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November 14
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A Work in Progress. When not doing the devil's work, I'm the single parent of two great young men, living playing and working in beautiful Thunder Bay Ontario. That's at the western end of Lake Superior - the North end of Highway 61. from here, you can just drive all the way to New Orleans, though I have yet to do it.


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DECEMBER 30, 2008 6:22PM

25 Things about me

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This is my first blog post, I am a newbie joiner, long time lurker. I decided that since so many posters seemed to speak straight to my heart, and to warm my soul, that I might join in. What better way to start than 25 things?

  1. I love to play devil's advocate, to be the contrarian who dares point out when the emperor wears no Prada. 
  2. I love to cook, sometimes even well. I soak up ideas but make up my own dishes. No one has died yet, and there's always frozen pizza.
  3. I was not supposed to be born. I have succeeded in life despite cerebral palsy.
  4. Spring is my favourite season.
  5. I love thunder storms, and lightening.
  6. I have wide musical tastes - Talking Heads. Neil Young. Mozart. Diana Krall. Lighthouse.  Rachmaninoff. Wynton Marsalis. Chet Baker, to name a few.
  7.   I never had a serious girlfriend before my wife. All of the rest were ridiculous, including a woman I dated on and off for two years. I dated a lot, but never seriously. My record was 20 dates in one month with 12 different women.
  8. Maybe I should have kept dating. The marriage gave me two great sons, but otherwise is best not discussed.
  9.   I have never broken a bone. I had tonsils out, huge rehab as a child. Maybe some corrective surgery in the dim mists of infancy.
  10. I read way too much fiction, and not enough non-fiction.
  11. I have no artistic talent, but love art and architecture.
  12. I love the rain. Especially long walks together in the rain.
  13. I swam for therapy from prememory to gr 8, then did not swim at all til I was an adult. My lack of stamina now embarrasses me. I have never skied.
  14. I am both a romantic and a cynic.
  15. Some people claim I lack a sense of humour. That's not funny.
  16. Feminists have always been my best role models.

  17. If I could quit driving, I would, but I live in a city with wretched public transit.
  18. Recession or not, we must not lose sight of the environment, for our grandcholdren's sake.
  19. I love to be touched, and to touch. I crave it.

  20. I cry at sad things all the time, often spontaneously without warning.

  21. I love to laugh, but need to laugh more.

  22. I am a voyeur. Also, a bit of an exhibitionist. Not a lot. Just love the thrill.

  23. I am not sexually inhibited, which I think contrasts with expectations based upon my packaging.

  24. I try every day to be the best me I can be that day.

  25. Every day I get out of alive is a precious gift.

The bonus item is that I may have an Open Salon adiction. Is there a 12 step program for that?

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Nice to meet you! #15 made me laugh, #16 made me cheer.
Brian, WELCOME! And you're right...perfect way to start off posting in the OS. You sound like a very caring strong open person. And despite your best efforts, your good humor shines through. As for the 12 step for the OS addiction, no. We are all in denial and want to stay that way. Enjoy the ride.
Love #5. And there's no cure for the OS addiction.
Thanks for the welcoming comments.
Hello, partner in #15! Thanks for de-lurking. This was great.
You seem like a really cool man and yes, welcome!
You sound like a pretty evolved man. Welcome. No, do not get over your addiction to OS. You'll build a solid readership and soon you'll be faaaaamous
Goodness, your list pulled many responses from me – I’m right there with you on 2,5,6,10,12,14 and from 18 onwards. Thank you so much for delurking and opening up here.
watch out Caro...they'll think it's cause we're Canadian.
Hey there!!!
1, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 ... Me too!!!
Great list. You've got an outlook on life I wish I had.
Alpha: enough bourbon will improve any outlook.

Moms: nice to know others share my craziness

Jason: thanks for the support.

Lea: just blushing here

VR: thanks...seriously.