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FEBRUARY 13, 2013 5:20PM

My Funny Valentine

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I hate getting ripped off.
It shows two things about me:
  1. I was impulsive;
  2. I was stupid.
Valentine's Day is a day to get ripped off.  
"Guess how much that chocolate heart cost?"  I asked Mario as he opened it one year.  
Mario loves sales; even more he loves coupons.  
"Five dollars," he mumbled, unimpressed. 
"Two dollars and fifty cents," I said, beaming.   Mario smiled.  The chocolate tasted better, I could tell my the look on his face.  
I left the price tag on but paid half-price at the checkout.  Why? Because I bought it on February 15th.  
We began taking advantage of the day after Valentine's Day shortly after we met.  I was raised by a Bostonian - an Irish Catholic father - who never paid full price.  My mother was a romantic.  I received a bit of both in my personality.
I did notice that I had married a frugal guy who wrote down everything we spent and leaned toward the ridiculous when it came to saving money.  He even had a coupon carrier.
The first few Valentine's Days we were set up to fail - Me because I labelled it (like it was sold to me) the day that my husband was supposed to show me affection.  Mario was set up because Valentine's Day is a day that nothing is on sale; nothing is bargain priced.
Once I accepted my frugal husband and his habits I began to relax.  The chocolate hearts were half-price the day after and after awarding him a discounted treat he was particularly amorous.  I learned quickly how to get my needs met.
Tomorrow I am prepared to live through the day like any other - then celebrate the very next day for half price.
Funny?  Maybe....
But no funnier than celebrating the execution of a generous man and labelling it a day for love. 

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we do the same at christmas... it makes better sense and it's more fun for all of us. Money in the bank can make a guy amorous!
What a wonderful idea that, to me, makes the day after even more special!
I don't care, you are still romantic, which trumps all! R