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November 14
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JANUARY 18, 2013 10:52AM

Bye-bye, Barack

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Goodbye, Mr. Obama. Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.

When it comes to lame duck presidents, the current resident of the White House will most assuredly be listed among the lamest of the lame. President Obama did not have a great number of enthusiastic allies during his first term (other than corporate moderate Republicans and corporate conservative Democrats who were willing to put up with anything in order to maintain their Washington connections) and now that the bogeyman of another Republican president is out of the way, Barack Obama just doesn’t have that many people flying in formation at his sides.

Everyone in their right mind should by now realize that Obama is simply a better looking Bob Dole, and is only mistaken for a progressive because folks assumed a black politician from Chicago had to be a liberal Democrat. Instead the product delivered was every corporate lobbyist’s wet dream. After a decade of living in the wilderness, the Democratic corporate shills were treated to a shower of gold undoubtedly orchestrated by the idiot boy mayor of Chicago.  Finally, corporate Dems figured out how to cheat the American people in a way that would make any GOP lobbyist proud. Instead of taking it off the top from the military, these Democratic crooks decided to skim from monies which should have been used for the health and welfare of the American people these Democrats were supposed to represent.  Corrupt Democrats decided to live off the pain, the suffering, and the sickness of their fellow citizens. There is undoubtedly a new ring in hell awaiting these perverted puppies.

Now that the Democrats don’t have to worry about the GOP taking over the White House for a few more years, perhaps they will spend their time finding a candidate for President who will live up to their party’s platform and not be suckered by another corporate shill like Barack Obama.

Certainly the banks and the for-profit health industry will take good care of the gentleman from Illinois once he leaves the Oval Office. After all, he presided over the greatest diversion of public funds into private hands in the history of the world. Obamacare is basically a tax on U.S. citizens which instead of being collected for the U.S. treasury is being diverted into private coffers. Trillions of dollars which should be administered through the U.S. Treasury are going into the pockets of the same Wall Street bankers who not only have destroyed the economy but are on a religious mission to return the American people to a wage slave economy.

Let’s face it, there probably isn’t a Democrat in Washington who now supports Obama unless they are receiving sizable monies from Obama’s corporate partners.

Barack Obama was probably the most successful Judas goat of all time.

Joe Biden is now running for President in 2016 and it would probably do Mr. Obama a world of good just to stay out of his way. During Biden’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination his proposals on healthcare, although not calling for universal care, would have led this country down a path where universal care would have been inevitable.  Instead we are left with Obamacare which strengthens the hand of the criminal for-profit insurers. Biden is certainly no FDR but Barack makes Joe look like the second coming of Eugene V. Debbs.

For the next few years the Democrats will be hitching their wagons to Joe Biden’s star; senators, congressmen, everyone; and President Obama will be allowed to fashion his legacy alone. Obama’s final legacy will undoubtedly involve many more dollars being directed towards Chicago, so at least he’ll be consistent unto the end.


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Always a pleasure when I can login.
"only mistaken for a progressive because folks assumed a black politician from Chicago had to be a liberal Democrat."

This nails it, sad to say.

Sounds to me, Peter, that you are doing the kind of thinking that made the word "liberal" the insult it is today.

Oh, well...the left has always been the left's worst enemy...and the leftmost has always been the worst of the worst.

Progressive initiatives will continue to be passed despite the kinds of liberals so prevalent here in OS.
A, Obama was a well managed product
F, you are a disgrace to idiots. Go away.
let's face it: most of america would have voted for the tin man, out of revulsion to the dubya junta. so it came down to a brown man or a woman, for a sure-thing dem election, and brown trumped female, among 'progressives.

i could be certain that obama would be what has since become obvious to all, because the american ship of state has long since been set on course. the office selects and shapes the personalities that hold it.

for people who don't get their history and current events from american media, the progress of the american empire has become a stately trajectory towards repression at home and oppression abroad, a multi-generational tragedy. obama is just another face on the wall, the first of the non-roman emperors of a latter-day roman empire.
Well, you're certainly violating the formula of feel-good leftists: Deify Obama, thereby abrogating all critical thought, then pat yourself on the back in self-martyrdom for "doing the right thing" against the sea of people who demand the right thing be done. Funny!

Of course what's really happening is people are covering their ass for when the shit hits the fan so they can say they were "honestly deceived", had "good intentions", etc while conveniently leaving out the fact they never had a critical thought one way or the other, just blind perfidy.
All those jobs and experience and this is your perspective? Instructive. Idiots? Here, where our BLACK HAWAIIAN FEARLESS LEADER is actually from, despite "myths" (read, KKK hatred) to the otherwise, no one; No One; NO ONE ever thought he was some far left poster child, but, that's because we actually know him. Idiots, eh, well, here they are often referred to as what they are, Stupid F'in Haoles, though Frank, while somewhat obstinate at times from my perspective, is certainly not in the category.

Why bring up race you ask? Um, because you are so far into the institutional side of it that you can't see the reasons for all the things you complain about, but, you have lots of company so the streets are literally teeming with blinded horsed- just like Central Park South!

As a former Teamster myself I'm not surprised.

Auwe (Alas)
Very eloquent post. Biden will never get the nomination because he isn't a millionaire.
A, Obama is certainly but another face on the wall. More of a disappointment to some than others. It is a shame when people seeking a reformer elect a crook, but it happens far too often.
AndN, the claims that they were "honestly deceived" are already starting. The Obama regime is simply a crying shame.
Au, you are mistaken. Many Democrats were deceived into thinking Obama was a progressive. You might not have been one of them, but many, many were deceived.
DrS, I wouldn't write Biden off yet but I see your point.
I would think Blacks would be tired of having him associated with them- the dominant "genetic" structure is pure "Corporate Personhood".
H, Obama's election was a great moment towards ending the idiocy of racism. I would have much preferred if he hadn't been a crook.
Good confirmation, I suppose, that I'm not in my right mind. Thanks very much.
This is quite funny. He's already done more than Clinton, solving the single most pressing issue of the last 50ty years by enacting health care legislation. Now, he has even managed to raise taxes in a way that works, is holding his own against spending cuts, and may soon do something about gun control. It is also possible he will provide immigration reform.

This will easily qualify him as one of the greatest presidents of the last half century, but to an ideologist like you I am well aware it means nothing. But the fact that you are sounding more and more shrill to more and more people is a good thing. You've got Obama to throw darts at for four more years, then you will get your next target. The tactic is worn out.
Only two types of people support Obama care: the delusional and the predatory. In the end, they are one in same. One tip off is the lie of referring to it as "health care" legislation when it is in fact health insurance legislation. One must be WILDLY ignorant if one thinks health care and health insurance are the same.

Making people pay to breathe the air will go down as one of the most evil acts in corporate history. The fact that so many people applaud such insanity just goes to show why witch burning lasted so many centuries: fear rules. We want an answer no matter how delusional it may be. The greatest irony is it's those who don't care about the pain of others who claim to be "for" healthcare. Fucking predators.

P.S. As one final proof of hypocrisy, how many people supported Obama care when Bob Dole proposed it??
[r] appreciate your eloquent anger. thank you.

i don't have as much faith in the Dem Party in the future. Look at the wimps of the Democratic Progressive Caucus. 72 spineless ones, save one or two sometimes. Obama and Nancy tell them what to do.

The leadership and too cool for school ones like Rahm and Axelrod and so many more had to destroy the Democratic Party in order to save it. Why did the Dems finally win. Because they became Republican.

Years ago Nader was right. Both parties were a lot more alike in corruption and cronyism than we so-called liberals were ready to recognize. After Bush left came the horror. For those who made it through the five stages of grief.

Obama was vetted by a corporate media and they still have way too many Americans enthralled at this late stage of the game. Fascism. Obama the frontman for oligarchs. A black face convenient for this round of military/economic/resource raping of Africa as well as strangling the 99% economically. People can't grasp the level of Obama betrayal. We need a third party, Peter. The Dem Party and the MSNBC cherry picking coveruppers are also from the Judas school, as well as Obama.

best, libby