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AUGUST 7, 2012 2:20PM

Travel Art

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I know I promised to put up more honeymoon photos...but I'm thinking it would be more fun to put in some of the art I did while on our honeymoon.  I've missed doing my art, but I felt good enough on the trip to amass a small trove of them.  Here are some:
Back pool
The rear sunning pool.
Back deck in port of Maui 
The back port while in Maui.
Before the Band Played on
Just before the band played on.
Bloody Mary Table
The Bloody Mary table.
Bora Bora
The mist on Bora Bora.
Marquessa Island-Leaving
Leaving Marquessa Islands.
As I saw Maui.
The Lido Deck
The Lido Deck.
Red Solo Cup
Red Solo Cup inspiration.  (The entertainer's name was Paul.)
Raitea from my balcony.
B & W Dining room 
The Main Dining Room.
Dining room B & W
The Showroom witing for a tender to shore. 
The Crow's Nest 
The Crow's Nest after Trivia. 
For a frind's book cover
Something I did for a grandmother's book for her grandchildren.
The artist at work 
The artist at work in Moorea. 
  • All art is original by Sheila ©2012. 

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Wow! and Bravo comes to mind. Thanks so much for sharing these!
Beautiful honeymoon, and your artworks, so lovely. Rated.
These are so wonderful! My fave: "The Lido Deck!!!"
Thank you for sharing your fresh perspective! I love the colors and the time. Imagining you planted in one place as your eyes and hands record another vision is heartwarming.
I adore your art, Sheila. The card you sent me is kept in a special place from where I retrieve and admire it occasionally. My eyes trace your beautiful signature and the sunflower fills me with joy. I thought of you as I passed through fields and fields of them last July.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Great views from your mind's eye.
I love the way you see Maui!
These are so wonderful, Sheila. Thank you./r
Oh I've so missed your artwork here. These were wonderful.
Ah, he said contentedly. She's back -- and with more art, too. Way excellent.
I like the cartoonish feel of these, made it fun. Thanks. tg
You should market these drawings to the cruise line. They make me want to go!
I love to see you back and drawing again! You capture so much for us to see...
Your drawings are so fanciful, I love them!
The joy of your honeymoon comes through in your art.
Joyful Art! How wonderful! R
Wow, indeed! This is so beautiful, Sheila. To me, it is so uplifting. Have a wonderful time. R
amazing artwork ... your lines and color are a symphony.
Absolutely beautiful. Your amazing talent never fails to amaze me and I'm also jealous of your skills.

I have my special flower framed now and will send you a photo soon. I love ALL these, but the Marquessa Islands I'd bid for and made sure I won in any auction. Stunning.

May your health improve so you can continue your wonderful work. Love you.
Why does your art work add to my happiness? Good for you! Your art keeps you alive and fresh....along with your wonderful husband! ;)
Very cool stuff Sheila; these beat photos any day. Looks like an awesome trip too.
Am I seeing the influence of Paul Gauguin?
WOW WOW WOW! Look how productive you are!

I am in love with your style - so original with a great eye for detail. This is a lot of work to be doing on vacation. I hope there were times you put down the markers and frolicked.

That's right, I said frolicked.

Great work!