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MAY 22, 2011 7:57PM

A Woman On A Beach, Alone

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There's a new poster at Grand Central Station, the terminus for commuter trains into Manhattan, of a woman wrapped tightly in an orange towel.

It's an ad for Hyatt, and it's unusual for several reasons. It shows -- counter-culturally -- and to my delight:

-- a woman alone

-- a woman wrapped up in a towel

-- a woman who is not a size 4

-- a woman by herself on a deserted beach

-- a woman who is not accompanied/validated by a husband, partner, gal pals or children

She is staring at the ocean. She's lost in thought: no tech toys, no earbuds, no distractions. No fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas in them.

The photo shows us a woman comfortable in her own skin, in solitude.

It's how I love to be, and many of us wish to try, but are perhaps too committed to others' needs or too afraid of going somewhere all alone. What if it's scary or dangerous or expensive?

For me, it's a photo of a woman living her very own life.

Very cool.

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It reminds me of the way I felt, when I left on a vacation to Myrtle Beach the day after my then husband, who was planning on making the trip with me, was discovered, by me, to having had sex with prostitutes the whole time of our marriage. I felt the freedom of the ocean like I never felt freedom before. Thanks for the stimulus to my flashback.
rated with love
Through your words I could visualize it! Beautiful~
Her very own life? I think not. That she is covered indicates her adherence to our socio/religious dislike of natural nudity.

That she chose to be covered in a manufactured item, instead of natural foliage for instance, indicates a dependence upon a whole socio/economic system that has the ability to make and distribute and sell such things.

And since when does being in the company of others constitute merely a "validation" and not pleasure in association with them?

What a weird outlook you appear to have on life!

skypixie, your recent comments here are bitter. If my writing is so annoying, maybe you'd be better off ignoring it.
The quality of your writing was never mentioned by me (it's excellent) and this blog was rated by me.

Since it appears that any viewpoint that differs from your own is subject to any derogatory term that enters your mind, such as your designation "bitter", it is indeed "better" that I not be involved in the usual back-and-forth of OS bloggers and commenters with you.

Now you can go right ahead always being "right" among your "sistahs" of the bullshit brigade.

And it is clear from the number of rates that you sure aren't getting much support from THEM!!
Ratings are great. Readers are lovely. Everyone has their own opinion.
Would love to see the ad. I have been that woman.
I am boycotting Hyatt because of the way they fired long-time company employed housekeepers with seniority wages and health benefits at 3 hotels in Boston (and who knows where else) to replace them with contracted (minimum wage, no benefits) temps from a contract employment agency. This, after the permanent employees were charged with training their temp agency replacements. They are off my list of hotels I will stay at under any circumstances.

By the way, in trying to find a picture of this ad, I came across this one ... Ad Title: Share the Perfect Place with the Perfect Person
Kelly, thanks for sharing that. Good to know.
Beautiful. Elegant. Love your sharing what you see. Ahhh. Very cool. The comments reminded me of the saying, "You don't just see what you want to see - you see who you are." Lovely and powerful is who you are. R