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NOVEMBER 10, 2009 2:27AM

The Second Best Breakfast Spot In California

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Is at my house. It's the one with the lovely, lovely fresh laid eggs. People are always saying how great fresh eggs are, so Mr. Strangely and I tried to conduct an experiment.

As you can see, the eggs we get are varied in size. Most are not as large as a "large" egg you'd get at the grocery store... the grocery store egg is the white one in the carton dwarfing the others. We have gotten one or two eggs that are bigger than store ones, but they're rare. When we make scrambled eggs, we're using 7 eggs for the two of us rather than 5.

When we ate the fried eggs, the difference was obvious but hard to describe. The white was more tender and not as chewy. You can see that it held together more, instead of spreading across the pan like the store egg. The yolk was very different... the store egg wasn't bad, but it was decidedly pasty in contrast to the creamy fresh yolk. Scrambled eggs were a revelation. The flavor is totally different. When I was young, my dad would sometimes comment about how different food tasted to him as a child.  And as a child, I thought he was crazy, but I wonder now. What else am I missing out on? Why are they different? Is it just the freshness or is there something else? I've read that farmers can feed marigolds to hens to get the yolk color deeper. Personally, I don't feel like we're doing anything special. It's almost like magic. Our chicken magicians make em out of weeds and our kitchen scraps (I'm calling this a recipe).


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ooh! thank you stellaa. i'll have to try that. i have been poaching more often since these guys are so much firmer. they really are wonderful!
Clever post! I've added a link to this on the original Skilleteers open call. Thanks!
thanks coyote! skilleteers unite!
California chickens are happy chickens, and happy chickens...Loved it!
well stellaa, unfortunately my chickens have not ever tried crack cocaine. maybe i can see if they do any dream analysis...