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Brenda Peterson
Seattle, Washington, USA
August 08
Mermaid Ink
Brenda Peterson is a novelist and nature writer, author of 16 books, including Duck and Cover, a New York Times "Notable Book of the Year." Her most recent book is a memoir, I Want To Be Left Behind: Finding Rapture Here on Earth just out from DaCapo Press. It was chosen by independent booksellers nationwide as an Indie Next "Top Pick." Peterson's work has appeared in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, Seattle Times, Utne Reader, Orion, and Oprah magazines. Since 1993 she has contributed commentary to her local NPR stations. She lives in Seattle on the Salish Sea. Visit her websites at: and

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JULY 13, 2011 5:06PM

For all the children

Our new children's book, Leopard and Silkie: And One Boy's Quest to Save Seal Pups with photographs by Robin Lindsey

Last week, after three years in the making -- and many seal pup Seal Sitting seasons, we went to press with our new children's book (ages/…

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Posted: 06/22/11 11:53
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JUNE 11, 2011 8:05PM


Uko Gorter, natural history illustrator extraordinaire at

View of Seattle skyline from West Seattle beach

And here's video of  the gray whale, like those I wrote about in my National Geographic
 Sightings with
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Here is my photo from my West Seattle neighborhood of the Salish Sea (a.k.a. Puget Sound)
I have always preferred the Salish name because of its indigenous roots and the fact that Peter Puget, a British aristocrat, never saw the vast, serpentine inland sea/…

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The Reality of Global Climate Change is Upon Us - Newsweek

No, it's not the end of the world. It's the tribulations we all share with climate change. What if we're all left behind here to help the earth and the waters heal?

Brenda Peterson

Why I Still Want To Be Left Behind

(original artwork by Gabriel Campanario/The Seattle Times)

Dear Friends,

Here is my new opinion piece for The Seattle Times (4.31.2011) that appears in the Sunday print edition as well as the online edition at this link. Please READ ON ATRead full post »

Renown librarian and author Nancy Pearl interview with Brenda on BOOK LUST

WATCH online or on Seattle Channel 21 3.24-28

Nancy Pearl's far-ranging and insightful interview focusesRead full post »
Dear Readers, Here is my continuing series on the tsunami and its effect on all our lives, even a world away. They predict a plume of radiation from the nuclear reactors will hit California today. As Chief Sealth, the Squamish Indian elder from whom Seattle takes its name, said: "All things…

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MARCH 12, 2011 2:21PM

The Water Way and the Tsunami

As we witness the terrible tsunami in Japan and its aftershocks, we can consider both the destructive and the nourishing power of water. Water is a world-changer, a teacher, and the greatest force to be reckoned with on earth. Here's my new/…

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from "The Vampire Diaries" on CW channel. Stefan as a vampire who wants only to be human.

Dear Readers,

Here is my latest Huffington Post commentary. It's somewhat out-of-the-box -- or should I say coffin? This/… Read full post »

Dear Readers,

This week is the 86th Anniversary of The New Yorker magazine, where I served my editorial apprenticeship in the early 1970s under William Shawn's editorship. In my twenties, I learned so much about the craft of editing, writing, and reading --/…

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For those of  you who read my 1.21 Huffington Post on "What We Learn from Animals: How to Play" at this link:

This is my neighbor, Tracey's, dog, LuLu, who is not only beautiful but spirited. She/…

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JANUARY 22, 2011 2:57PM

What We Learn from Animals: How to Play

LuLu, the world's most beautiful dog during a November blizzard in Seattle

Brenda Peterson

What We Learn from Animals: How to Play

Author, "I Want to… Read full post »
                              Photo courtesy NASA   The Starburst Galaxy

Dear Friends,

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USFWS Biologist Joe Fontaine with Gray wolf pup from the first litter born to Yellowstone wolves
credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

My new Huffington Post commentary on wolves and the politics of hunting and conservation is just published at this link:… Read full post »

pimento cheese recipe from the Amateur Gourmet
A La Recherche du Cheese Perdu
Here is my new original piece in the current FOOD issue of LOST magazine
Bon appetit!
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Dolphins Leaping in California surf

My new Huffington Post commentary is out as a featured post on GREEN and on WORLD/Japan. Please send this around to your contacts, post to your FaceBook pages, and comment on the Huff. It/Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 3:27PM

War Games R Us

(From Medal of Honor 2 / Heroes)
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nasa bp oil spill photo
Image: NASA, public domain. oil spill as seen from space May 17, 2010

Here is my new Huffington Post, which I hope will help balance all the denial and overly optimistic federal and/
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JULY 16, 2010 5:49PM

Oil Spill: A Great Awakening?

My new This Huffington Post blog, "Oil Spill: A Great Awakening" is all over the internet --
appearing in such diverse websites as End Times News and Earth First. It's deeply gratifying
to see this post/…

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This weekend our Alki Beach community came out to join hands in solidarity with 31 other countries -- from Australia to China -- to protest offshore drilling an… Read full post »

photo credit: Robin Kobaly, SummerTree Institute

Brenda, Masumi, Yoshiko encounter a "Friendly" gray whale calf in Baja birthing lagoons

Next week, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will vote on a U.S. backed proposal to return to commercial whaling. This would be a t/…

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Dear Readers,

I've just returned from visiting family in Florida, the very week the oil spill hit Pensacola beaches. Please read about my first-hand account of the oil spill and its effect on people and marine life in my new Huffington Post blog at:

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NASA's Terra Satellite Captures Image of Oil Spill on May 17

For those of you who are tracking the tragic course of this Gulf oil spill, here is a startling NASA photo just released showing the extent of the spill -- and this is
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