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Well, not really flouncing, so much as just leaving OS. I don’t like advertisements. I don’t like ad banners. Whatever product is being touted is certainly not going to have anything to do with what I happen to be writing about (not much of a market for sick old ladies, food banks, gardening or, of course ‘snow-honkers’.)

It was always extremely attractive to me that OS was ad-free. We could write our stuff, read that of others, have great conversations (and some pretty horrid ones too, come to think of it) without having to think about hotel.com, expedia.com, Extenze, etc. Whatever.

I don’t want to see ads. If it weren’t for Mom, there would be no television in my home. I have no magazine subscriptions because I don’t like all the ads. Ditto newspapers. I don’t thumb through mags at doctor’s offices because I don’t want to see advertisements. Except for the rice and oatmeal and flour we bag ourselves from really large bags, every damned can at the food bank is an advertisement. I get enough of that. I would much prefer nothing but “canned button mushrooms” in black on white than a brand name, a logo, and a photograph (I know a canned button mushroom when I see one.) Ditto corn. Green Beans. Beets. I don’t read the grocery-store ads that come in the mail because when I go to the store, I’m paying for what’s on my list regardless of whether or not it is on saIe.

Bottom line, this is a sell-out that I will not be party to.


I certainly like most of you very much. And I’ll miss your writing and insights into your lives and loves and laughs. But I don’t want to log on to read some favorite blogger’s newest post and be assaulted by a crass, commercial thing just in order to get there.

Because those advertisements aren’t going to be about your writing. They’ll just be taking up space. And no matter how fast I scroll, the ad will still register. That’s an art those hateful ad-people have mastered.

Some of you are, in fact, extremely special to me. You know who you are. And I’ll miss you. Those who know my story understand that OS is a great relief and respite for me. But it can’t be that and also crassly commercialized at the same time. I will not have it so.


Last Updates:

The garden is lovely. I harvested the first of the cauliflower last Sunday and it was delicious. There will be a grajillion peas. The tomatoes are beginning to turn, and for whatever reason the calla lilies are taller than me this year. The violets continue to bloom into summer, and I’ve no idea what that is about. I do not think the voodoo lily is well.

We have received the results of Ma’s biopsy and while the very rare types of masses themselves are quite benign all of the underlying possible causes are inevitably fatal. Bummer. Hands getting full here.

Food bank running smoothly, though I don’t think anyone is ever going to select that 4-lb. bag of shredded, dried squid someone donated. Just no market for that here.

Barkley, previously weighing 21 lb. 6 oz. weighs 20 lb. 2 oz. now that we have instituted the diet. (He should really weigh about fourteen pounds.) No more tiny cheese-burgers. He is not a happy dog. But it’s for the best.


I’ll miss OS so much. But I cannot allow anyone to decide for me that something I write must be coupled with the crassness of commercial enterprise I cannot and would not choose. I will not do that.

((((((((((BIG GOODBYE HUG))))))))))),


UPDATE: This post just keeps disappearing... Sorry to have lost your comments...  

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i'll miss you and I really loved your poem to dakini dancer. good luck with your mother and goodluck at the foodbank. when I volunteer i think of you...
Strange, Cat. I assumed you deleted it, along with ALL of your posts! Are they disappearing too?

Anyway, here's my comment that I couldn't post earlier:


This is the first comment I've made on OS since the end of April. I've stopped contributing for my own reasons, even before the decision to allow ads was made.

I have, however, been lurking and reading, mostly via RSS feeds of blogs, such as yours.

You were one of, if not the blogger who first drew me into OS. Thanks for that.

You could take VR's suggestion. I've been using Firefox and AdBlock for years and don't even realize there are ads out there.

That wouldn't resolve the larger issue of OS policy though, would it?

If you find a new home for your writing, please PM me and let me know.

Best wishes,
same to you brother...i hope we can stay in touch. i sent my final message out with e-mail address on it. i'm starting to delete mine right now. obviously, it's going to take a while... :-)
Big Love to you.
Are they deleting this post or what? This is the 3rd time in 15 minutes I've seen it. And it's bumming me out A LOT that you're going.
It might have occurred as I deleted all my previous posts, since I don't want EarthShare.Org to get a hold of them. But I was being really careful...
Ads are everywhere and this site can't run forever on love and friendship. I just hope that you will reconsider. Give it some time, if you will. Why leave all of your friends because of something that was inevitable? It's only three ads. Let it play out for a while. If it gets crappy here there won't be any of us here anyway.
There are a lot of reasons to not like the ads that are now forced upon us. I would certainly have felt different if I had come in AFTER the ads were in place. I actually don't know that I would have signed up. I wonder how many people will decide they aren't interested in being an advertising vehicle and not sign up. Conversely, as Cindy Ross keeps warning, how many will sign up solely in an effort to grab more click throughs from yet another place online.

Not that anyone in the executive suite will care. Kerry has said all along that OS is going exactly as they'd hoped, all is wonderful, etc. The fact that some of us don't experience it that way is a sign that our participation doesn't really matter in the end. OS will chug along without us, I'm sure.
Damn ads have me distracted. I also wanted to say that I'll be sorry not to see you around. Not that I'll be around much myself. Good luck, Cat. It's been fun.
I will miss your voice. I hope you'll enjoy the crickets and fireflies in the summer nights and much beauty and bounty in your garden.
I'll really miss you, Catamite...
I genuinely hope you'll reconsider. Please check your PMs before you check out.
And what happens when we all start posting things negative about the sponsors. Who long until we are forcibly 'disappeared' like a law abiding human being under the Bush administration (and potentially the Obama one too)...

Is there a 'kill switch' to nuke users that hate the sponsors? When you whore, how far do you sell out? Is there a limit to the sellout?

Pertinent questions, no?
I'll miss you. Is an Earthshare ad that bad, really? I will send you a PM.
From Kerry's Farrah/Jackson thread: "Talk about blog whoring, there's an Air France advert blinking at me..."

As if I could afford to fly Air France...

Peace and fish...
Cat, no! Yes, I also am furious that I have to think about Air France at the same time as your blog post. Yes, I refuse to add Ads by Google to my page. Yes, I will fight them tooth and nail. But you are a huge loss. I will miss you everyday.
God forbid the O.S. editors should give writers and contributors a chance to actually make a profit from their labors.
We'll miss you CB. Truly.
Is the tip thing gone? That tippem or whatever it was called? Although I'd die of fright if I ever got one... Has anyone ever got a 'tip'? Money???
I have frogs. When you hear them, in the night, imagine I'm singing with them. (I go out and do that and they come right up to me). When Blue Jays call and cackle, imagine I'm calling them. They land on my head and shoulders while I work in the garden, I've been raising them for years. Rabbits come through, and I press them along. Life's fine here outside of illness...There are no advertisements in my garden beyond the 'come fuck me' insistence of the pea-blossoms which just want to make peas...
On one of my first days at OS, you privately offered me kindness and guidance when I really needed it. Just wanted to say one last thank you, you made a difference.
You will be missed . . . by me.
you are the best cat.. to quote my friend and yours tink ~tears~

before you go come see my broccoli I named after you. love you...seriously.

This is really saddening. I happened to notice mamoore had commented on this post in the Activity Feed. I have great respect for mamoore’s taste in writers, so I decided to click off for further exploration. I absolutely respect your passionate and committed response to the hideous corporate tattoo that appeared on all of our posts this morning. I, too, was horrified to refresh my browser and find this disgusting garbage dumped in the middle of our front yard. I felt violated. It was especially upsetting for this to happen without us even being forewarned. Let alone given the ability to opt out. So I’m with you in principle, and I applaud your conviction.

But dang it! Here I am just discovering your work for the first time, and I am really intrigued by your writing. Garden musings, somber reflections on life/death issues, family, food banks, and doggies. I want to read more! Only I can’t. I never got an opportunity to read them to begin with. It’s narcisstic, I know. But I’m really very sad.

I’m going to favorite you, anyway, just on the off-chance that you’ll reconsider. Maybe it’s naïve of me to believe this, but I believe community will ultimately prevail over corporate greed. Especially a community as creative as this one.

Oh, Cat--I'm so sad. I understand what you're saying, though. I was here this a.m. and everything was the same as always. Then I come back tonight and am assaulted by all these ads. I use Firefox so I'm going to try to figure out how to block them. From a selfish standpoint I so wish you'd reconsider and stay here. I've read everything you've ever written since I started reading here last November. You were one of the first bloggers I fell in love with and decided I needed to stay here for a while. Now you're leaving. So I'm very sad. I'm leaving you on my favs list so if you decide to post even now and then I'll be aware of it. Let me add my best wishes to all the others and say that you've made an impact in my life with your thoughtful, gentle, and powerful posts. Thank you for your words. D
I hate to see you go, Cat, but I understand.

If ever you need a familiar ear, shoot me an e-mail. Check your PMs before you go.

Will always keep you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.
See? That's why I'll miss you. Frogs make a great chorus.
I wish you would stay but I get it.
You were one of my first favorites, and I treasure your voice and your words.
I'm impressed by your ethical stance. What's up with the dried, shredded squid? And the sexy peas? And the blue jays? You see, that's what I already miss - seeing things through your descriptive lens.
I hope to be in touch with your words again. With Love to you, Alison
While I'll definitely miss you - I wouldn't call this flouncing. You're taking a stand here, which is respectable. I considered it, but ultimately decided to stick around. Either choice is respectable.

I often post alot of things from here (along with other stuff not seen here) on my own website: www.diatribemedia.com

Unfortunately I haven't updated lately, but with all this business I'll probably be doing more work there and less here. If you're interested, drop me a line (aaroncynic at gmail) - I would love to put some of your stuff into the site if you're interested. Hell, just drop a line to say hello.

Good luck out there.
I don't want you to go. I'm very saddened by this turn of events, but I respect you and your decision. I just hope you can keep some of us posted where to find your beautiful writing in the future, if you put it out there anywhere.
Oh, Catamite, I wish you would re-consider. I hate ads so much that I haven't listened to commercial radio in about 20 years and I automatically mute ads on television. I don't like them here either, but I am willing to give it a go. Other things may conspire with the ads to make me leave, but I don't want to leave just yet.

It has been a pleasure reading your work. xoxo
Well, this is sure disheartening and unnecessary. You are so highly valued here and will be terribly missed.
It is my hope and belief that what we are experiencing here with the new ads on our blog pages will, in short order, be placed elsewhere. It only makes sense to reconsider the current placement with so many disgruntled bloggers and rightfully so. We thought these were "our" pages, to write what we saw tfit o print and to own it. The ads are clearly out of place on our post pages and it will become apparent to the editors very soon, if not already.

For you to delete all your posts is such a waste and may be a hind sight kick in the ass unless you have saved them for future use or re-examination. I'm betting you have, however, still hate to see you throw in the towel without at least fighting alongside the rest of your "faves" to bring about better solutions for the media group to find more appropriate journalistic placement of their ads. Perhaps, as I have said elsewhere, to be placed on the front cover somewhere, below the EP's etc...
We need people like you. And for you to go leaves a bad taste in
my mouth. However, instead of putting acid in my mouth to remove the bad taste, I would sooner find a mouth wash solution to alleviate the bitterness before resorting to other more drastic measures. There's just no sweet talkin' this issue. Your help could be very useful in making sure this site retains the integrity it was once known for. The purity of a writer's forum can only be maintained if we help find solutions to keep it fiscally alive and intact for future writer hopefuls.
I do believe there is a happy medium to be reached here. It's like a "good neighbor fence." We can coexist where there are boundaries, both for us as contributing writers and for the media management, who's job it is to see that we surrvive in this very competitive internet climate.
Things are changing fast around here!

I'm so sorry you're leaving, but I do understand.

As the days and weeks come, more will leave. It's sad.

I shall miss your work...

Cat, you are one of my favorites and one of the reasons I love coming to OS. Its not going to be the same without you. Please reconsider. If not can you please send me an e-mail as to where you land.
Nooooo, come back Cat!
Well, rats. I looked forward to your posts. Yet another reason to find OS increasingly depressing. I don't understand why no one wants the squid.
I admire your principles but man, I hate to see you go. I've enjoyed your posts so much. Not many can show the human condition, in all of its foibles and brilliance, the way that you can.

The ads are causing me conflict, too. I was willing to give it a try, but many of the ads that are appearing on my page are military and war ones. I'm a Quaker pacifist, for crying out loud!

If you decide to write somewhere else, I hope that you'll message me and let me know. I'll be thinking of you and your mom. XOXO
I recommend Air France. Great fares to Spain.
Please PM me when you decide to write elsewhere.

I don't know what upsets me more--the ad decision or people's response to the ad decision because they are so grateful to Open Salon as opposed to its writers.
From my own experience, I suspect you will regret it if you delete your posts. Please don't or at least put them elsewhere.
My favorite catamite bastard, NO! Please Cat! There is a way to turn off the ads on your pages. You won't see any bit of them! Please Cat, don't make me beg!!
You were one of my 1st commentor's, and you've really taught me so much about writing. If you go to any other site, please let me know at jk43038@gmail.com. I'll be thinking of you and Mom and your great garden. May good fortune find you, Julie K. Rated
Adblocker. I want Adblocker. I too have quit watching television because I can't stand the ads. When we receive certain magazines, my husband sanitizes them by pulling out the clump of ads at the front. Some of us are just sensitive. But we still have to deal with the world. This is not a good time to leave OS, Cat. Please stay and at least try the Adblocker.
Holy Moly Catman - I've been without computer access since Monday, and this is what I come back to?!!! Please don't go, or find some way of getting your writing to those of us who love you...
Dear Cat, I am upset at the thought of you leaving and would beg you not to go. Your posts are always so well-written, whether on vegetables, snakes or life/death concerns. Your goodness shines through the screen. You and your mother will be in my thoughts and prayers.
No Cat, I won't let you leave!!! Come with me, on AirFrance, we'll travel the world...GOD DAMN IT!!!


Anyways, I understand your reasons, if you ever come back to the writing, or just updates on your mom, here's my email, tinkerertink69@hotmail.com.

*Real Tears*
I'm going to add to the chorus of voices - I will miss your writing and wish you would stay. If not, I wish you the best and hope you let us know if you start blogging somewhere else.
cat, you bastard, I know I'm going to miss your presence here, your searing honesty, the artistry of your poems, your passion, your impatience for fools, your tenderness, the way you'd stand up and kick despair in the teeth and dare it to come back for more

take care of yourself and your mom, your garden, the hungry and down-and-out

I hope you find another place to vent, to sing, to share, to cry
I understand your stand on the ads, but I hope you'll reconsider. You'll be missed.
Virtual high five for sticking to your beliefs. Being ad-free was attractive to me, I agree. But having OS at all, with its higher-grade bloggers, is still a win.
If a company came to the food bank and said they wanted to sponsor 1,000 loaves of bread a day, with the only caveat being that they wanted to stamp the bag with their company advert, would you tell them to stuff it?

There are worthwhile ideas being tossed out here, some of them have been yours, I think we can swallow the horse pill and it will be okay, as long as we keep on writing as it occurs to us to write. Some of the ideas have been about pretty important stuff, others about the intrinsic beauty of a water droplet on a rose leaf, a new puppy, or the promise of a new President who has given us much to hope for along with the understanding of the nearly unfathomable job that he has to face. Do not leave us Cat, please.

Not only do you offer your insights into the very real plight of your clients at the Food Bank, and your battles with "some" garden pests, but you have generously shared so many snippets of your life now, caring for your elderly mother, while still carrying on with your own life, as it were. You never shirk from telling it like it is, and while you don't complain (and I don't doubt there is plenty to bitch about), you have not pretended to have enjoyed it. I have cried as much as laughed as you have related the details of life with your mother, and the heartbreak of your now dead cat.

I guess what I am struggling to say, but am having trouble saying without it sounding like I am begging--- is please don't go. Or do a wordpress or blogger blog or something.

I'm done.
Maybe you're already gone, but I'll add to the others that I wish you wouldn't go. I want to hear more about your mom & your garden & your poems & your history! You always make me feel -- happy or sad or just better -- but "feel" is the operative word. That's a real gift. I am really bummed that you're leaving.

I've been impressed by more than one of your posts.

I haven't looked, but I'm sure there are tech-savy writers out there hosting writers klatches online sans any commercial anything.

If you want to start one yourself, and I'd say your reputation precedes you in some parallel online universe, it is a slam dunk to do if you have decent tech skills. WordPress, which is a little complicated but easily learned by a smart human, or a CMS like Drupal, well, I could, though I won't, set up a clone of OS is literally an hour, seriously. So, if you don't do stuff like that yourself maybe talk to someone who does. This stuff is very easy in today's web development world.

Or, as suggested, just block the ads in Firefox and keep on truckin on OS.

A final comment- Google ads are notoriously used by click thru artists, and always have been. A HUGE percent of their "business" is click thru and launch fruad ... ah, but, like Gates b4 them, they have billions so the minions are impressed and get fleeced- the Church of Modernity ... oh, and youtube, ad nauseum.

wherer u now? wont you leave a link at least?
Why don't you come on back? Just for old times sake...
I know you're looking in, and wish you would come back already. You are greatly missed.

OS has to fund this site somehow for pete's sake. I understand your principle but it's this or charge us for being here. Then we'd really lose our openess. Please think about it.
You're back! Yipee! I'm not reading comments;just noticed you commented and was like "??? no way."
It is a good and grand thing to see your avatar and your words again!
I have missed your posts. :|
Come on back.. it's not so bad. When you come across an ad just squint your eyes, and they will go away, (works for me.)
saw you post on Deven's- are you back?
You're right. The ads are highly intrusive, so much so that I can hardly click fast enough to bypass them. But I also know no one at Salon is doing this for kicks. It's all about bucks. That's just how it is. Wherever you do it, keep writing!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how I miss your poems. and your stories. and your damn smartness and wit.
Hello Catamitebastard,

I am writing to tell you I would like you to post so I can read you. I've heard you're just fabulous. I feel if you are THAT fabulous and not posting, then you're depriving me of goodness, an American who is a stranger to feeling deprived. I don't know what to do when I feel this way. I want to kick something. And there is nothing here I can kick. The dogs won't have it and I've already been married three times.

Won't you reconsider? For my sake. If you do, I'll bake you cookies. Devilishly good cookies. Trust me. It would be more than a fair exchange for you scrolling down without looking at these asshole ads.

But you must shut off your sound because THESE FUCKERS HAVE ADDED REAL TV ADS WITH SOUND. so I know you'll want to avoid that.

Looking forward to making your acquaintance and your cookies,
Foolish Monkey
I even rated you even though you're not even HERE, for god's sake!
Since you are back, I'll just say that somebody has to pay for this playground, and I'm glad it isn't me, and I don't find the necessary ads to be intrusive. I just ignore them. Ask me in 10 seconds what ad is here and I will not be able to tell you.