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Caroline Hagood

Caroline Hagood
Brooklyn, New York,
November 23
I'm a writer living in Brooklyn. My articles have appeared in various publications, including The Guardian, Salon, the Huffington Post, and The Economist. My first book of poems, Lunatic Speaks, is available from FutureCycle Press and my second poetry book, Making Maxine's Baby, is available from Hanging Loose Press:


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NOVEMBER 17, 2010 11:26AM

Playboy TV's New Fantasy Woman: Your Wife

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If Playboy has served as a barometer for the evolving sexual taste of the American male, then what does its new TV programming have to say about that? After realizing that it couldn’t outdo Internet porn or even other channels of the flesh without tarnishing its paradoxical wholesomely smutty image, Playboy had to go in a new direction.

The solution? Reality programming that men can watch…with their wives and girlfriends.The first show in the series, “Brooklyn Kinda Love,” focuses on the interactions (and in this case it's not just a euphemism) between real couples. 

PLAYBOY-articleLargeCourtesy of Playboy TV 

Clearly this pornographic paradigm shift reflects social and economic changes. The desire to cater to the new kind of man and the woman with increased purchasing power has led the savvy pornographer to see that the real prize isn’t getting into women’s pants, but into their pocketbooks.

Yet a funny thing might happen on the way to reaching the female consumer. If Playboy’s programming is successful, the stereotypical image of porno will shift—the portrait of a couple will replace the lone male wanking it away from his wife. 

Thus, Playboy, which has played a tremendous role in dictating American male desire, is making a radical plea. It’s asking you, the individual who typically uses visual erotic stimulation as a mode of escaping reality to, in the immortal words of Stephen Stills, “Love the One You’re With.”

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Wow! Love with integrity! What a concept! I had not heard about this shift, but it will be quite a fascinating sociological study.....where will it lead? Great post!
Finally. The girl next door becomes the woman in the house. This would never have happened when I worked there. Times change, especially if -- like Playboy -- you're desperate.
I should add this to the week in Irony post I just blogged.
I only watch Playboy TV for the articles.
There is so much I don't know until I get here.
hmm, Interesting Caroline
@ Cranky...I don't believe you!
Showtime and Playboy tried that back in the 90's with the Red Shoes Diaries. They were porn vignettes with a story and heart meant to appeal to a female audience. I guess they did alright but couldn't compete with skinamax. Dare I say it? I would record them and then skip to the good parts. Naughty naughty.
I should check it out. I remember getting my BF now husband a subscription to the playboy channel for his 25th Bday and my childhood male friend had a conniption...over ??? is wasn't coming from a place of feminism.
I still have the fantasy woman...

Does this mean my fantasy man has to be my husband? Because, God, I see that shit everyday.
The pocketbook is even worse than the pants.
Actually it was both.
Great song. Great concept. Simple concept. :)
Caroline, Good job. You note their hidden agenda here -- money. Playboy as the arbiter of taste. In some circles I guess.

I always tooks the words to Love the One Your With as celebrating free love. "If you can't be with the one you love,
honey, love the one you're with." Do-do-do-do-do-do. Maybe I've misinterpreted all these years ...
You mean I'm now suppose to fantasize about my wife. Now, dat's kinky. R
that atlantic article you linked to re males sliding down the scale is pretty mindboggling. I might have read it back in the summer but was so stunned I couldnt remember most of it. so what do you think of this show, anyway, have you seen it? this is your blog.... maybe you have an opinion, wink
playboy is really, really hurting as far as revenue because of the mountains of free internet porn. theres a chance it could just dry up and disappear if they dont find a new workable formula. the empire is crumbling. [and oh how apropos for the US these days]
Kinda takes the fun out of porn. In fact the whole idea is just yucky.
Susan: definitely a fascinating sociological study!

John: Times they are a changing

OEsheepdog: Totally. I loved that post

Cranky: I'm sure:)

Veronica: my pleasure

sophie: thanks so much!

trilogy: thanks

oculanervosa: it will be interesting to see how they do this time around

snarkychaser: so funny

Trig: that's sweet

Bellwether: ha!

Romantic Poetess: totally

Gwool; very simple concept:)

Scarlett: I don't know. I was never sure about those lyrics

Trudge: totally kinky

vzn: I haven't seen it. I think it's not on the air yet, but not sure.

Shannon: It certainly changes the face of porn