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MAY 5, 2012 10:14PM

A Year of Us.

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Yesterday was our first anniversary.  A year ago on an equally beautiful day you drove from Los Angeles and I from Ojai to meet in Ventura for a 4 p.m. appointment.  Our wedding.  I remember the day as if it were yesterday, and in the scheme of things it was.

What to wear to marry you?  Did I get something new?  No, I chose a suit I had in my closet and pinned on a tiny gold hummingbird which had belonged to my mother.  We told nobody outside of your mother and my father.  We felt old enough, mature enough,  and so sure of ourselves to do this alone, no invited witnesses, no big church wedding, no stressing people over what to give us for a wedding present.  All we wanted, needed was each other.

A year later it is still all we want and need.  We are so fortunate to have found love again at this time in our lives.  We knew what we wanted, love, laughter, a sense of shared memories, and a partner through tough times and good times.  We both knew how precious life is, how each moment should be lived as though it is our last.  We never know when it will be, and the joy of being in your arms, your mere presence is  a gift.  I know you feel that way too.

I chose you to be my "last" lover.  This sense of having control over my own happiness is not in the least overrated.  These past 63 years have shown us some good and bad people and experiences, teaching us lessons we never thought we would need to learn.  From those we have were able to find ourselves and the few people we want to be with, whether it is family or friends old or new.  

Often we say how incredibly lucky we are, because in spite of the things we could complain about the cream of "us" always rises to the top. It skims the surface of our lives, pushing down problems to give us the sweet escape of each other.  The joy of us.  Nothing is better, and I appreciate how lucky we are to have found each other in this troubled world.  Within the muck and joy of life we are truly each other's island of happiness.  Thank you baby for showing me how much goodness is left. We are indeed very lucky!

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To those of you waiting for the second half of honeymoon photos...been hectic, but they will come! Have a great weekend!
I am so very happy for you, dear friend. You have a "Keeper" there and Mel and I both liked the heck out of him when we met.
Glad you found each other... here's to many, many more.
I'm happy for you two! That is all you need...one other person who thinks you are the cat's meow. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing your happiness with OS.
How lovely! Here's to at least a score more anniversaries.
ahhh so damn sweet. So happy for you Buffy.
Sheila, this is such a beautiful love letter. Happy Anniversary and many, many more. xoxo
You are indeed very, very lucky.

Happy Anniversary!
You inspire me with your love and renewal Buffy. Best to you and your love. You have proven love is not just for the young but the open hearted.
Beautiful words and a lovely photo to go with them.

I am so pleased you found this happiness and long may it continue. No one deserves it more. Love you.
Awww! Sweet! You look pretty in the flowery avatar.
What a beautiful expression of love. Congratulations Buffy!
Thank you for sharing this with us. It will give hope to those still searching for their special someone who are feeling it's too late for them. You're both very lucky. But then you both know it! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!
I am so happy for you both.
Beautiful, Buffy. I wish you two the best.
Very happy to know you are happy dear.
Every single day is a blessing.
Very happy for you both. Have a wonderful life!
"The cream of 'us' always rises to the top." That says it all. May it continue to rise. Lovely post.
I'm so happy for you, Sheila. Thanks for letting us read this lovely letter. xo
It would seem there are a lot of people on OS that feel about you the same way we do. Congratulations to you both, and don't take too long to post the next lot of photos.
Beautifully expressed, Sheila. Having seen you two together, I felt how happy you both are and how wonderful for each other. May this be the first of many loving anniversaries.
Sheila, this is absolutely beautiful and touching. Boy are those goosebumps tingling right now! I am so happy for you! Please continue writing and sharing your life as you do. You are an inspiration to so many!
nice to see someone happy with what they have...best of luck...
Awwww! This is just wonderful, Buffy. A very Happy Anniversary, and many, many more to come. R
This renews my faith. /R
Yay! Wishes for many more happy years of You Two!
I know well what that feeling of being so lucky as to have found someone who makes life complete, and am so happy that you have found it--hope for us all, Sheila. Thanks.
I'm inspired on so many levels. Congratulations and happy anniversary!
Smiling for you, and inspired for me.
Sometimes the right love is worth more for having found it later in life.
I Know I am way late, but Happy Anniversary. May you have many, many more.
And thank you for sharing this very special joy here - what a beautiful homage to your first anniversary, to what is important in life, to your strengths. I am enriched reading this. I haven't been around much and would have missed this treasure if your kind comment on my post had not led me here - giving me 2 things to thank you for. And I have been away so much I have missed huge chunks of the happy unfolding of your life over the last 2? years. I feel I cane in at the happiest part.
btw, your profile pic - you look beautiful - glowing!
I'm still waiting for the rest of the photos! Worried that you were no longer here, but I see you have been commenting. I miss your cartoons!