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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 12:24AM

Back to Blogging My Mildly Entertaining Days

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The astoundingly mild weather we are having is causing me to leave the house regularly and have fun-- something that is unprecedented for me in February. Instead of winter blahs I feel pretty good.

After Penny's bad week, I picked up her up from school on Friday and declared a Night of Fun was about to begin. Sadly, for Penny fun = 2 things: junk food and movie theaters. So we went to Sonic for cheeseburgers, then Ben & Jerry's and then off to see "Big Miracle" -- the whale movie. 

I chose the whale movie because it was declared "heartwarming" and therefore I assumed the damn whales were all going to make it to freedom, and Penny would cry tears of joy then drift off to sleep that evening with a smile on her face even after a rather harrowing day.

Unfortunately *spoiler alert* the BABY whale dies goddammit, so Penny cried all right but it was not what I had in mind. Also, when we got home there was an email waiting for her from the school counselor asking if she would be willing to meet with the 2 culprits on Monday -- thereby revealing that they would not be suspended from school. Guess I'll be marching back into the principal's office.

Saturday I slept in delightfully late, then played Wii Sports & Wii Fit with Penny. I love how much she still loves it when I agree to play games with her. Afterwards, I dropped her and a friend off at the mall, then met my own friend there to see "The Descendents" which I enjoyed quite a bit. It begins with George Clooney waking up to a life that he had been sleepwalking through thus far-- and that theme interests me on many levels. I also loved the Hawaiian houses and neighborhoods. I would gladly live on a beach.

After the movie, I saw that Penny had not texted me as I asked. In fact, I told her at least 7 times that she must check in with me via text. I then discovered that her phone was turned off as my calls were going directly to voice mail.

This made me very, very angry but I still went with my friend to have a glass of wine and some dinner. Penny called before my salmon came, and I stepped outside to yell at her for about 5 solid minutes. After dinner I picked her up and she told me about "The Woman in Black" that she had just seen. It was not scary at all, she said, but her friend screamed a lot. (By the way, I had checked the movie out on and decided that it would be okay for her to see.)

When we got home, I was the one with an email from school waiting for me. It was from my professor who had just received my very late Final Paper from last semester and she declared it was excellent. (Bolding and underlining by professor.) I then got the brilliant idea to read my paper to Penny as she went to sleep, because surely by page 6 or 7 she would be snoring, and any possible scary bits from the movie would be erased. The idea was brilliant because it worked and Penny drifted off to sleep listening to how the Creator lures each of us to our most creative, loving life path and what it means to pray.

*Womanly matters alert* I then got my period which explained why I was so furious with Penny for not texting me. I swear I only yell like that when I am premenstrual.

All that night I dreamt about "The Descendents." In my dream version, my cousins and I inherited gorgeous beach front property in Oregon but the cousins were plotting to take it away from me. Other stuff happened to, but nobody cares about the dreams of strangers.

Today I slept in delightfully late but unfortunately it was too late to take Penny to Sunday school. The class was touring a Mosque today and got to wear head scarves and Penny had kind of been looking forward to it, so there you go - I suck.

This afternoon a friend and I went to see "The Artist.' I found it interesting to consider the story elements that need no words, and those that do -- but overall I found the movie only mildly entertaining. Afterwards we went to a Tex-Mex bar for wine and guacamole. I also had a tuna taco that was so flavorful, fresh and delicious it might have been the highlight of an overall pleasant weekend.

Afterwards I stopped at the co-op for some groceries, picked up Penny from her friend's house, came home, did a load of laundry, skillfully directed Penny's attention away from some potential melt- down moments, took the dog for a lovely evening walk/jog, tucked Penny into bed, cleaned the bathroom and now here I am blogging.

Last February my weekends consisted of moving from the bed to the couch and back again.

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I'm glad you're back and blogging - and also that, in the midst of scary, stressful things like what happened at Penny's school, you guys can both have fun - together and with friends. I can't wait to see "The Descendants", and I'm glad you liked it so much, and I agree with you about "The Artist," more or less: a fascinating way to tell a story, but mildly entertaining. I don't think it should get Best Picture this year, although the performances are award-worthy, in my humble opinion.

I hope you have many more fun weekends - and hopefully weeks - in the future!
thank you daisy jane and alysa!
We missed you. I also love this mild winter. These old bones hate cold weather and it hasn't been very bad this year. A few more weeks and Spring!!