Brazen Princess

Loud and Unashamed
JANUARY 25, 2013 6:40PM


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Blue eyed soul when we used to dance
In calypso rhythms and bow our arms
Like Carmen; only deeper in our hearts
Bleeding like children wanting to be seen
More than anything.

Now there are bars and letters
Places I am not supposed to share;
People I’m not supposed to tell;
Tears that are sentenced to my intestines….

But here I am - the real one who sees
The one who used to dance without fear 
before you got lost.

The one whose colors would light my dreams
Now fallen; I am left to live in secrets.
Left to miss you
Like a child waiting to be seen.

Did you know you were leaving me?

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They all have to go and I have to go too. Trying to hang on too tight is painful. Gorgeous photo and wise words. Thank you.
This is wonderful and the photo is the perfect counterpoint to the sense of loss. /R
This redefines lamentation in the best of light. Wonderful piece, Princess; welcome back. R
Gerald~ Happy to be back and reading...

Zanelle! Thank you for your love and wisdom

Nilesite!! I look forward to reconnecting with your work!

Thoth~ How exceptionally wonderful that you saw all that - just as my heart dictated!!