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MARCH 15, 2011 8:40AM

"Beware the Ides of March"

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Ever since I took Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in grade 9, this phrase has stuck with me - for indeed, Caesar was murdered on the 15th of march.

"Ides" in the Roman calendar related to lunar cycles - their calendar was more of a true lunar calendar than our modern version, which required endless rejigging to remain remotely accurate. Instead of counting days sequentially, certain days - such as the "Ides" were tied to lunar events. The Ides originated as the day of the full moon.

 We know that the moon CAN control terrestrially events - tides, for example, and there has been lots of talk about the "super moon" - a full moon at the point when the moon is closest to earth- intensifying the Japan earthquake- except that doesn't happen until March 19.

So it is not surprising that the Romans, and Britons of Shakespeare's day- would attach mystical significance to the Ides of March, and forces beyond control or comprehension. Mars being the God of War, it was a particularly risky time. Wariness might be understanable.

 Me?Wary? Not so much. I just think it's way more interesting than St. Patrick's Day, which is just so overdone.  And I'm still worried about Moon Madness.

 What do you think?

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oh. i forgot the ides of march.
yes. the moon can make ... well. can have unpredictable effects.
what should i do to celebrate this day? thinking .....
I have a friend taking a big exam today. She's been duly warned.
I have read several warnings of the combination of the Ides of March and the full moon around the 'net already.
With all the news going around there is plenty of insanity without any more help from these portents. The creek might rise too.
hide, cindy,, just kidding... add to your "Best Advice" blog.
Kathy: as long as she's not baying at the moon
Mission: the gods, they must be crazy?
I always get a snicker at the thoughts of what the gods are thinking Brian.....It goes well with the current cold rain and grey day in my world. I expect the creek will rise anyway. more coffee...wanders onward......
Speaking of the Ides of March every blog I click on on the front page I get URL not found?
Scary Brian..
rated with hugs
Mission: Well, I once got talked into "The Gods, They Must Be Crazy" as a date movie...
Linda: hope those links are working now.
Brian - You know that I am a moon person even though I was born under a water sign. So no issues there but a frown face :( as St. Patick's day is my birthday. Just Jali Smiling and walking off with a broken spirit.
Happy Birthday reason to have your spirit broken just because I don't like green beer.