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MAY 18, 2012 3:05PM

Quick! What are 10 good things in your life right now?

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Right at this moment I am grateful for:

1) The spring sun sparkling on the green leaves outside my window.

2)  Working from home today! I don't FEEL like going into the office, so I don't have to.

3) The fresh blueberries, vanilla yogurt and plain cake donut that is waiting for me in the kitchen.

4)  The perfect evening I spent last night out in the warm windy air, drinking wine, eating guacamole and talking with my friend about our day, our struggles and those moments when something that we glimpse in a stranger makes us love them.

5) How my spiritual director lightens my load, frees up my soul. When I am with her I cry, cry, cry and then I leave feeling like someone has seen my heart and I am okay and everything is going to be all right.

6) My 110-year-old dog has been such a cute, curmudgeonly companion all these years. May he stay around for a couple of years more...

7)  Summer is near! Time for patio parties, swimming in the sun, and maybe a vacation somewhere...

8) Yesterday's good news that my boss will be sticking around for awhile. I love her and wouldn't want to stay at my job without her.

9) There are so many cardinals around this year! They are my favorite bird -- I love seeing flashes of red in the trees and hearing their call.

10) I have a summer project to work on -- editing the picture book I wrote last spring-- and hopefully sending it off to be published. 

What's wonderful where you are?

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Wow, that was uplifting!
1. my husband
2. my cats
3. terrific friends
4. working on a new one-woman show
5. It's a beautiful sunny day in New York and I sat outside at lunch time and enjoyed it
6. white wine on a warm summer evening with cheese, olives and crackers
7. I have a job
8. I have a home
9. I love writing
10. my friends on OS
Ummmm... Let's see...

1. The rash on my ass is a little better!
2. ???

Guess I'll have to get back with you later on the other nine. :/
This is lovely. I'll get back to you, I promise. ~r
I'm so glad to see a ? like this so I can count my own blessings!

1. My health. After so many years of recovering from a 9-ft fall that required 6 surgeries, all of it is now long over and I'm (mostly) my Old Self again doing (nearly) all my regular activities, including working out. It's so true that if you've got your health, you've got everything and so can move forward from there.

2. My job, however much I bitch about it. No matter what goes on, I work through and around the problems b/c the effort is worth it to ensure...

3. MY HOME, My Home, my home. I so love my little home so much that I plan to die there, but also b/c I have...

4. My pets. My own cats + dog, + a feral cat colony that I feed and who know they have a safe place to crash.

5. My few friends I can laugh and share things w/.

6. My labor/political activism that enables me to be a responsible citizen of my community and world so I never forget that democracy is participatory.

7. My recycling small business that's doing very well--not much of a profit yet but still hanging in there and getting business by word-of-mouth, absolutely vital to any small business--and consequently being a good steward of the earth.

8. My journaling since age 15, which has enabled me to see how much I've actually grown since then (though sometimes it's a hard read).

9. Finally learning how to manage $$ wisely, saving for another vehicle, paying off debt and learning to pay w/cash, and instead making do or doing w/out.

10. Thanking God for the birds that sing--thank you, God, for everything.
Well I am smiling now!

The butterflies I see.

The lilacs I smell.

My dog tolerated her grooming well today.

I got my hair cut too.

My husband included himself in all of the chores.

He took me to breakfast.

All the birds I have heard singing.

All the spring flowers which I love blooming.

The beautiful sunshine I see and feel in my heart.

My sincere thankfulness for the people here who are artists and mentors, friends and full of life.
1. My kids.
2. My husband.
3. My dog.
4. My band.
5. Sunny weather.
6. Vacation coming!
7. End of the school year is coming.
8. Strawberries.
9. The weekend.
10. End of a long, time-consuming volunteer commitment.
1. My health is great and I am almost sixty years old.
2. I am in love with my doting husband.
3. My children love their mom and are healthy and successful.
4. I am retired after a wonderful career as a schoolteacher.
5. My house is my little castle and my yard is the greenest on the block.
6. My personal library of over two thousand books gives me a lot of pleasure.
7. Even though I haven't done it much, I am still a pretty good artist and bought new paints and canvases recently.
8. I have the cutest pets: a white standard poodle and a black manx cat.
9. All three of our computers are finally operating and so we have one per person.
10. On Facebook today when I put up a new profile pic I was told I was cute, beautiful, and still look like I am sixteen.

Yeah. I'm happy. Thanks for making me realize that today.
Good list. Here's mine:
1. my daughter and her contagious smile. I could just eat her up.
2. my husband, and his blindness to my faults and adoration of my talents.
3. silence
4. friends, the ones you can't wait to see and can hang with no matter how much time has passed.
5. fresh foods, fruits and vegatables especially.
6. icecream, it always gets its own number.
7. wine, enough said
8. afternoon walks
9. creativity
10. trees, they always make me smile in all their various forms and stages.
I like that you are inspiring folks to count their blessings. Also indulge in the satisfaction of list-making.

I can sound like an annoying Pollyanna when I try to talk about my life, so I'll keep my list simple: every single breath I took while I typed this comment.
Husband, Home...Jeremy, Zachary, Justine, Cameron, Michael, Trevor, Skyla and Zoe.
Wah! I had a whole list down to number 9 and then I hit some button and it's gone.

10. My 1-9 probably weren't as good as I thought they were.
How wonderful to read such an uplifting post from you! here are mine:
1. Reunited with my sisters and Annecim in Wilmington.
2. Celebrated mothers' Day with people I love.
3. My daughter's acceptance for her masters in Iceland.
4. Planning a fantastic summer trip with my son and daughter.
5. Grateful for my furry friend OSman.
6. Spring and nature.
7. My new camera that gives me gorgeous photos.
8. Peace of mind I enjoy.
9. Clear conscience.
10.Friends I have.

Have a great weekend and best to you!
1. sun shining
2. dog kisses
3. a sleepy grandson lying on my couch
4. a husband lying in my bed snoring
5. a computer in my lap
6. fingers typing
7. mind working
8. stories emerging
9. a place to share them
10. coming back to Open Salon
Rated for reminding me of the good things :)
1-end of grad school
2-best boy friend
3-my dog Chester
6-first nephew
7-my first cake (turned out okay)
9-no pollen allergies so far!
10-new mattress
What a nice OC idea - and it's great to see you in such high spirits, too!

I'm very late to the game - been off OS for the last couple of days - but here's a quick list:

1. This May has been filled with national holidays that fall on weekdays - just wonderful.

2. Ali discovered our building's new elevator the other night when the boyfriend came home from work - he was terrified, yet intrigued. We're still chuckling about it.

3. The OS Weekend Fiction Club celebrated its first blogoversary last week. I can't believe it!

4. I'm reading "Pictures from Italy", a delightful travel account by Charles Dickens that I had no idea existed. It consistently makes me laugh.

5. Time is going well today - I've gotten so much done in so little time, but I don't feel exhausted.

6. Summer is approaching so the days are longer; it doesn't get dark here till well after 9pm. By June or July, it'll be light outside till 10pm or even a bit later!

7. The boyfriend and I have been watching lots of episodes of old seasons of "Project Runway". So fun.

8. I got a great deal on melons yesterday. They've been very expensive here, but yesterday a man was selling three for 2.50 euros.

9. I finally memorized the word for "right" in Italian: “destra”! No idea why that was so hard to remember.

10. The Eurovision Song Contest will be on this Saturday - I can't wait for the cheese-fest to begin!

Thanks again for such a lovely OC - it's brought a smile to my face! I hope you're still feeling happy!
here it's:
farting dogs
lazy cats
not hearing a single nasty word last night at work
nicotine lozenges
fresh onion rings
birds chirping outside
not feeling exhausted
Caroline,such a motivational thinking question:
1)My health.
2)My comρuter
3)My family
4)My book
8)My childhood bedroom
9)My friends on OS
10)My smile..

Caroline,I think your work here made us all say a 'Thank you God for what I have'without having a Thanks Giving Day!!Rated for the good that gave!!!Excellent work!!!
1. My daughters are in good places.
2. Blue skies and warm weather which allow me to wear...
3. ...flip flops every day.
4. Skyping with my grandson every Sunday.
5. Corned beef in the fridge.
6. Flowers blooming in planters outside my door.
7. A lilac candle at the store.
8. Sharing custody of my daughter's dog.
9. A good book by my bed and a stack waiting.
10. A place to write.
My friends ...most especially, Jerry Atwood
My fellow bloggers....They rip me, but they help me grow
My computer ... where was I before this Iincluding my thanks to those that blessed us with internet. We will probably regret it some day.
My mind...It works almost every day
My art....needs no just is
My country...not as great as some would have it, but it is better than anywhere else.
My children... the biological offspring as well as spiritual adoptees
My Dana...just, my Dana take it at that
Netflix...I know, I know...let it go. You can't change me.
And finally, my God, who made the last 9 possible.
1. I just love being around babies and I had the good fortune of being around 2 adorable toddlers. The boy laughed out loud with such a strong deep vibrato for such a youngin and the exuberant glee touched my heart!
2. I am grateful for a companion in God, my best friend.
3. What my daughter is teaching me, and how upside down popular culture's priorities are.
4.A gentle breeze blowing through my hair
5. Flowers in bloom.
6. The ability to create-it is my refuge and my worship.
7.The internet and connections with people in faraway places, that I wouldn't ordinarily meet who bless me regularly.
8.My family
10. A good glass of red wine.