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JANUARY 12, 2012 11:15AM

Happy Birthday FusunA!

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Sunflower drawing by Sheila©
Happy Birthday FusunA!!! 

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May the day shine on you as brightly as the flower! Happy Birthday dear friend.
Happy Birthday my friend~~You are the rock of OS and I love ya~~
(Great artwork Sheila)
I hope your birthday is as big and as bright as Sheila's beautiful sunflower, Fusun!

Very lovely birthday card for a very lovely lady. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUSUN! You are a class act, just like the lady who wrote this.
Fabulous birthday greeting for one of our favorites! Thanks for brightening up a dreary day in New York, Buffy, and Happy Birthday Fusun!
Happy Birthday, FusunA. May all your words flow.
Very nice! Love this drawing!
So nice: the drawing and the thought. And FusanA!!
Okay, that does it. I'm postponing a lunch invitation just so I can stay a while and admire this gorgeous drawing. :o)

Dear Sheila, how kind and generous of you! Thank you and to all those who acknowledge the beauty of your work and wish me well.

I agree. High Five!!
Such Good Feelings Abound. Wonderful ladies full of light. Thank you for being you.
Happy Birthday FA may your day be filled with joy and laughter
An A+ for FusunA. Happy Birthday.
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Fusie, and many more to come.
Happy Birthday, FusunA.
Buffy, this was a very nice drawing and extra nice of you to do for her. R
A beautiful drawing by a beautiful lady for another beautiful lady.

Happy Birthday, Fusun!
Wow, another trip around the sun already? Congratulations! May the upcoming round trip be as wonderful and as wonderfully chronicled by you, as your last. You are an inspiration to great, simple and evocative writing. Something I may only ever come close to doing. I don't do simple -- it's just not in me -- and I lament that, for it has a beauty and power I cannot elicit in my prose.

Happy Birthday, FusunA!
Lovely drawing, Sheila - just what this gray day with the whining wind needed. Thank you Buffy, and a VERY happy birthday to FusunA!
Durn things have a way of piling up, though, don't they?
Best to just lose count. Jack Benny had the right idea.
And don't even consider the alternative.....

ᴼᴥƪ..... hugsies, smoochies, head bumps, and ear nips!
What a wonderful birthday card for a wonderful lady. Beautiful, Sheila. Happy Birthday, Fusun! R
Happy Birthday, dear Fusun. You are a lady through and through, filled with grace and compassion. xo, Erica
Sheila, beautiful drawing.
Glad I know the both of you. Bon Anniversaire
Love the sunflower painting! Am a sunflower maniac. Have some hanging in my kitchen for enlightenment and inspiration, much as our dear Fusun is to us! Happeeeeee Day!
Very nice art, Ma'am. Allow to me join the charming choir.
Yes, happy birthday!!!
A beautiful card for a beautiful lady!

The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days. ~Robert Leighton

Reminds me of you, beautiful lady.

Happy Birthday, dearest Fusun.
Happy birthday, my dear. All the best to you in this coming year. What a wonderful tribute, Buffy!
A month late and a dollar short--I celebrate you Fusun A wishing a great year for you. See how many of us love you? Wendy O

ps Rated. Beautiful Buffy/ Sheila!
Beautiful flower for a beautiful lady I add my Happy Birthday Fusun! I hope your day was magnificent...
A sunflower and a hummingbird...two of my favorite things to one of my favorite people. Happy Birthday, Fusun. -R-
Beautiful Shelia & so sweet of you.
Happy Birthday Fusun!
Great art! Happy Birthday Fusun!
Happy Birthday FusunA!...and please have many more friend!!!!
A beautiful painting from a beautiful lady to a beautiful lady.
Happy Birthday Fusun!
lovely gesture, Buffy.
Happy Birthday Fusun! Love the sunflower watercolor by Sheila - the perfect flower for Fusun.
Thanks Fusun for your kindness, & wonderful tales. Looking forward to more this year, may it be a good one for you.
With best wishes,
A blue feathered friend wishing happy birthday.
Sweet sunflower nectar, such a thoughtful act.
Truly may this time of year bring new and cherished memories...Happy Birthday Fusuna!
Happy birthday. What a lovely virtual gift!
Praying her birthday was as wonderful as she!
I love the bold colors in the sunflower painting!
oh this is a lovely card!

HAPPY B DAY FUSUN!! I hope it's perfect weather for you, whatever that may be! And may you have a lot more birthdays, decades upon decades of them. And prosperity too, because it's no fun to be ancient and not have enough for a big box of good chocolates. :)
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