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MARCH 8, 2011 1:58PM

Happy International Women's Day

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Just learned, courtesy of the son I call mid-sized B that today is in fact International Women's Day. I have not seen any coverage either on Big Salon or Open Salon... though I might have missed it.

Even if I missed the coverage, this is shocking. Sure, the date this year conflicts with Mardi Gras, and the latest Charlie Sheen developments,but I am old enough to recall when this Day was an occasion for parades, protests  and progress, not just to wonder which gender ought to cook the pancakes.

 Is this a positive sign? Has feminism triumphed to the point where a Day to celebrate the unique and valuable contributions of the female gender is redundant and obsolete? Or has conservatism resurgent eclipsed decades of progress? 

Which is it, women (dare I call you ladies?)

 Let's hear you roar...  

It's also National Cheese Doodle Day and Be Nasty Day...just sayin'


[runs for cover behind Tink]

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I just do not want flowers as Alysa Salzberg said in her blog.. :)
rated with hugs and you can cook the gluten free pancakes hahaha
- now I have to go to Google and see what a 'cheese doodle' is...
ROAR!!! For be nasty day!! Teehee!! ;D
Linda: rice flour maybe?
CF: they are nothing good, and everything
Tink: like a Lioness.
i didn't even know. shame on me.
so now, how to celebrate?
Wow, they are giving us "ladies" a whole day. Golly, chewing on a cheese doodle dreaming of raspberry pancakes drizzled with real maple syrup, and I will cook them if the need arises.
Just Jali Smiling and rating of course. :-)
cindy: with a roar of course
jali: rock on
Brian, I always hated that song but I guess looking back it was significant. There has been some coverage on OS today. I read about three posts. Sheila's among others.

For me IWD is not redundant or obsolete but hope you don't mind, I gave up explaining why about 30 years ago. Good for you though for this post, and btw, when are we getting a virtual tour of Thunder Bay?
Bring me the head of John the Boehner on a silver salver! Hear me, ye mighty and despair!

(I'm discovering my inner Salome, AND you did say it's 'Be Nasty Day. The cheese doodles? Just settle for two out of three.)
SS: Google Street views, unless I get a camera 9and competency to take decent pics). The song? I agree, but it fit. Was a toss up with Aretha...

Shiral: what's wrong with a side of cheese doodles along with 'head of Boehner'?
Brian--Now that you mention it, nothing. =o)