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C Berg

C Berg
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January 01
Wondering who I am, in a world that no longer knows what it is, in a country that is not what it should be, belonging to a race that is for the rats.


JANUARY 2, 2011 10:54PM

Write Where You Are

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Right now, I'm sitting on a tall padded stool at my breakfast/lunch/dinner bar in the kitchen, listening to my daughter's dog bark outdoors.  The washer is spinning, and public radio jazz is playing the Scottish folktune "Auld Lang Syne."  My daughter is pacing around me.  A cup of hot black cherry Emergen-C in a rosebud coffee cup sits beside my old Mac Powerbook.  

I write here.  Yesterday I wrote with my laptop on my lap on the old black leather couch.  Last winter I wrote on the dark tall library table in the front room, looking out onto the snowy yard and pasture, watching the deer dig downed crab apples from under the snow.   This morning I wrote sitting in the pew in Peoples Unitarian Church.  

I take a notebook with me wherever I go.  Unless I forget, or lose my notebook.  Then I just pick up another, along with my favorite Pilot G-2 pen in blue or black.  I hate it when I lose my favorite pen.  My notebooks almost always show up.  I prefer the 5x8 spiral notebooks from Walgreens, although lately I have used a couple of moleskins favored by Hemingway according to their press.  I have a whole collection of note books from the last ten or twenty years.  I haven't counted, but I have a large rubbermaid-type tub of them at my 'new' house, ready to spill their stories each in its own time.    

When I had an office, I wrote on my desk top computer with my dog Chloe curled up in a little dog-bed on top of the file cabinet.  She likes to look out the window, and wants to always be near me.  She doesn't like my writing on this kitchen counter because there's no place for her when I'm spending hours at the computer.  Then she whines, and I can't stand that. Unfortunately I haven't had hours to spend at the computer with my business shut-down, and flood house restoration going on.  I've had to coordinate people and meetings.  And at the same time, attempt to keep my brain from insanity or imploding, using mantras, friends' phone calls, guided imagery CDs, music, and any other tricks I can think of.  It's not easy being me.  

So, for me, the right place to write is right here.  Where ever I am.  As long as my brain goes with me, I'm okay.  But NO TV, or talk radio.  Not while writing.  And no whining.  Okay?  Okay. 



                                           Rosebud coffee cups where I write... 

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Love the rosebud coffee cups:-) I have the same philosophy...writing wherever my notebook or laptop takes me. Now if I can only turn off the TV...
Oh no! Franciscan Rose! I gave all mine away, it served a useful life and all that is left is a coffee/tea pot that my Mother has, shelved and unused, in her kitchen pantry. I enjoyed this description of what's going on in your 'space', and your life.
Great Cheryl...my TV got turned off because I got sooo angry at commercials, and PAYING for service. I have no TV. I miss it sometimes.
Abby...You mean they have a NAME?!? I had no idea. I am down to one cup, but I lust after more. Now I can pursue them on Ebay...
what an interesting pieces, lots of bits about different things woven together - what you write with, where it happens, what's going on around you when you're writing and when you're not. i liked this. oh, and i have a favorite pen, too, Gelly Roll. i can't seem to write on paper without one. ;
Write where you are...I like this idea very much...and the little photo looks so peaceful and inviting.
I agree, wherever you go, there you are. And I love your coffee cups too...~r
First of all-great title! So glad you answered the OC. It was so easy for me to visualize everything you described. I can not stand to hear TV while writing. If my hubby has it on in the other room I usually shut the door. I find it very distracting. But I can write with music on. Go figure! My best friend has an entire set of Franciscan Rose. It's so pretty!
I would love to share a spot of Red Rose tea with you using your rosebud cups. Your title is very clever.
I am particular about the pens I use, too.
One writes where one can, so true.
Wonderful thoughts! I often have things to write down and the slip off my mind for lack of having something to write with or record on however they always are replaced with something new.
My handwriting is so bad, even I can't read what I've written. Of course, my typing is not much better, but I can make it out. But you have the right idea. I write while driving with the music wide-open. I just have to put a yellow post-it on my brain!
Exactly right. I write in the rain, one hand cupped, if I must.
Okay, no whining. I am very picky about pens. I buy myself a new set (about 8 different colors of ink) at the beginning of each school year. I choose a different color to fit my mood. I'm so impressed with your journals. I always thought I should be the kind of person who regularly journals, but at 59.5, I guess I have to accept the fact that I'm not. Lovely tea cup too.
I have censors in my arms that try to stop my ideas from reaching my fingers. I became a dvorak typist to fool them. Ideas that can't get out with a pen, and couldn't get out with a typewriter, come pouring out when I sit down with my ergonomic dvorak keyboard. If your arms don't have censors, go for writing whenever, where-ever!
Love it, Mom. You are a wonderful writer and I love that you can always find some kind of inspiration.
Nice post. I am like you, I write wherever I may find myself with an idea. I don't like being tied down to one place.
Flood house restoration? Oh my God! Do I know that one. It seems to go on forever. Good luck and I hope your restoration went better than mine!
So happy I found this!
If it's going to be it better be, right here, right now : )
I think it's interesting how writing is a profession in which every day, all the forces around you (and within you) conspire to keep you from it. Let's face it, there is ALWAYS an excuse waiting to keep the notebook closed. I love to read about other writers who overcome the resistance (or Resistance, as Steven Pressfield calls it.) Helps me overcome it myself, for one more day.
"But NO TV, or talk radio. Not while writing."

I totally understand that - but I must have my music if I write inside. If I'm outside I listen to nature...very interesting hearing all of your quirks - thanks!