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APRIL 15, 2012 5:41PM

Passing Storms

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I am about to make a broad generalization that has proven true for me thus far:  alternative health care (eastern, integrative, holistic, etc) works better than western medicine.

I have convinced my daughter to more regularly take the GABA supplement our integrative clinic recommended and I already see her returning to her functioning self. Her regular, regulated self. Yesterday was a regular day.

The storm (for right now) has passed.

Last night she even went to a birthday sleepover party. A regular girl thing that she was able to do. Beforehand, she was nervous and excited. Do you realize how fantastic this is?! 

Yesterday, to prep for the party, I took her shopping for new pjs, a birthday gift, etc.  We laughed together. She whined and begged for things I could not buy her, but the whole day was not ruined when I said "no." She did not obsess. There was occassional irritation, frustration on both ends -- in other words, it was a regular mother-daughter outing, and I am relieved.

Since she was up all night at the party, right now she is taking a nap. In the 6+ years she has lived with me, this is probably about the 3rd nap--including when she is sick, etc-- that I have seen her take. Her mind is relaxed enough that she can fall asleep when she is tired!!! 

In my last post, I wondered about my parenting goals for Penny.  Here is one that I need to remember:  healing her brain. Penny's brain and neurochemical functioning took a beating in utero, as an infant and in early childhood.  Much of what I do is an attempt to help her brain to heal.

When neurons are firing normally, Penny experiences a range of emotions. When they are not, she seems trapped within a cycle of anxious misery.

Someday in the very immediate future, I expect that Penny will decide that she doesn't want to take the GABA supplement anymore. Or maybe it will stop having the same effect. Then I will try other things. I am not going to leave Penny trapped in misery.


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and she's still sleeping.........
She will remember your kindness towards her when she is older, even if it doesn't always seem that way now. I am glad things are looking up for both of you.
Shhh... so good to hear. I love this: "I am not going to leave Penny trapped in misery." I think you are doing a good job of that already, Caroline. ~r
Inspirational. I'm not good at the correct thing to say, and I know you are doing these things because you love her and it is what a Mom does, but I still find it inspiring.
you are awesome!!! so glad you and Penny were able to have a great time.
Caroline,. this was so wonderful to read.
Yay for you! My daughter's counselor recommended GABA and then the Psychiatrist reprimanded her! I have had many alternative herbs, homeopathy, etc., but my girl wants to go it alone. I agree alternative medicine is the way to go. I tried the other for a while, and it was too darn scary. You know SSRI's?The side effects like many phamaceuticals are worse than the supposed cure!
This is a great post, Caroline, and it makes me smile. Good for you, good for Penny.
I'm glad things are going well now and that the treatment seems to be working. All the best, as always, to both of you.
It's great that you record the UP times here because it gives you and all your readers a sense of proportion. I am so happy for a happy post. Refer to it, whenever you despair. This is lovely, Penny is napping as you wrote, and normal more than not. love R