MARCH 4, 2009 12:03PM

Bring Ze Bucket

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In Sunday School they taught me that "pride goeth before a fall." If this precept holds true, right wing Mufti Rush Limbaugh is headed for a plunge that will make Humpty Dumpty a mere folkloric footnote.

Boviating to CPAC's lesser Cyclopses, the right's Imperial Wizard resembled nothing so much as Monty Python's obscenely gluttonous Mr. Creosote from the movie, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

In what some call "one of the most repulsive" scenes in movie history, Creosote visits a French restaurant, where, at his appearance, the maitre de instructs the maid to "bring ze bucket." After gorging on the entire menu, Creosote tops off his repast with a "wafer-theen mint" and explodes.

Limbaugh isn't the only Republicrat playing farce these days. We also have Republicrat [sic] boot-licker Michael Steele auditioning for the role of comedian Dave Chappelle's character Clayton Bigsby, the blind, black propagandist for white supremacy.

Creosote and Clayton. This is the Republicrats' "last, best hope" to lead them out of their winter of political oblivion. More like King Lear and the Fool. So sit back and watch the show. And don't forget to bring the bucket. 


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