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JULY 9, 2010 7:45PM

What does your pets name reveal about you?

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The other night I was relaxing on the porch watching my current charge of pets enjoying the yard.   In deep contemplation, I decided to count all of the pets that I’ve ever had.

 After mentally making the list , I came to the conclusion that my choices of pet names could be quite revealing. 

 Although, I’ve never taken a single  psychology course,  I’m suspecting that this list provides insight into my persona.  

  Often being described as a wee bit eccentric, I found that my name choices indicated quite the contrary..

  Does it say that I lack creative flair?   Does it say that I’m a straight shooter?    Or, does it say nothing at all?

 What do you think?

 Anyway, It was a fun exercise.  Make your own list, and tell us what your pets names reveal about you.






Teddy 1………

Teddy 2………







Tia 1……………lovebird

Tia 2……………lovebird





Toby …………




ps.  I forgot the goldfish named, Girlfriend…I won her at a carnival and she lived for 9 years.


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The only pets I named were a cat - Crystal, who died 2 years ago and my dog - Frisco. I did leave my heart there about the time I connected with him.
I name my pets after my friends. Jellybean, Gia, Misty, and ***** (name kept out cuz she'll kick me arse). Of course, there is Ole Stupid. I swear he is a horny booger, always chasing the gals.
My college boy friend named his dog after himself.
Mollie the Collie, Shep E. Doodle Doo, Frisky, Bubbulus J. Maximus, Sisyphus, and Fala. And those were just my siblings.
Great names! That's what I'm talking about. @mhold, now that's revealing. You probably dodged a bullet there. :)
Sometimes they name themselves. I kept trying to give my kitten big, serious names, but they wouldn't stick. She was briefly an Athena, then DH reminds me I tried to call her Eowyn for a day or two. She's going on 17 years as a Winnie and the name still fits.
Damn. You've had a lotta dogs! I'm creative in my head but if one were judging by the Mini and Max's, and Puss and Boots duos, ...not so much really. But even having multiple pets at one time, I can't come close to the number you've listed. I really wanted a Prince Buffleuppagus George III, a Queen Mary of Twaddleville, and a Mr. Antwerp P. Runanunny --- but so far, just Max's, Mini's, Puss's and Boots', with an Inky, a Pablo, a Gaitita, and a Lily tossed in now and then (cats, all). One Dixie Dog, killed in the line of defending herself against a car.
I tend to name girl cats with really feminine names, like Teacup and Sunny...and the boy cats get butch names like Ray, Notch and Otto.

Real fun comes when you have to name a horse that needs registering and the tradition is to use some of the parent's names in the new name, even if you hate the parents' names (I had a mare named Chantilly Twister...ewwww. Ended up naming the filly Friday, after her dad.)

I love the comment about the boyfriend who named a dog after himself! How weird.

Steve (and Edith was callee Edie most of the time)
And two recent stray Patty and Selma, but Selma kept crapping anywhere but the cat box because Patty beat hell out of her when in the cat box.

Tilly (Husky)
Rufus (Samoyed)
Max (Samoyed)
Jake (Akita/Shepherd Mutt)
Mabel (Jack Russel)
Gino (Springer Spaniel/Hound mutt)
cat consumme---her mottled coat look like beef stew
@wildmarjoram, Indeed they do.. :)
@Gabby, I've been around a while and the first three were my childhood pets...
@Fetlock, I never had the pleasure of naming a horse...sounds like fun.
@Gwool, Love the names. Patty and Selma my favorites.
@Wschanz, Perfect!
Apollo, the Great Sun Dog!! Because I needed a Greek God in my life!
Childhood - I didn't name them but I can't leave them out:
Tag ("Tag Along After Daddy - Chihuahua)
Sherman Alcibiades (Spaniel)
Remus (my first heart dog)
Hammurabi (cat)
Boy (technically my uncle's farm dog but the first dog I loved)

Spot (she left them on the living room carpet)
Rikka (but always called Kitty)
Rex (named himself)
Alexander Cat (came to us named)
Lula (my daughter named her)
Japhe (the cat nobody loved, daughter named him)
Jovi (Jon's Dog Jovi, the 80's rock star)
The QUEEN (all caps, she earned it, called Kitty)

What does it say? No clue. Except I didn't name most of my animals.
I like the alliteration in the last four names ...

Let's see, when we first set up housekeeping, G had an African Grey parrot named Ruby who, before I knew her, had a mate called Kingfisher.

The cats would probably object to being called "pets." After all, they came with the house. At one time there were six:

Big Tab (aka the Tabster)
and Wee Tab (aka Mama Tab)

Mama Tab had kittens, naturally, which we called:

Psycho Kitty
and The Female

All of which were tamed and passed on to good homes.

We managed to catch Mama Tab and Big Tab and get them fixed. Mama ran off three of the males: Sylvester, Piglet and Slink, when she had the kittens. Spook died.

So now, in addition to the two Tabs, we now also have the itinerant White Kitty, sometimes also called Mehitabel.

And for a while we had a kitten named George, who started sneaking in the yard and stealing food. He now lives with our friend Dave and another rescued cat named Buddy.
Currently we have The Dude (a springer spaniel) and yes, he does abide. We also have Arizona Charley, but he was named when I got him.
Thanks for the comments. I love these wildly creative names. @MAWB, very cute, and who doesn't?
@Nerdcred, With that list, I think it says that you are surrounded by interesting people..(my dime store analysis)
@Constant, Love the names, love the stories..
@Kris, You could always change Arizona Charley's name to Walter or Donnie. :))
All cats:
Amanda, Junior, Smokey, Happy, Grubber, Oreo, and Kitty.
Trudge, Amanda makes me smile. My brother has a cat named Debbie and her, all too human, name makes me smile too. :))
All Celts, like me:

Tara- cat (Queen Empress of All She Surveyed)
Guiness- Cat (Court jester)
Merlin- cat (later Murray...the Village Idiot of Cats)
Grania-dog (the Pirate queen)
Padraig-dog (Lord Protector of the Realm...he was a malamute/gr shepherd cross)
Shannon- dog
Irish, Lovely names.. My Dover would fit right it. (or is that Scotland?)
Nice to find you!
Great post ---

Spicey -- orange cat
Magoo -- orange cat
Pasta -- friend's calico cat I helped name...with pasta sauce splashes on her sides
Tibet, called Tib-be -- Lhasa Apso
Ezra -- Golden retriever, I started with Ezekiel first, but it was way to hard to call him!
Bart -- black retriever mix, short for Bartholomew or Barter Fair, depending on who you talk to --- aka Bartles...
Guinea -- guinea pig, aka Guiner
Brother and Sister -- the most gorgeous sibling Maine Coon cats
Maya Angelou-- fierce, beautiful, dignified, long-haired black cat
Bayla -- another long-haired black cat, named after Bela Fleck, but she's a girl so I changed the spelling
Kona and Buddy -- dogs you'll hear more about sometime, named by Oldest Son, best dogs ever! (as were all the above mentioned)

How fun, thanks for the great idea --
@Just Thinking, Again. only my dimestore analysis, but your names certainly indicate a creative flair. Maya Angelou is my particular favorite. Your description of her tells me that you're an elegant lady as well.
Here I am taking up more space --- I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking," Zeus! Callie! How could I have forgotten those two wonderful dogs?" who were at such an important transforming time of my life.....
That Maya kittie of ours actually chased off a German Shepard that came wandering over once! thanks Brie...
@Justthinking, Writing this post was very enjoyable for me. It gave me a chance to reflect on the wonderful animals that have greatly added to the joy in my life. Except for, Dover the cat, and the last three dogs that are still with me, the rest ultimately broke my heart. That's part of the deal I guess.

My son reminded me of the menagerie of "other"pets that we've had. Raising three children, two of them boys, we've had a variety of lizards, frogs, tarantulas, hamsters, mice, Guinea pig (cuddles), and strays (that we passed on to good homes.) I didn't list them for obvious reasons and I wouldn't remember their names if I tried.

This reminds me of a joke I once heard. "Taking a hamster to a vet, is like taking a butane lighter in for repair." I, of course, did take a hamster to the vet once. "Once" is the operative word in this sentence.

Thank you for coming back and commenting. :))
I haven't have that many animals. Penny, my cat when I was 10. Penny was a cat in a children's book. Wilbur, who my seedy boyfriend found in an alley when I was 20. I asked his name and that's what he said. Oh, well. Milagrito and Sirenita, who appeared with their parents on my sister's porch in 1999. M&S were ferals. Milagrito had an epiphany and decided quite quickly to become a housecat, hence his name, "little miracle." Sirenita howled all night, hence her name, little siren, which later was even more appropriate as it was learned that she was a mercat and "sirenita" means the wet kind of siren, or mermaid, as well. I liked the name so much I named myself after my cat, which I suppose is somewhat less egotistical than naming your cat after yourself.
Serenita, I love the story..very sweet.
Kate, Your list is not trendy at all...quite the contrary. :))

Thank you for commenting.
Hmm Mark, I'm stumped.. I do know that you're a nice guy for commenting on my post. :)
what few pets I have had...
Tigre - Cat - vicious and protective of me
BJ (Bo Jangles) - Cat - he had a head injury and walked sideways like a dancer...
TNT - cat - cause you never knew when he was going to go off...
Job - dog - patient with me when I was very young and toddled to him
Elijah - dog - baptized regularly whether he needed it or not
Mawley - cat - because that's what she did to my arm when I first met her
Roady - cat - that's where we found her, next to her pizza mama
Janet - cat - had a weird janet jackson nose
Marla - cat - my dear sweet kitten, named after a friend of mine that died in high school
Karl Marx - cat - ummm I had a really good philosophy teacher...
Chairman Meow - cat - yeah
Frankie and Annette - male and female beta - cause it is always a beach party in their bowls
Waldo - hamster - cause I can never find the little bugger in his cage
Daisy - cat - she's too sassy for anything else...
My pets's name is compy, and it is a little fish that swims around on my computer. I manage to be a terrible person when it comes to pets.
Bhre, Thank you for stopping by! Waldo... is my personal favorite of your wonderful and colorful names. We had a hamster named Houdini for obvious reasons.

Sober Man, I bet you love that little compyanion of yours. :)
Bella – Buckskin Pit Bull with black eyeliner around her eyes and a white scarf around her neck

Opey Taylor – Orange tabby with blue eyes and skinny legs

Dean – 160 pound Doberman (I didn’t name this one; I rescued him at 2 years old)

Edward Cullen- black cat with gray/green eyes and the severe jaw line and cheekbones of a Siamese

Harvey( from the movie about the imaginary rabbit) fluffy white, overly mellow rag doll cat

Hurricane Carmen – Insane tabby cat with spiral markings

Boo Boo( given name Jezebel)- wrinkly retriever – a 70 pound sharpie/ golden lab mix

Nisha Tuxedo cat

Phantom- Feral Tortoiseshell built like a no neck halfback with half a black mask slipping off one side of her face

Cricket- Tiny Siamese who moved to another home to get away from the crowd.

Tigger- Friendly orange tabby who drooled when he purred

Sticky- Male Dusky Lori- If you knew what they ate, you wouldn’t wonder about their names.

Icky- Female Dusky Lori

Gary- Female Sheppard Lab mix named after my bother-in-law- occasioned a little talk from the vet about indoor vs outdoor plumbing. At the time I didn’t want to pry.

Taz- Short for Tasmanian Devil- Vizla, Hungarian pointer, looks like a shorthaired Irish setter but with brains and a speedy temperament
Zul, I googled Dusky lori, now I thoroughy understand the names.. Unlike moi, you have quite the flair for naming your pets.
I never thought of listing all the pet names. Your names remind me of a warm home where the pet would be very happy.
Aww, thanks Kathy, that's very sweet. Veronica and Kimberly, thank you for reading. Machiavelli is perfect for a cat..
Let's see how many I can remember. I can't remember most of the pets we had as a child, but we never had another dog after Rex, our favourite German Shephard, was run over. He was a regal beast with a fatal flaw -- he loved to chase cars. We had two cats, Peanuts and Popcorn, both runty tabbies. I remember Peanuts had an elastic band embedded around his neck and my mother carefully removed it. We never found out who put it there. Then there was:

Max -- a big black and white cat who loved to torture mice.

Nerd -- a skinny, black Siamese stray with two white hairs on his chest who was very affectionate with a huge purr. He loved to eat raw fish.

Ephesus -- another stray named after the Turkish ruins, he was a ginger cat with terrible potty problems and limited intelligence.

Cholmondeley (Chumley) -- a gorgeous red-point Siamese with a huge personality. I loved him so much. One day I came home from work and found him dead on the kitchen floor. He was only three years old. He had a congenital heart defect. I mourned him for a long time.

Marvin -- an all-grey stray cat I rescued from -40 temperatures in my back yard by giving him a warm dish of milk that froze before he could finish it. It took me weeks to convince him to come inside but one day I grabbed him through the open window where I'd been feeding him. He lived under the bed and in the crawlspace in the bathroom for several months. One day he sauntered out to the living room and sat in my lap. I had this big, gorgeous, gentle, loyal creature with the most beautiful green eyes for 22 years and his picture will always be on my desk. I still can't think of him without tears coming to my eyes. I miss his presence so much.

Barnaby -- a reddish/gold/brown Abyssinian cat. He had the most incredible ticked fur and was a playful, mischievous fellow. One night I fell asleep on the couch and he got out through the screen door and was hit by a car. I found him in the front yard where he'd managed to drag himself. I have never forgiven myself for not shutting that door as I always did -- except for that one time. Poor little guy.

Stallone aka Mitch aka Fatty -- another stray who wandered into our house, laid down on the dining room carpet and never left. He'd been hanging around the neighbourhood for a couple of years but we were new and he figured correctly that I was a sucker. No one was sure if he'd dumped or gotten lost but I didn't have the heart to chuck the half-starved big bruiser out. He was a tuxedo cat with a BIG personality and a horrible meow, but he grew on me. I put him to sleep last spring. He had a horrible tumour that could not be removed.

Bryn -- he is my current cat. He is also a red-point Siamese, although not as purebred as Chummers. He is a spoiled, uber-affectionate little prince with major attitude. He is more my husband's cat than mine even though I was the one who wanted him. He is absolutely thrilled to be the only cat again and is half-lying on my laptop as I write this. Meow.
That I let my son name our dog. April. Not sure why he chose that name since we got her in March of 06, but she grew into it quite nicely and it has been hers ever since.
Thank you Emma and Nelly.. It's fun to stroll down memory lane with our pets from then and now, isnt it? :))
Late to the party, but I love my animals.

Number 9 - dog We got him from the pound. He was a new arrival and could not be adopted. They would tell us to call back and ask about number 9, the cage he was in, to see if he was ready to go.

Neena - dog I found her in Brownville, TX. The vet said she was about 3 weeks old. The clerk at Petsmart who cleaned her up, she has a billion flees, and couldn't put her down was named Neena. As she checked us in and did my address etc she asked what the puppy's name was. I told her I just found her and hadn't thought of a name yet so I think we should name her after you.

Pete - cat Short haired brother of Repete
Repete - cat Long haired brother of Pete

Merlin - Python

Dog - dog Dog was a stray that wondered in out of the woods one day with an eye injury. They had to remove it. She lived at the house for a few years before she was gone again. Dog hated people in uniform. One night we got a call from the sheriff department. One of the officers, who was a friend of my older brothers, was on the hood of his squad car in our driveway. Dog wouldn't let him down.

For - Cow
Sale - Cow
T-Bone - Cow
Sirloin - Cow

Okay, the cows belonged to my landlord, but they live in my back yard and play with Neena.
Cat, Great names and great "tails". I like #9.. :))
scout,whiskers,rocky,babe,smoky,chase,socks,shelly,mikey(kids named after michael jordan), chow..all lovelydogs; bandit,bootsie,grasshopper,grey cloud,tigre,midnight,shadow,maya,smoky,tiger,cinco, all sweetheart cats...dang,I'm old!!!
"I'm Old!" I felt the same way after compiling my list. :)))
You sound like an optimist who likes chocolate and tequila. My kind of gal!
I was thinking that the people-name pets reflect that you see past the fur and the meows and barks, right into their souls.
My Siamese cats are named King Mongkut (after the King of Siam, you know, the Yul Brynner character in "The King and I." (or "Anna and the King")
His sister's name is Pheuan, pronounced foo-ahn, and it means "friend" in Thai.
I can't take credit, or blame, for the names: my kids named them. But I'd love to hear what your take on the names are!
HUMMMM>.. my puppies are named, Doc, Rose, Sookie and Totzaon... Doc is a family name
Rose is political
Sookie is a character on ture blood.
Totzaon is American indian name....?????
So I guess I'm a little weird..
Andrea, Thank you for your kind words.. Chocolate and Tequila indeed!

Totzoan, I like weird. :)
We had a guinea pig once. We four have verrrry different personalities.
My dad thought it would be cool to pick Scrabble letters out of a hat and name it some variation of those letters... and so it was "Inny".
We had a Guinea Pig named Cuddles.. Our one and only Guinea Pig in our animal menagerie. I can only describe her as a little poop and pee machine.. The kids thought she was cuddly. That's all that counts. :)