Brazen Princess

Loud and Unashamed
JANUARY 23, 2013 9:33PM

You've got to be kidding - OS is working?

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I've missed you.

 I know I said all of those terrible things about you but seeking you out and finding you to be working with only a few comments posting... I am touched.

So I'll check back with you tomorrow.  Until then I am making the rounds to read the web's best non-paid writers and lap up their delicious words.

Don't start flipping out again, okay?


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And we missed you too, Princess. Looking forward to your next post. R
The candles are in the windows. At least for now.
Yes, come and play with us again. Our is still going strong too.
C'mon in, the water's fine! R
The building didn't burn and the tenants are wandering back. Welcome. R
It's so amazing to have it back, right? I'm so glad you're back, too!
Welcome back. It has been working since earlier part of this year.