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DECEMBER 13, 2010 8:40AM

I don't "get" the Snooze Button

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Who first thought of equipping a clock with a handy way to lie to yourself about when you get up in the morning?

 I remember alarm clocks before they came equipped with a "snooze" button, and now even the alarms on my Blackberry and Outlook have them. The Outlook one should be properly referred to as "Remind Again" because the default alarm setting is 15 minutes before the event. still, the button you press to repeat the alarm is called "snooze".

 I have posted before about bounding out of bed being the Best Moment of my day. so maybe it is just because I'm the dread "morning person".  But I don't think that's the answer to "why does anybody need a snooze alarm?"

 For, in my opinion (yours may vary, I won't declare jihad), if you have the extra five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes to stay in bed, you should set your alarm later. who are you kidding? If you have time to sleep and need sleep, then sleep - don't disturb yourself by having the alarm jolt you until you hit "snooze". 

 BUT ... I suspect most people really should get up when their alarm is set. hitting "snooze" results in them rushing, skipping breakfast; missing wake up sex; not packing proper lunch for themselves or their kids; forgetting their laptop, briefcase, pack sack or homework; speeding on the way to work, and being late.

This sudden adrenaline rush is no way  to start your day. It causes accidents and mistakes, creates a foul mood, and, once the rush fades, a slump follows as sure as Shaq misses free throws.

BUT...who am I to give advice?I might be  just the driver you cut off; the person you growled at when I said "good morning"; the co worker covering until you arrive; the customer, client or patient you disappoint.  All because you were not honest with yourself about what time you need to get up.


Have a good morning...

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Yes, time is an illusion that becomes more so as we gain in the years.
Apparently here in Turkey time has been slowed down. Some kind of starange phenomina.
I do not annoy myself with said snooze button. I might kill the clock.
Rated with hugs..:)

Compared to the manic, frantic pace at which we in North America live, EVERYWHERE in the world moves at a more sensible pace.

Here we live to make money.....
There they make money to live...

I just started going to bed a half hour earlier. Of course I set my alarm a half hour before I have to get up and then lay there for the extra time snuggling into the blankets.
Algis... time does seem shorter these days...
Linda: I always picture hammering the snooze button til there is no clock left.
sky: so right
oc: if I did that, I'd never get up. though I too go to bed early.
My alarm has that feature. I have never used it. Most times, I am awake before the alarm. When [If] the alarm rings, I am awake and moving. I think it comes from growing up in a farm setting. And it is a habit that is impossible to overcome. I have tried.
Only wimps use alarm clocks. I wake up every morning on time without the need for one.
CF: I'm two generations removed from the frm, but still sense genetically that there's a cow somewhere that needs milking.
OE: I'm usually up before the alarm too, but sometimes like the reminder what time it is, esp this time of year when I'm up well before the sun.
omg! i so so so HATE the snooze button. of course when i'm solo, it's not an issue because i don't even know it's there. but i once lived with someone who hit that button over and over and over and over ... it was maddening! i do set the alarm as a back-up ... but i almost almost always wake before it beeps. i can't stand waking to an outside source -- i don;t care if it's music, beeps or fake bird chirps. (so many times i thought of doing a anti-snooze alarm post -now i don;t have to :)
There's a phrase that goes "If I have to explain this to you then you probably won't get it" but I'm going to try. I have a six minute snooze feature on my alarm. When it goes off I immediately hit it and then am aware of being asleep and how good it feels and then I doze off. Six minutes later I awake to the thought that "I love sleep and I can now hit the snooze one more time and I smile." It feels so good to be aware of sleeping - awake but also asleep. By the third irritating buzz I start to really wake up but never turn it off completely until my feet are on the floor. God I love that snooze feature! Oh yeah, I also have my bedroom clock set 12 minutes fast so I really only lose six minutes of real time in the morning.

Late to work? Big deal. Always there when I have to be.

PS: I also have an active fantasy life and you'd be surprised how much living one can do in six sleepy minutes every morning!
Cin: I now use my BB as principal alarm - it defaults to "snooze" have to scroll to "dismiss"- annoying
Grif: So why don't you just set the clock right and the alarm 12 or 18 minutes earlier? stop lying...
Brian - Missing that wake up sex is awful but sometimes necessary. I guess the button is there for a purpose, one just has to make the decision on that. Rated. Just Jali Smiling.
Jali: I hope its purpose isn't to act as a wake up sex timer!
No, sex should always be spontaneous, you think? :)
thinking would be all I do, but if i think, i want, so I try not to think.