

Erica~ Thank you for your absorption of the hurtful point....

Mary~ As always, thank you for reading!!
Brazen,I am more to "I want to see love'...Cause I thing love is the true life in life...And silence is the way eyes talk...without uttering a word..Beautiful image and a visual ρoetry your sensitive writing.Best regards and rated.!!!