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NOVEMBER 2, 2012 3:16PM

Come Write With Me....

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“To write is to write is to write is to write is to write is to write is to write is to write”   
~ Gertrude Stein

The greatest gift of writing is being able to communicate truth from the depths of your heart.  It’s why cavemen chiseled on walls; why the spiritual songs were written.  The Bible had to be written by a man’s hand to communicate the greatest truths and the heart of God.  Soldiers took up pens and precious paper  in trenches to declare the deepest love for their families back home - love that survived even the most horrific events of war.

Sometimes  I pick up a book and I hear the words of someone like they are a friend crying out to me.  “Here I am!  Connect with me!  Understand!” 

November, I found out last month is a month dedicated to writing a novel for fledgling writers - or seasoned ones.  It's kind of like training for a marathon.  I've begun a new one (I haven't found an agent for my baby in the box) - one that is dedicated to be "more marketable".  
In the end, though, I am a writer for the simple reason that I don't know who else to be.  I write, I have always written.  Writing projects are now a disciplined thing - ones that stretch me in good ways .  
Writers write to connect with people.  Connect their heart with another persons.  Inspire them, motivate them, love them.  Writers write for the same reason painters write.  We write to deliver beauty to a world that needs it.  We write to translate the unjust pain of a people, left without a voice and too weak to cry out for themselves.

We write to be understood, to cry out primordially from the depths of our soul.

Today as you write, dear writer, let the heart of the God who created you come out, voicing the pain and anguish; the joy and the exhilaration; the sorrow and the pity of all that is in the world.  Focus on one thing and write. 

People mistake writing a story for giving birth to a child very often.  I’ve done both – and writing is easier.

Not much... but easier.

  • Yesterday I wrote three chapters of a Young adult novel I think I’m going to call “euphobia” (no capitalization of the title).  euphobia is the fear of good news. 

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," – that is allYe know on earth, and all ye need to know.

-John Keats

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"Fear of good news" sure is a forkful of steak to chew on. Strikes me as the kind of topic James M. Emmerling could shed some light on, or someone with a doctorate in psychology and maybe even anthopology. Gotta be a cultural thing, at least on the surface, but I wonder if instinctively we are wired to mistrust any unfamiliarity, which good news, almost by definition, would be, considering it would go against the grain of the moment. But I've already rambled too long. This is a job for Emmerling.
yeah and it's a bitch.
I'm glad you love to write and it shows. You have it in your heart. My fingers fly over the keys and I can remember scribbling poems and stories as a kid long before computers were even a dream. It is in our blood. Thanks for this beautiful post.
All writers should read this; wonderfully said. It reminded me with what Oscar Wilde said about art once. A beautiful post, and good luck with your work. R