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MARCH 8, 2012 3:50PM

Just Resign - Mueller, Holder, Obama

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When are civil servants too incompetent to keep their office?

from Jonathan Turley’s blog -“Mueller was asked whether the same criteria used to kill Americans abroad also would apply in the United States and whether the President retained the “historical” right to order such assassination on U.S. land. When asked this basic question by Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.), Mueller said that he was simply unsure where the President’s authority would end, if at all, in killing citizens: “I have to go back. Uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not” and added “I’m going to defer that to others in the Department of Justice.” He appeared unclear whether he had the power under the Obama Kill Doctrine or, in the very least, was unwilling to discuss that power. For civil libertarians, the answer should be easy: “Of course, I do not have that power under the Constitution.”

That’s FBI Director Robert Mueller talking here. The head of the FBI, with thousands of gunmen at his beck and call, appears not to be sure whether or not he has the authority to order a bullet to be put into the head of Joe Sixpack. Obama’s FBI Director doesn’t know if he is the Lord High Executioner or if he isn’t. 

Resign Mueller. A rookie cop knows the answer to this one.

Resign Eric Holder. You should have held a meeting.

Resign Barack Obama. You started this.

FBI Director Mueller, you don’t know whether or not you have the power of life or death over your fellow citizens?

How’s that for bureaucratic incompetence?

No way to run a railroad.

The FBI director doesn’t know if he can execute people.

The FBI Director will have to get back to the American people on that.

Pretty basic here, Director.

The chain of command above Mueller consists of one link, maybe two.

Eric Holder, Mueller is a loose cannon.

Barack Obama, you don’t have the authority to execute U.S. citizens at whim. You might want to tell the rest of your administration that they can’t off people willy-nilly either. 

Pretty screwed up when the FBI Director thinks he might be able to eradicate Americans when he's in the mood. But he’s really not sure.

Incompetence doesn’t begin to describe this one.

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I'm amazed they can even get coffee for themselves in the morning.
T, it looks like the FBI Director wants the ability to kill whoever he doesn't like as well.
[r] somewhere, Peter, I have a horrifying quote from early in the FBI chair Mueller saying that he maintains first amendment dissent is the first stage of domestic terrorism and should be nipped in bud. It is breathtakingly horrifying. Thank you for writing this. The system is corrupt, the members of the system now, too many, have compromised their souls beyond recognition in their evil narcissistic group-think and their enabling of massive fraud as well as mass murder!!! Either the process addiction gets worse of this evil, or they face reality and cultivate empathy and recover. They sure as hell do not seem ready to do the second, now do they? When in a hole these bastards are gonna keep on digging. Look at the economic crash and they haven't learned a G-D thing except keep on lying, killing and extorting. And going after the messengers calling out their evil so they can stay in their obscene comfort zones and the hell with the rest of humanity. It is the present American Way. And the crap and craven big media will help them all along the way. best, libby
I watched some of the testimony in amazement. obongo appointed these incompetents. They SHOULD resign along with the liar-in-chief.

ANOTHER great post, Peter. Kudos.

Peter, I can't put my fingers yet on that old quote from Mueller, but I looked in a blog I wrote a while ago about the FBI and here is a quote from that:


"Ron Jacobs in CounterPunch makes the chilling comment:

“Indeed, the concern for civil liberties is usually dismissed by politicians, judges, and other people in power almost as if they were some worthless costume trinkets from grandma’s jewelry box.”

Jacobs is tragically and stunningly right. Remember when John Yoo pronounced the Articles of the Geneva Conventions “quaint”? It wasn’t just vile John Yoo who thought that way and trashed them. Ask any of the tragic victims of the evil depths to that heart of darkness decision.

As I processed this jewelry comment I segued into another image for my sense of helplessness over the sustained moral and political crisis of our country.

The too small numbers of true liberals among us who managed to clear the five stages of Manchurian President Obama grief seem like poor, overwhelmed Lucy and Ethel in that classic candy factory episode. Remember? The chocolates zooming by on a merciless assembly line belt. Lucy and Ethel frantically trying to save as many as they can, but they can’t begin to. There are too many going too fast. Madcap Lucy shoving them into the front of her uniform, even into her mouth.

Except we’re not talking chocolates here. We are talking civil liberties. And we are not madcaps. We are just mad. ENRAGED, in fact, as we watch the trashing of the precious rights of American citizens that our representatives in the administration, Congress and the SCOTUS took oaths to protect. That the “fourth estate” of press and media were supposed to watchdog. What is a citizenry to do when the defenders against treason are treasonously enabling it?

The latest precious civil right falling off the belt? Only the First Amendment. The right of free speech. The right of political dissent. The power and right of citizens to keep their government honest and just.

It dramatically fell off the belt some time around 7am CST on September 24, 2010 when the FBI and its joint task force (including ICE, Homeland Security and God knows whatever newly formed “terrorism-projecting as cash-cow created” police militias (70 plus agents it is estimated were directly involved)) raided the homes of 14 or so long-time political activists in such states as Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina, California and Wisconsin.

Tom Eley of the World Socialist Website recorded the account of that morning for one of the “targets” Jess Sundin of Minneapolis, a clerical worker at the University of Minnesota and long time political activist. Imagine if this had happened to you.

“At 7 AM I awoke to the sound of banging at my front door,” Sundin said. “My daughter and my partner were already awake. By the time I got downstairs, there were six or seven federal agents in our house.

“When they came in and asked if we had any guns in the house, my six-year-old said, 'We don't believe in guns'. She took offense at the suggestion. We don't even allow toy guns in our house.

“The agents showed me a search warrant and proceeded to go through everything in my house, every room. Among the things they seized, they took books, they took music CD’s, photographs, computers, my cell phone, check book, papers, camera and a lot more.

“We were very clear that we were not going to talk to them. They gave both my partner and me our subpoenas for the grand jury. They told us we were not detained, we could leave, but no one else was allowed in. We couldn’t use the phone, except to call a lawyer.

“They took my phone into their possession and kept it with boxes and lists. I could hear it going off but I wasn’t allowed to answer it. Steff, my partner, kept possession of her phone but we weren't allowed to use it to make or receive phone calls.

“They took about four hours to search the house. I don't know how many boxes they carried out. They gave me a receipt, but I refused to sign it. I said, ‘I don’t know what you’ve taken.’”


"Domestic terrorism" as a convenient label used as justification to snuff out citizen activism against exploitive corporations, to block citizens' exercising legal rights and to criminalize global humanitarian activities.

It doesn’t get more vile and toxic than this. This is a grave situation."

end of quote
L, I don't know which is worse, Obama offing people without any judicial authority, or, the Director of the FBI not knowing if he has authority to shoot people, whenever.
M, at the very least they should take away Mueller's gun.
But Obama's Executive Order does give him or any police officer the right to kill a citizen "suspected" terrorist without the benefit of proof. That is what got Turley started. I actually called into NPR because they were asking if Obama supporters had been turned off by it (and Turley was a guest). I said yes.
Die US citizens designated as a terrorist, die die die die die die die die!
D, may be one of the few rational people on the national scene.
D, Turley may be one of the few rational people on the national scene. The implications on all of this are stunning.
N, will those considered terrorists by the present Democratic administration have to start wearing some sort of badge identifying themselves to the public?
Imagine someone like Hoover in that position now and his personality. Now look at this guy and all the other people out there who are so full of prejudice, hatred and "religiosity". We are lost.
I've been stunned for some time how little press coverage of this there has been. Simply amazing that our government can now kill us without charges, notice or trial. Somewhere Richard M. Nixon is smirking.
I've said it before and I'll say it again Peter. I think that when the President signed this and NDAA it was like an I dare you to the wayward supporters. If you recall when signing NDAA he said that HE hopes to never have to use it. I still say the implication is, but have you seen the crazy fuckers I'm running against!
S, don't know about lost but liberty is certainly taking a beating with the current administration. Life may soon be taking it on the chin as well.
Sc, corporations that control the media prefer to deal with dictators. You only have to pay off one person. I don't believe anyone voted for Obama to have the power of life and death with no judicial review over every single American. But they'll pull the lever for him again because of the dog and pony show they put on the air every night will distract and scare the people.
D, the entire Democratic strategy appears to be scaring every voter with the thought of a nasty Republican. Unfortunately, Democrats are too petrified to comprehend or even examine what is actually happening.
D, the entire Democratic strategy appears to be scaring every voter with the thought of a nasty Republican. Unfortunately, Democrats are too petrified to comprehend or even examine what is actually happening.
Glenn Greenwald sez...

"The willingness of Democrats to embrace and defend this power is especially reprehensible because of how completely, glaringly and obviously at odds it is with everything they loudly claimed to believe during the Bush years. Recall two of the most significant “scandals” of the Bush War on Terror: his asserted power merely to eavesdrop on and detain accused Terrorists without judicial review of any kind. Remember all that? Progressives endlessly accused Bush of Assaulting Our Values and “shredding the Constitution” simply because Bush officials wanted to listen in on and detain suspected Terrorists — not kill them, just eavesdrop on and detain them — without first going to a court and proving they did anything wrong. Yet here is a Democratic administration asserting not merely the right to surveil or detain citizens without charges or judicial review, but to kill them without any of that: a far more extreme, permanent and irreversible act. Yet, with some righteous exceptions, the silence is deafening, or worse."
Absolutely. Obama has violated his oath to protect the Constitution and needs to be impeached. Sign the petition to Congress here:
Dr S, impeachment might become the only way. More people have to be educated for starters.
Peter just read that a couple of Democrats are producing a bill to end the portion of NDAA which would allow them to arrest Americans without trial. The reason, though they don't think Obama would do it, they can't be sure a Republican President could be trusted not to. It's on Huff-Po if you're interested.
You know I never gave it a second thought. I always knew that we can kill anyone after we call him a terrorist. It is the first time--even though I knew the answer--that I had to ask a big wig lawyer I know. It is that confusing. I think Mueller should have answered: "Legano, ni legano; tis grey area! R
D, will have to keep an eye out. If you have the link, I'd appreciate.
T, it's been a trend to try to make crimes legal. Bush did it a lot. Now Obama is following the example. All the paper pushers don't know that in a civilized world, things are done, even if they are never legal. Obama may be even more of a coward than W.
Welcome to "Merika's wonderful world of politricks. A world of one-party democracy for all! Join the Republicrats under our glorious leader, Bushbama, or STFU!

Praise be our new National Motto, " You open you mout, I fill you wit lead!"
If Obama doesn't strip away our civil rights then he won't get re-elected and then the Republicans will take power and they will strip away our civil rights. Can't have that!
S, infantile responses by a cowardly administration.
A, but Obama is much better looking, and aren't those kids cute How many families has Obama droned?
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A, god has nothing to do with it.