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February 09
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JANUARY 11, 2011 10:38AM

Enough Said

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You’re an idiot.

You’re a liberal.

You’re a conservative

You’re a know it all.

You’re a racist.

You’re a pacifist.

You’re a pot smoking

Bible choking

One size fits all

Every man for himself

Citizen of these United States

Divided by


and winners

and publicity spinners

with agendas

and Mensa

and bad influenza

with the social security

of your right to free speech

or to preach

what you practice

behind closed doors.

                                                                    You’re nothing waiting to happen.

You’re homeless

In debt

You’re filled with regret

You’re hungry for more

You’re rich

Or you’re poor.

You’re an elitist.

You’re a religious zealot.

Either way, you’re going to hell for it.

You’re an atheist.

You’re a gun toting,

Tea party voting,

Crazy, lazy,

Soccer mom


This week’s feature

Flavor of the week,

Predator of the meek

An intruder

A divider

A prophet and decider.

                                                                                 You’re all that (and more)

You’re a murderer.

You’re a sheepherder.

You’re a baby killer

A tear spiller.

You’re violent.

You have the right to remain silent.

You’re a bigot.

You’re a bitch.

You’re a ho.

You’re a witch.

You’re this or you’re that

You’re skinny or fat.

You’re a socialist




a snob with a job

with or without God

You’re a homophobe.

You’re the mirror image of the globe.

                                                                                                 You are special.

You’re a white supremacist.

You’re an equal opportunist.

You’re nothing but trouble.

You’re a rebel.

You’re a communist.

You’re on my do not call list.

You’re unstable.

You’re a label.

You’re left winged.

You’re right.

You’re wrong.

You’re not alone.

We all are.

In this together.

Enough Said

And for better and for worse.

Welcome to another dress re- hearse all

Of greed

And speed

And the need

To heed

That we are bleeding from the inside out.

Enough Said.


Enough Said

24 x 24

Latex and Acrylic on Canvas

© Patricia A. Smith


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Enough, but splendidly so.
YES!! Indeed dear.
Not enough said:

you're kind
you're smart
I love the person who you are
I support you
I don't agree but I respect you
I'm glad you're here
I'm glad we're different
I can learn from you
We're in this together
Thank you for what you have to contribute
Everyone here belongs here
peace to you
happiness to you
thank you
Bleeding from the inside out. Agreed there.
Posted to my FB wall, stunning both art and words. R
Agreed and that painting is something else..
rated with hugs
That pretty much covers it.
Oh my. I am speechless. Very powerful - both wrds and imagery. This will linger in me today. Thank you.
Outstanding poem, uncannily sums up the the state of things. And an amazing painting too.
I only want to be in it together with some people. And I guess that proves your point.
Another talent. You're a natural.

WELL said.
Good one. EX-cellent one.
This is a treasure, to be bookmarked, read, and re-read. So much said in so few words and so elegantly. R
of the pieces (i've read) whose themes explore our zeitgeist, i'd say this does it best. words and artwork. too.
good poem. excellent - and scary - painting. xo
Excellent! Clever perfection. R
You consistently take my breath away. The poem and the painting are simply perfect.

Love it! Will print this off to take with me when I retire to Panama.
I love your painting and your words are just right. ~r
Patricia - this is stunning. The words are powerful, placed with expertise in just the right sequence to deliver the most impact. And your painting - BREATHTAKING. It makes my heart hurt, brings tears to my eyes - the perfect illustration of this place where we all find ourselves at this moment in time.
Again - stunning.
stellar...and the painting drives home the point!
You have said it all with your usual eloquence
and added an amazing painting.
This speaks to me right now because I feel so deeply confused by recent events. I struggle to understand "Why" and "How" these things happen.
You must be in a creative bubble right now. Don't go anywhere near any sharp objects. The poem captures the incredibly foul mood of the country and I can feel the wet, bloodstained image you put to canvas.

Well said. Generally, whenever anyone tells me "enough said" I just want to smack them. They don't get to decide that. I'll give you a pass just this one. ;-)
AMEN! (love this!)

This is one hell of a read. I saws at the fiber, stings the nerves.
I can't think of a rhyme for "you're eloquent."
"zealot" and "hell for it"--what an incredibly clever rhyme; and "sinneres,/ and winners/ and publicity spinners" knocks me out. Your poem has a feel about it of some of the best rap: inventive with language, pointed in theme. First rate, cartouche.
This is a great business plan for my new TV project. "All That"
Thanks for the inspiration Patricia!
( you did leave out Kleenex Weaver...)
Excellent Patricia - words & art
brilliant, wonderful, needed. thank you.
Powerful, vintage cartouche.
A simple, yet profound kudos. Such truth...
bob dylan couldn't have said it any are a poet
Simply striking. I'm sharing this art.
I can see the cartoon panels of Jeff and Akbar (Matt Groening's Life in Hell cartoon) volleying your words back and forth.
Life in hell--indeed.
Masterful with your words. Beautiful.
You said it all and it was enough. The painting is a brutal but accurate depiction of the poem.
I enjoyed this. I guess you've said it all.
But how many time dare we to re-hearse before the hearse doth take us away?

@Cranky - "your money's spent?"
Oh, that painting. And these words.
Incredible! Perfect in every way...
Nice poem and picture!
Best Wishes,
I recognize myself.

Sweetie, your brain is a cotton candy machine for titanium ore. Or maybe plain old reliable iron. I recognize the result, I know where it came from, but where did you get that fabulous mechanism?

Words like you. I can think of no greater thing to be liked by.

I picture you here clicking your heels, for all of us trudging Americans, to remind us we are limber, still.

Just once I would like to make art alongside you. Not too many words, nothing that directly references our decisions, but grins. Yep: grins. And messy fingers.

The later: some port.
"you are special"

yes you are
Incredible! Enough said.

Powerful art work. R
Wow. Whoever or whatever was you muse for that one cartouche deserves something special. Dylanesque.
Life in these here United States of America. r
stealing this. but you'll get writer's credit at ASCAP.
There is no end to your talent! {{{R}}}
I am sure that you are a lovely person, but what a load of trite tripe.
"AWESOME" (Tee Hee)

No really Cartouche, I thought you did a great job on this.
This reminds me of something Susan Creamer Joy already posted. She hit these notes beautifully as well.
Striking and to the point.
Wow. Powerful. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could stop judging and labeling each other. Not going to happen in my lifetime I dare say...