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APRIL 18, 2011 3:46PM

Spring Cleaning Everywhere--Part 2

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 So where was I...oh yes the cruise....life was good.
 Meanwhile life was good
 I’ll tell you what could go wrong, not having a camera.  Fortunately I was given one for Christmas... purchased in Cartagena.



However the battery was not charged so all I got was this one photo taken just outside of the Old City Wall.  It was lit for Christmas though and looked really pretty!


Meanwhile back at the ranch...



 The brick walkway was torn off.


The scope of what needed to be done was increasing.  I added new siding to the mix, which of course needed to be ordered and custom cut.  


That taken care of it was time for the Panama Canal.  I heard that only two days before there was so much rain they had actually closed the canal!  Weird weather everywhere I went.


Last year when I went through the Panama Canal it was a little like my rebirth.  I was in a mental fog, not at all sure why I was there (except my husband and I planned and prepaid) I began to discover the me without anyone else to consider.  I know I went from a backstage kind of woman to one in the spotlight. Quite an adjustment after nearly 30 years as a couple.


This year's rebirth of sorts would turn out to be even more significant, as I had undertaken what would turn out to be not just my shedding of the old lifestyle, but a change for my house too.


The hills I would be climbing now would be very much like standing on the ship waiting for the canal to fill with water to take us effortlessly to the next level.  The house was much the same. 


waiting to fill-3 

Waiting for a loch to fill.... 


Each day when I checked my email I would hear about more "unexpected finds" as they tore into the old house.  I asked them to do what they could (always more money) and get the roof on and I'd be home soon.  Not much more I could do from the depths of Panama.




The rain would keep people from sunning, but since I don't do the sun thing I found ways to pass the time.



I could still draw...or


Observation Lounge

 Have a drink in the Observation Lounge


The Library to read

 I could go to the library...or 


Go to my room and 

 I could go to my room...or



 Check out the spa....or


Dine outside

I could dine somewhere outside... 


Or watch a hunk in the pool


But ultimately watching a hunk in the pool was my choice. 


The house and I would both be healing on this trip.  While contractors ripped the skin off of my home, I let the beauty of Costa Rica absorb into mine.


Costa Rica 

Unusual sights...


Costa Rica afforded some unique sights 

 Amazing trees....Hercules Club (Aralia Spinosa)


But I could not help wondering what was going on back home where...


She shed her skin

 she had shed her skin...


She needed trees too 

but also needed trees...


Skin preps 

 her new skin was waiting.



Part 3 will be the conclusion.... 





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My apology for this being three parts...but I do realize time is not infinite. Thank you for following along.
Glad to accompany you Miss.
I love your drawings and as always, I love your cruise tales. I look forward to the last installment.
i like following your journey and the house's journey, too, but i *really* liked your drawings. really really.
I love your drawings. I could read a whole book with them in it.
Loved this and rated with hugs
even with backstory knowledge, your story, photos and drawings bring life like a bird's first song.
Sheila, this is an engaging tale in many ways - what is that odd tree in Costa Rica? Are the branches cut off or is the trunk formed like that?
I love your drawings the most and look forward to a happy part 3.

I like how this is working!
The parallels are fascinating!
waaait a minute... have I seen the finished product already? Yeees, I think I have, and it's worth waiting for, dear reader. It's pretty amazing actually.
I love your drawings and going along on this trip is an added bonus. -R-
Oh, bravo! Just loved the parallels, the visuals. I especially loved the cartoon tour. It was like walking through the looking glass of your life. Hope you are well.
Sheila, a wonderful story along with your attractive and vibrant sketches! I missed the first two installments so I'll be working my way back to the beginning of the story and also looking forward to reading part 3!
So enjoying this post! & your journey. love the parallels, love the drawings! (I always thought it would be so cool to draw pictures of various journeys, but I CAN'T DRAW! I am loving the wonderful drawings while also being jealous in the NICEST way...)
What an interesting journey this has been. Im chuckling over the "hunk" in the swimming pool who looks bald. Oh well...Your drawings are just as good if not better than a camera with photos. I feel so sorry for your house all exposed like that. I hope she heals too.
I like your work (writing and drawing). Nothing like sitting by the pool watching people who are in a near nude state and knowing your house is in the same condition!
It seems there's transformation everywhere in your life -- like the butterfly -- great drawings, wonderful narrative...
God, I miss your posts. Simply lovely. R
aaaaaaaand rated.
I'm truly amazed at two things. One, how you could enjoy your trip knowing what was going on back home....and two, how you are able to travel all alone. I'm not sure I could do it. I admire your strength.
What a wonderful journey. Shedding old skins, such a great way to look at life. And as always, love the drawings.
I love this ride Buffy. It had to be good for the soul, but bad on the pocketbook. Looking forward to pt III.
There could never be too many parts to your writing and it's good to catch up with your activities.

Love the drawings but not sure I agree on the hunk being follically challenged.

Such a busy, stressful time but handled with your ususal grace. Love you.
I like your drawings so much. The photograph of the tree is incredible. I've enjoyed tagging along on your journey.~r
Are you going to put in new trees? Have pictures!
Love you drawings and your pictures! Great way to start my day.
Great pics and I LOVE your drawings/paintings!
Now this is a spring cleaning. Love the photos and your drawings (which remind of the kind The New Yorker used to run and may still). Bring on Part III.
Can't wait to see!! Hope you're having a blast! Love the drawings. :)
Amazing that homes remain standing, given that contractors always find things wrong.