Bruce Majors

Bruce Majors
Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA
December 14
Libertarian candidate for Congress in 2012. And 2014? Hobbies also include Saul Bellow, "TrueBlood," Joni Mitchel, hiking, swimming, beaches, travel, kitties and puppies, gardening, exploring new restaurants. Envy is the most common vice, and the one that motivates almost all Demwit (and many Rethuglican) policies. Y'all just hate those people who are more successful (or freer, or having more fun etc) than you. Heal thyselves!


Since a few days before last Tuesday's election, every conservative blog, every Virginia Republican activist, and every right wing talk show host, has been repeating a truly retarded article in "libertarian" Glenn Beck's The Blaze, that deliberately creates the impression that an Austin/Read full post »

NOVEMBER 7, 2013 9:06AM

Why Ken Cuccinelli Deserved to Lose

Another version of this was published at VA Right.

I spent the last two weeks handing out literature door to door in Arlington, Virginia and the last few days going to events in southern, central, southwest and far west Virginia for the Sarvis for Governor campaign.  I've been to Bedford,… Read full post »

I was reading Dr. Donald Boudreaux's excellent essay on legalizing markets in parental rights (aka, pejoratively, "baby selling") and thought of some future scenarios I don't remember coming across in my formerly vast reading of science fiction (though the series finale of Buffy and the… Read full post »

Why did they shoot her instead of shooting her tires? 

The DC police say it wasn't an accident and it wasn't terrorism. So she was trying to collect child support? From whom?

 Is Miriam Carey the new Mary Jo Kopechne? If not how would we ever know?

Post partumRead full post »

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, the upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and savior of various stalled movie franchises, has produced a perfect date movie, incredibly sweet, from William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. &nbs

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JULY 16, 2013 2:09PM

Why is Trayvon Martin dead?

Trayvon Martin is dead because he didn’t just go home in his last 4 minutes or call the police to deal with his perception that a “creepy assed cracker” was stalking him, but instead started throwing punches.  (Though everyone doesn't believe the forensic evidence and George ZiRead full post »

In a few days or weeks the Supreme Court will issue some decision about gay marriage, in the form of a decision about California’s Proposition 8, a popular 2008 initiative that outlawed the same sex marriage law that had existed briefly in California.



a rose by any other naRead full post »

JUNE 13, 2013 3:43PM

The smearing of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald continue to expose the illegality of the American surveillance state day by day, not in our quailed and censored American press, but via UK news outlets.  Not only is the NSA  intercepting, storing, and potentially reading or listening to every American's&Read full post »

Asked about Benghazi, Gosnell, the IRS, and the AP, Obama today screamed in a falsetto "I don't know nuthin bout birthin babies!"
Breaking: Obama says he is a Kenyan prince, claims diplomatic immunity.

Atlas Shrugs, Dances, and Sings - Tina Turner tax refugee

Ms. Turner's new tax rate may be lower, but what's for sure is that as a Swiss
citizen her Swiss bank accounts will now be private and not open to the IRS.

Tina Turner renounces her U.S.
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JANUARY 25, 2013 11:14AM

Are leftovers worth anyone's time?

Libertarians spend a lot of time discussing whether they should spend more or less time doing outreach to the left or the right, to Occupy or to the Tea Party.  Typically those who want to appeal to the left end up being called Beltway libertarians or liberaltarians by their opponents (thoughRead full post »

JANUARY 24, 2013 5:34AM

Democratic Party censors gay press

So a little further research on the story of Donald Hitchcock, the gay employee
of the Democratic National Committee fired two days after his partner
criticized the Democratic Party in an open letter a few years ago, reveals that
the story may have been scrubbed from the major
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So I was trying to find photos of my old friend Claire Lucas, a Hillary protege
and Obama State Department political appointee, on the Internet, and
decided to google some oldWashington Blade articles on a complicated law
suit she was in, where a gay
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So I have just watched much of Hillary Clinton's audition before Congressional Democrats, showing that even though the sociopath currently in the White
House out lied her in 2008, she can spin and evade as needed if they will hire
her to be their con
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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 6:56AM

Vote against DC corruption!

I've lived in DC since 1980, most of my adult life.  During that time I've seen many parts of DC become wealthier, and other parts be ignored and left behind.

As the federal government expanded, new people moved into DC to take federal jobs as lawyers, lobbyists and technocrats,
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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 6:55AM

Vote against DC corruption!

I've lived in DC since 1980, most of my adult life.  During that time I've seen many parts of DC become wealthier, and other parts be ignored and left behind.

As the federal government expanded, new people moved into DC to take federal jobs as lawyers, lobbyists and technocrats,
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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 6:29AM

Give It Back Eleanor!

Since 2006, Eleanor Holmes Norton has raked in over $50,000 in donations from Jeffrey E. Thompson, the shady DC government contractor who made MILLIONS from D.C. taxpayers.

Yes! THAT Jeffrey E. Thompson, the focus of a federal corruption investigation. 

THAT Jeffrey E. Thompson, implicated as theRead full post »

...while they scratch PBS's?


 Dear Madam or Sir:

I see that Maryland Public Television is continuing to provide Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton with air time on Bonnie Erbe's "To the contrary" and perhaps other shows, even though we are in an election cycle and she is running for
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JUNE 21, 2012 2:06PM

Oh Danny boy....

Dan Savage, or rather Keenan Houlahan, the plumbing advice columnist whose internalized homophobia led him to abandon his given name of Keenan Houlahan as too faggoty,  for the masculine comic bookish "Dan Savage," has once again sought media attention, calling a gay political group "faggots" fo… Read full post »

How the failed effort to recall Scott Walker shows why progressives are not fit to be elected, ever -
Leftovers on the interwebs are complaining about how Scott Walker allegedly outspent his opponents 7 to 1, and how 64% of his money came from outside the state.

So Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for not knowing how real women live, when Ann Romney criticized Hilary's pay master, Barack Obama, and his economic policies.  Mitt Romney quoted Ann Romney, and Hilary, a prettier if zaftig Carville, said Ann's opinions don't count.  Except of course whaRead full post »

FEBRUARY 16, 2012 12:13PM

Santorum got upset...

 Santorum got really upset at college when he went to a Society for Creative Anachronism event and realized they were teaching fletching.


fletching  Read full post »

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