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OCTOBER 9, 2009 1:25AM

Pitch In, Would You?

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Weirdly, Open Salon will not let me post their banner... but if you are a member of Kiva, this guy has 17 hours to get $325.

"Josef is a 36 year old man who lives in the Bekaa with his wife and their two children. Josef has been working as a taxi van driver since 1996. He also works as a school bus driver. Josef requested a loan of 1500 US dollars from Al Majmoua in order to do some maintenance work on his van before schools starts. This is the first time that Josef has requested a loan.

Josef is special in his work because he knows how to take care of his clients. His clients can be anybody from his region, as well as students. When he first started his business, he didn’t have a lot of cash. He decided on doing his business because he wanted to have an independent work as well as he is known for his good reputation. In the future, he plans on expanding his business by having a bigger bus. "

If you're not familiar with Kiva, here is my recommendation


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This isn't showing up in my sidebar 'cause you just posted it 3 minutes ago!
Ahem, anyway. I've heard good things about Kiva. Looking at the links now:)
Back. Microloans are definitely a great way to make a difference by bypassing the whole "industrial charity" thing. And, slightly off-topic, have you considered cross-posting the piece you linked to here in OS? It's really good.
i expect instant gratification! this is the internet, dammit!
i might. i have cross-posted a couple of pieces, and i'm trying to hold back on more, but thanks for the suggestion! i am pretty proud of that one :)
Good on you for posting this. I'd pitch in in a heartbeat to help Josef except for the, well, you know, the poverty. And just to be perfectly clear, I mean mine, not his.
success! josef's loan has been fully funded.

dr. satan, i wish i could help every person i knew was in need. i know what it's like to struggle and i don't wish it on anyone. hope you're doing ok.
I'm glad to hear Josef got his loan. It's what I was saying last night; microloans are great because they WORK.
Yes, yes, YES!! Gladly!! How exciting is this?


It's so nice to find a way to REALLY help people. Now there's a fully-funded weaver in Cambodia, too!


Sorry, I should contain myself. Off to email everyone in my contacts and add the banner to my blog.