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December 14
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APRIL 13, 2012 1:52PM

Hilary Rosen - setting lesbian rights back 40 years

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So Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for not knowing how real women live, when Ann Romney criticized Hilary's pay master, Barack Obama, and his economic policies.  Mitt Romney quoted Ann Romney, and Hilary, a prettier if zaftig Carville, said Ann's opinions don't count.  Except of course what Romney said was that Ann Romney has been speaking to women's groups and THEY told her they are concerned about Obama's inflation, unemployment, debt, and taxes.

Nothing like attacking mom and apple pie and threatening to eat babies (those that survive to term that is) to make good PR for lesbians.  And so Hillary Rosen, as the new Wicked Witch, has attacked Ann Romney for raising 5 children and doing charity work rather than taking a salaried job. 

The desperation of the Obama regime could not be more fragrant.

I've been to Hillary Rosen's old home at 2318 Ashboro off Grubb Street in the Silver Spring end of Chevy Chase, Maryland, for an event thanking major donors to the Human Rights Campaign, then run by her ex-partner, Elizabeth Birch.  They had just adopted fraternal twins, a boy and girl, from Latin America.  Lovely kids.  Ironically, the hearsay, and it is hearsay, among DC lesbian Democrats who are mutual acquaintances, is that Birch and Rosen, who now have joint custody, wish they had not adopted kids, or at least not twins.  BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO MUCH WORK!

Another irony:  Hillary's current lover is Randy Weingarten, the Carville level liar who heads the national educrat cartel, buying and selling poor black and brown kids in order to get loot for Democratic Party campaign coffers.  Ms. Rosen works hards at her lobby, Business Forward, which for a $75,000 annual fee gets crony corporations their green loans, stimulus subsidies, Obamacare waivers, and other papal indulgences from the Obama regime

Do we really need greedy, obese, grasping, power lusting, barren, child (children's futures) killing women representing lesbians and gays in our national political life?  Do we need to start a Hansel and Gretel PAC?

Why would a senior Obama advisor say something so stupid?  Bob Baekel says she says dumb things all the time. There is  a history of failed Democratic strategist continuing to be hired, like Bob Shrum.  Speculatively it could be  alpha lesbian jealousy and competitiveness. Mitt is taller, thinner, better looking and richer than Hilary. He made his money; she sells political favors, which is why she is in the White House every other day, and she still ain't super rich. Above all, sweet as Elizabeth Birch is compared to Hilary's current slice, Randy Weingarten, Mitt got a much hotter woman. And now we know that Mitt is smarter than Hilary too.

 And now the best part of all - White House liar boy Jay Carney says he doesn't know who that Hilary Rosen is who has been to the White House 35 times this year.  But a simple google search reveals that Hilary Rosen goes to a social event with Carney's wife Claire Shipman almost monthly, including Shipman's book party and Hilary's 50th birthday. Not to mention that Hilary and Jay live less than a mile from each other, both on lily white 48th Street, less than a mile apart, on different sides of MaCArthur Boulevard.
It is a regime of whores and liars.

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Spicy, provocative stuff! As Bette Davis once said, "Thanks so much for the inside story."

Rofl. Rosen lives at 48th and Hutchins Place, in a lily white west of Georgetown neighborhood on the Potomac, and Carney lives 7 blocks away at 48th and W. In a small town type hood with one grocery store, one drug store, one pizza place, one wine store. But he doesn't know which Hilary Rosen is lobbying at the White House.
Like a good neighbor, Jay Carney is there!

It takes less than 10 minutes, walking uphill, to walk from Hilary Rosen's house at 48th Street and Hutchins Place, to White House press boy Jay Carney's house at 48th and W Streets NW. But he says he knows 3 Hilary Rosen gals and does not know which one signs in as a lobbyist at the White House. Are all 3 named Hilary with only 1 L? And do all 3 go to events every month with his wife, ABC presenter Claire Shipman, who attended Hilary's 50th birthday party, as Hilary attended her book party?