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C Berg

C Berg
Iowa, United States
January 01
Wondering who I am, in a world that no longer knows what it is, in a country that is not what it should be, belonging to a race that is for the rats.


MARCH 26, 2012 3:56PM

One Million Hoodies

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                            Carol in the Hood

It is a sad day to know that a young black man in Florida was killed without remorse.  I hate what we have done to others for the sake of being right...richeous.  

Our gun laws are terrifying.  Carrying a gun should be a crime, not a right.




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hoodies, racism

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And now this guy might get away with it.. There is no justice.
I'm anti gun, too --except for hunting rifles--for those who love to stalk innocent animals.
I grew up in a family that hunted, and have even hunted myself. We always had a rule...never point a gun, or allow a gun to be pointed at a person or pet, even "pretend." We learned gun safety. And you always clean and eat what you shoot. If everyone had to face a living animal, kill it, and clean it, America would have more vegetarians. Me included. I had chickens and discovered why you would have chicken once a week only, not every day, because I liked my chickens. I wouldn't want to kill them even that often. We are too removed from the rhythms of life.

Linda...I hope that justice is done. I don't know what that is.

Sarah, thanks for bringing up the hunting. Other guns only purpose is to shoot people, and the person most statistically like to be shot, is the owner of the gun.
Glad to see your hoodie added to the chorus.
Nice to see you here. Hoodie or not.
Mary, I signed the Change.org appeal as soon as I received it. It makes sense to add my hoody.

Lea, Thanks. I love to see you around, too!
Great photo and statement!
Guns make no sense in the city. I've been mugged at gunpoint. But I know people who love to hunt and eat fresh-killed deer. I wouldn't take that away from them.
Hunters do not carry consealed weapons. There is no reason to carry the assault weapons that had been banned. The only people who benefit from this are gun manufacturers & arms dealers, It's time to say NO.