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APRIL 14, 2011 3:45PM

Spring Cleaning Everywhere

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This past year, so far, has been a long road.   One I alternately simplify and managed to complicate.


I needed to grow, to stretch my boundaries and  have in many ways. I began my spring cleaning, trying to go through new doors even before the old one has closed completely.


It began during the dark, wet and long days of winter. 


Here comes the rain


The first of my home's many leaks to come during the rainy months ahead.




What is a homeowner to do?  I had kept my income tax refund in savings...ostensibly for a rainy day.  I guessed this was it.  I hired a roofer and he was going to bring a carpenter to repair the second story brick walkway.  I knew the walkway was a mess and I was even afraid to take a bath in my deep soaking tub upstairs because it seemed to be resting on the bricks.


 walkway dissolving

What bricks?  


Ugh walkway 


The roofer and contractor told me the work would take two weeks and X dollars.  Then I found three of my beams in the dining room were dry rotting too.  Oh well, I would replace those too.  Cha-ching.


Dining room beams before


I paid half of the estimated amounts and eagerly left town on a prearranged vacation, happy the work could be done when I was away. 


Dining room getting new beams 

My dining room prepared for new beams.


Off I went confident the person I left in charge would oversee the work knowing I wanted to be away while workmen crawled around my home.


First I met up with two friends from OS a few days before Christmas. (You may recognize them.)


Friends meet 


Lea Lane, Cartouche and me after brunch.




Then it was time for a relaxing cruise on a beautiful ship.


A full moon on the first night 



 Everything was going so well.  Christmas arrived and I posed with the ship's gingerbread house.


Xmas Day confident about the roof


And then the next morning I decided to check my email.


And then the email came 


It seems it had been raining torrents, but when they got the first tiles up they found dry-rot among other unsightly things. This necessitated a quick decision on replacing the wood under the roof, so I waved it on.  Then back to my vacation, after all what else could happen?


Ahhh the pool


It was onward to Cartagena, Columbia and a New Years Eve doing passage through the Panama Canal.


To be continued.... 










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Oh boy. I had no idea things were as complicated as this. I love the juxtaposition of the "dry rot" with your "chilling out" on the cruise. What can go wrong in life when you're lounging on the deck with a drink within reach???
Well Buffy, I have always said, if one is going to have home repairs go awry, be on a cruise while it's happening! Actually, I've never said that, but I'm going to start...love the pics...looking forward to reading more! xox
Oh, oh, speaks the voice of experience!
I remember our meeting so fondly. You are being metaphorical, and I feel we should speak ....
Ohh, nooo. This doesn't bode well. But you look great!
Boy . . . that's a whole new meaning to "when it rains it pours!"
wow that was a lot of intense renovations. When I spotted the small hint of leopard on you and then saw you in the other pictures.. I always knew you were one hot mama..:)
rated with hugs
Hearing ominous music--usually not the accompaniment to a HGTV show, but perhaps it should be more often . . .
Even though I know the story already, I can't wait to read the next chapter. I do envy you getting to meet with Lea and Cartouche, but then I have envied these yearly cruises of yours for a long time now. Your travels have inspired me to consider making a cruise of my own one day. Do you know any cruise lines that allow miniture donkeys to travel with their master?
I hope you are writing from a renewed and no more leaking home. But you did leave us hanging up in the attic :-)

I love the pun that you saved for a rainy day!!! I guess!! We have the opposite problem here, but all homes can become money pits...
I cringe..... I shudder........I know how this comes out....Oooooooo ;-(

....ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!!!
OOooooo sexy picture at the end there. I hope it all gets steamy and you end up dating one of the contractors. ......sigh.
Your house in order...and disorder. Never a dull moment with Buffy!
I enjoyed reading this so much - your writing is so inviting that I relish it even though I cringe at what I fear this is leading up to! Here I sit, impatiently awaiting the next installment...
Now I'm wondering if you just declared the place condemned and moved. I'd say 'good grief', but that seems like an oxymoron here.
i just know there's more bad news on the way in chapter 2. at least you were having a ball in the meantime, sheila!! those wood houses, i know, i know. so many $$.
We have many leaks too. Buckets work well. But, I dread the repairs. R
I didn't know that Cartouche was 6'-4" tall.
I love picture stories! This is so cool. It makes it all come alive. You look beautiful! I sure hope there is good news to follow.
I love picture stories! This is so cool. It makes it all come alive. You look beautiful! I sure hope there is good news to follow.
I don't think I like where this is going...but you look great! -R-
I hate you're house is needing repair, but I so wish I was on that ship with you. Drink an umbrella drink for me~
Oh no! A homeowners nightmare! Glad you you got the cruise in first!
It's been a tough year and you didn't deserve this added stress. But with your usual tenacity you take it and make sure there are good times to soften the blows.

Love the photo of the ranch in winter. Love you too.
So glad to see you getting on with things, Sheila, I know it wasn't easy. I'm jealous of your meeting, wish I'd been there too. Those ladies are something else, right? As are you, btw.

Looking forward to the next chapter, though I too fear you and your roof might be in for a long Spring.
Oh my, those unexpected....oooops......ugh.
I read Part II first. Not sure how I missed this one, but I look forward to III. Your "spring cleaning" reminds me of one of those home makeover TV shows. Fascinating.