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AUGUST 6, 2009 12:08PM

Party On OS!

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Days are up and down.  I guess that's life.   I just got back from a fabulous four day vacation Colorado to chaos at home.  Maybe I am over-reacting and stressing out.

I don't want to feel sorry for myself;  I have a great place to live, three comparatively healthy daughters, and a passel of new friends from OS.  

I just got back from Maryt's and Kevin's home in Colorado, a beautiful heavenly recreation area/spa home, complete with zip line, trampoline, climbing wall, tree house, and hot tub.  Two extra buildings were lovely retreats, one Mary's study and the other a self-contained "guest house."  I feel so privileged to finally meet such intelligent lovely people in person to fill out my imagination of the OS community.   One thing I did know is that I would like everyone there...and I did!  How often does that happen in a group of strangers?  Well, maybe often when it's OSers getting together.

I easily could have spent much more time with everyone.  

I learned so much.  Sandra with her beautiful writing only spends twenty minutes on her blog daily.  I usually spend four hours, which is why I can't post often.  I think I will begin setting a timer and limit myself so I can post more often.  Of course, I can spend hours and hours reading other people's blogs and commenting.  The "wondering around" appeals to my ADHD personality.   

Robin Sneed is so sweet and just beautiful.  She always looked so strong in her pictures but she was the softest person, but with an inner strength and focus.  I gave her a lift home, and had a great time.  She was the biggest surprise to me.

Just Cathy and Maryt are sisters, and are my favorite blonds, along with Dynomyte.  Cathy would forget something and tell us she just had a "blond" moment.   I never heard of that before.  Have you?  I have those all of the time, and I've never been blond.

Meeting Trig and his son was like old home week for me.  They live in the same section of Kansas City Kansas that I lived in years ago.  TrigX is a mountain biker who takes advantage of the hills in Kansas City.  He tried out in the Colorado mountains, and is dying to train there.  KC hills are tame compared to Colorado.  He was so sweet and seemed to have a great time, even though he was stuck with a bunch of relative oldsters.

I was so happy to meet Lauren, Pretend Farmer, and insisted that she should be called "Real Farmer," even though it's not as catchy.  The fact that she doesn't make money on her farm puts her right here with the rest of the real farmers!  She does lots on her farm, and is great fun at a party.  I would love to have her come to my farm during the summers so she could keep farming when the weather in Arizona is unbearable.

Ruthie, Gypsie Island Girly, was another sweetheart.   We both had fairly long first marriages, and have dated a little afterwards.  I think she has dated more than I have.  I don't know about the whole dating thing.  It was good to talk to her about the changes from having money to not.  It is pretty hard to adjust.   

Later I'll finish the "party" post and include impressions of the other wonderful OSers, and my pictures when I figure out how to download them again. 

I've spent my alloted time, and my brain is starting to sieze up from sitting in one place.  I have to go outside and work my muscles.  Later I get to take the peaches I brought back from Colorado over to Tom so he and Wendy can can peaches.  Get it can can??  Oh boy, I am done.  Bye.  




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Thanks for filling in the spaces for those of us who would love to meet all of you. Isn't it wonderful to find that OS peeps are really as bright and fun and real as they seem?

Hope to meet you some day, Carol. Keep on writing and connecting and we'll get there.
Lea, I would love to meet you! It would be so much fun, I know. I can't believe how much fun we had in Mary's back yard...and I didn't even mention the food, which was fabulous! JD can really cook a steak and cedar plank salmon to perfection. Yum.
this is lovely seeing them again thru your eyes, . enjoyed every minute of this. thank you C.
gorgeous header. where is this place?
Ah, sounds like a great time, Carol. I would echo Lea's comment, one day we'll all have finally met one another. The fun is going to be in the getting there, if you know what I mean. :0D

Wow, Sandra only spends twenty minutes on her posts? I spend hours sometimes. She's amazing, isn't she? As are all of the folks I've encountered here, in one way or another. I'm looking forward to connecting in person with all of you sometime - it is an official entry on my bucket list. ;-D

Thumbed. Looking forward to the next installment.
Wonderful people, clearly. Glad to share virtual space with everyone here!
I'm so jealous! Sounds like you all had a great time - can't wait to hear more.
Carol -- Lea is everything you think she is and more. Get her in the backseat of a cab, and you never know what can happen.
I love this post because it has such a natural, conversational feel. It's like I was there, too. Thank you for the view.
Sounds like a wonderful time. :)
photos please. And I do hope that at some point I can get to one of these parties. I feel SO left out!!!
I can't help but wonder how I missed this one. I didn't even know about the gathering in Colorado! That's why I suggested a Kansas City meeting....so I could meet some OS'ers like you did. Please pm me and tell me what you guys did and how long of a gathering was it. Do you have any suggestions for the Kansas City one I'm trying to put together?