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November 14
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DECEMBER 16, 2012 8:50PM

Why Handgun Supporters are Terrorists

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How’s your AK-47 going to hold up against a drone attack, asshole?

All this nonsense about needing a gun to protect against tyranny is, simply, laughable. Gun weenies have negative length dicks when it comes to measuring their firepower against that of a modern military state. Kiss that little, little argument goodbye.

Handguns, and any kind of automatic weapon, in the hands of civilian Americans are second rate instruments of terror against their fellow citizens. Your argument that you need a handgun to protect yourself from your fellow citizen is a joke. And even if you think it isn’t a joke, most people would rather you were dead than the over 20,000 American citizens who die from gun violence in this country every year. You think you need a Thompson machine gun for self-defense? Well, tough, you’re not going to have one since we all know that assholes like yourself shouldn’t have control of a weapon of mass destruction like a Thompson or a handgun.

About 3,000 good people died on 9/11. Since then over 200,000 American citizens have died because idiots think promoting the ownership of handguns by idiots is a good thing. Duh. Who exactly is responsible for the most terrorist deaths in the past ten years? Smith and Wesson and their buddies, by a long shot. 

If over 20,000 American die each year owing to gun violence, guns are means of terrorism. 20,000 dead should bring terror into the hearts of everyone. Should you consider every gun owner a potential terrorist? Would you consider someone who had a bomb in their garage a terrorist? You probably should. But a hell of a lot more Americans die from handguns every year than they do from bombs. 
john wayne stone 

And the rest of you assholes who think it’s cool to argue for the rights of every shortdick American to own a handgun, watch out. They’ll be coming after you soon. By arguing for handguns, you’re promoting terrorism against your fellow Americans. And you know what this government does to those who promote terrorism, don’t you? They make a list. On that list are the people who promote terrorism against Americans, like over 20,000 dead Americans a year. And what does the government do with that list? You know what they do. 

You’ll be on your lawn one evening waving around your AK-47 and spouting off about how handguns and automatic weapons keep you and everyone else safe. You won’t see it coming. Maybe you will. Maybe you will see that little drone way overhead. Maybe it will be the last thing you see. Maybe the last thing you see will be your house blown into pieces and your family obliterated, just before a 2x4 from your shattered house goes flying into your cranium. Can’t shoot a 2x4 with your AK, now can you? Drones wipe out gun terrorists each and every time.

So keep arguing about how guns don’t kill people while twenty babies go to heaven on your account. The government is making a list. You’re on it. Pry your gun from your dead fingers. Have it your way.

Peter Breschard is the author of Circus Rider and My Love Affair with Barack Obama as well as other lesser works of fact and fiction.

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Agreed. As long as Hellfire missile-armed drones and Stinger missiles aren't included in the Second Amendment, I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. Listen, gun nuts: The day the Government decides to "come after your guns," they'll take out your arsenal, yourself, and your kids at the touch of a button at some army base in Nevada or God knows where. Don't imagine for a minute they don't know where you are and what you've got stockpiled. If you think that collecting fire arms will do you any good against the US Government, just look at how well the heavily armed Afghans are faring right now. Hear that buzzing noise outside? That's the sound of the future. Stop living in the past.
Sorry, Peter, I agree with Karen McKim on this one. See her excellent post "Why I won't be working for stricter gun control laws." Americans have had liberal access to guns since the Revolution. Yet the problem with mass shootings is a quite recent phenomenon that seems to correspond with the increasing culture of violence in the US. Which starts at the top with increasing US military aggression against at least a dozen countries, as well as the increasing militarization of urban police. Because it makes a profit, Wall Street interests proceed to glorify this and other violence on prime time TV and in video games.

The only way to change this culture of violence is to take back control of government from the Wall Street corporations that currently run it. Such a major change will require all of us pulling together. Thus I can't help but think progressives have been manipulated into siding against the working class on gun control (as with anti-smoking legislation). Rightly or wrongly blue collar workers have come to see the progressive movement as a bunch of moralizers whose primary purpose is to regulate and restrict their lives.
"The only way"? There are many ways of changing the philosophy of a nation. Often people get the cart before the horse.
in fact, a few thousand afghans with ak47's and rpg's are driving away a large and sophisticated modern army. it works. it worked in iraq, too. i can report that it worked in vietnam, too, have you forgotten? guerillas can't can't win battles because armies can concentrate great power, but guerrillas can win wars, through endurance.

what kills so many americans with 'gun homicide' each year is not just the guns, though. it's not even the inadequacy of mental health facilities. the major killer is poverty, which generates endemic criminality. but america will never face that problem, it's built in to the constitution, with the right to own assault weapons.