Bruce Majors

Bruce Majors
Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA
December 14
Libertarian candidate for Congress in 2012. And 2014? Hobbies also include Saul Bellow, "TrueBlood," Joni Mitchel, hiking, swimming, beaches, travel, kitties and puppies, gardening, exploring new restaurants. Envy is the most common vice, and the one that motivates almost all Demwit (and many Rethuglican) policies. Y'all just hate those people who are more successful (or freer, or having more fun etc) than you. Heal thyselves!

FEBRUARY 8, 2012 3:44PM

Praying for Obamacare

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Studies show prayer helps people heal faster and stay healthier.


Does that mean the federal government can mandate that atheists and agnostics go to Church?

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Is there something clever hidden in that message, Bruce?

If so, you did a wonderful job of hiding it.
You'd have to be conversant with the concept of freedom or religion and freedom of association, Frank. At your age I wouldn't bother.
And Bruce, Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventists live longer. Maybe we can force the rest of the population into their churches. Health is, as we know, a Station of the Cross for the left.