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JANUARY 28, 2013 3:26PM

The Sting - another remake

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Let’s talk real money for a change. 

A question is asked. Over the next ten years, how many additional dollars will be spent on insurance premiums under Obamacare? 

This question has been out there for a couple of years now and there doesn’t appear to be a single reputable source willing to put a number up for consideration.

How can anyone support a program and not know how much money it is going to cost the American people? Supporting a program because you think it’s good without knowing its cost verges on the infantile.

When someone comes up with a reasonable guesstimate, intelligent discussion may begin, until then, supporters of Obamacare are simply blowing smoke.

Now for the interesting part.

If a public option had been available, it is reasonable to assume that insurance premiums would have been received by the United States Treasury, or some other governmental agency. Without a public option, these funds are instead being funneled into private hands with collection being enforced by the U.S. government.

Let’s see, funds that should have been collected by the government (public option) are instead being sent to private corporations. 

Treasury - out a few trillion
Criminal health insurance companies - swimming in dough

When what should have been public funds are sent to for-profit corporations, some might call that theft.

The essence of a professional con job is when, after the mark has lost their money, the mark doesn’t even realize that they have been swindled.

Congratulations to all those who worked so hard for Obamacare!

Trillions of dollars which should have been sent to the U.S. Treasury are now in the hands of criminal health insurance companies.
And the American people don’t even realize they’ve been swindled.

The biggest sting ever. 

 (links to insurance companies are OS's doing, not mine.)

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they are not swindled, for they do not choose how taxes are spent. the swiss can choose, that's why they are a democracy. americans don't, and that's one reason they are a nation of ignorant chumps.

tax money, once collected, belongs to the government, it their money. if they choose to give it to insurance corporations, it is none of your business.

if you stop pretending to be a citizen of a democracy, perhaps you could take steps to become a citizen. if you content yourself with pretence, nothing will ever change.
A, you've stopped making much sense to me.
If you read the book The Sting is based upon, not only did some not know they were swindled but actually came back a second and third time. But this is greed of a different sort, where people want to feel good about themselves without having principles.

Most people think this is an issue of healthcare and if you're against this you're against taking care of people. That sort of simple-mindedness will only dissipate over time as reality chips away at the illusion of Obamacare being any sort of answer. Of course by then it will be too late and the insurance industry too ingrained to do anything about it.

The lawmakers (lawbreakers) know all this and like all con men are laughing at the marks who lied to themselves. Willful igorance is fatal to us all.
T, I will blame you if I care to blame you.
C, how anyone say that pouring more money into the criminal for-profit health insurance system is a way to achieve Medicare for all is beyond belief. Yet the same morons do it all the time.
C, how anyone can say that pouring more money into the criminal for-profit health insurance system is a way to achieve Medicare for all is beyond belief. Yet the same morons do it all the time.
[r] thanks, peter, though the public option was just a fantasy, a trojan horse, pretending it was a bipartisan bridge when it was a ruse to have the not so liberal liberals abandon the real universal health care liberals. (look at the sell out of the Dems to a real filibuster this week). The pretend progressives beat their chests and keep betraying the real liberals ... the best friend of the ruling class elite are those who can't begin to exercise or appreciate or support the politics of courage but think they are the reasonable left of center. Bullshit. As a forever bemused Ralph Nader has asked, "Why is all the power over the government and people given to the corporatist VENDORS???" The vendors are contracted or not but should be (according to their good deals --- hah, that ship has sailed long ago) by agovernment representing the people. Now the people are fleeced by the corporations using the government as their tool, using all those pols pimped out to their corporate campaign enablers. Lots of bang from Obama et al. for a few corporate bucks for an election when you recognize the massive profits on such an investment -- and they are smart to invest in BOTH candidates to ensure the profiteering.

The Sting was a fun movie. This Obamacare Sting SUCKS SUCK SUCKS. And the ostrich ignorance among most people is depressing. We're getting oppressed. The people cheering over it are proverbial salt in the wound.

best, libby
L, how things came to be will forever remain a subject of debate. But there is no question that money which should have been in the federal treasury is now in the hands of criminal insurance companies. The country has been had.
And that is the only relevant thing that should be said about the matter, and the ONLY reason no administration supports a single payer system.

That this/your argument is not covered by the media 24/7 is why the entire system is full of shit. Excellent post. R
T, I appreciate your comment. Sometimes one has to step back from a problem to achieve the proper perspective. The corporatists have all the people staring at pennies on the ground while they airlift the wealth of the nation out of the banks. (might be stretching that one a bit)
You can download a very comprehensive report from Aon Hewitt on their most recent Health Care Survey of employers also the Kaiser Family Foundation has a primer on costs. 32 million more will be covered.
I am also for medicare for all. This amalgam called Obamacare still gives most of our tax money to the middle man. And if we didn't have to fund Bush's unjust wars (and I agree that BHO could have shut them down way sooner) we would have WAY more money to fund this, infrastructure needs, and education.
Don't get me going. I'm one of the hundreds of doctors in Washington State who was bankrupted when the insurance companies forced us to sign restrictive contracts discounting our fees by a third or more. I did everything I could think of to keep my practice going, including doing all my own clerical and administrative work, giving up my car, renting out my spare room and foregoing health insurance for myself. Between 1993, when the Clinton administration launched the managed care revolution, and 2002 when I left to come to New Zealand, my insurance reimbursements were so low I couldn't afford health insurance premiums for myself and my daughter.
DrS, the people have to be constantly reminded that the for-profit health system in this country is a human rights violation. And that the Obama administration has fed more money into it than anyone can count. It might sink in eventually, it took decades for folks to realized that cigarettes caused cancer. We're up against the same type of criminals with money when it comes to healthcare.
Don't u read the news? He couldn't pass the public option. He was lucky to get what he got, and so were you. Dammit, you're dumb. Go back to the big top sweeping elephant shit. It might be something you're good at.
Another Obamacare supporter who doesn't know the cost of anything. One name calling post per customer.
And for those obsessed with reducing the deficit: Under Medicare Part D (the drug buying provision) it has been estimated that the government could save $4.5 TRILLION in the next ten years were Uncle Sam go to buying all drugs at the national level and negotiating a lower price -- LIKE THEY DO IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.
O, Obama has allowed the criminal for-profit healthcare industry to plunder the American treasury at will. Nobody forced him to sign any of these bills. Certain Democrats are lining their pockets like crazy, if history is any teacher.