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Bryan Harrison
Seattle, Washington, USA
March 24
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FEBRUARY 27, 2009 6:50AM

Hallucination #1: Jeer Don

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You Dirt Me and I'm Late, TooJeer Don:

I solely never taunted what every human daunts.  A domestic silo.  Parsimony. Littles to do nary as I came.  On the drink of heaving up dope I met you on my Innerwet.  I sent you LAN fetters, and when you tested me on my throne I thralled.  

At worst I was ensured I was heavy thighed, but you flummoxed you'd be thong and nubile by my wide.  On Nigh Eve, I thrusted you, trilling in woo. You swore I'd be your little spatula so lichen pool I gulched you, and truss aboard blue bayou I'm now sculleried forever.  I drub and scab with scalding viscous and an orgone bush, but grime slick and slide.  Your tilth is deep abide me now, like Jesus in the garden of Goth seamen.

I can never be puerile sateen again.  You thrashed our dove and cast my snail upon the docks.  I threw my swirls before pining, then I was bio-hated and now, salutary, I sate my health.

Spay it, Buck.  You bid this to see.  Remit it!  You're Dyspepsied and you never Mentoed me.  Your little Shih Tzu evacuated when you sullied my thighs are cats.  Your wood be inflamed of your stealth.

You dirt me and I'm late, too,

Hooda Whimper 

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