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March 23
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FEBRUARY 27, 2015 10:39AM

Ranunculus / Reptile Smile

between silky buttercup petal tongues daylight turns to lujuria        
mustard afternoons succumb to sun sinking furia
the frog prince follows every red wine vine
royal, regal, cloaked and clean 
his rana* queen, liquid green, tethered in tendril sheen     *la es… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 12, 2015 9:44PM

Calliope Rose Takes The Early Bus

Calliope rose, violet and violent, sleepy still
From her garden bed, the night damp and dark
Brushed from her hair breaking
Deep silver daylight in the mirror
Heavy heels toward the corner, bus drifting as hard as a rule
Toward the curb just at the end until the flower
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JANUARY 14, 2015 12:28PM

Lilium y Euphorbia

the curving line of your sonrisa rises before the sun
(in a sea of si and sí)
gleams long after the moon and through every afternoon
over waves of holas, baile y arena
y pasos abiertos entre pétalos de azucena
así caemos casados, cansados, gastados
todos los precios… Read full post »
JANUARY 9, 2015 11:23AM

New Year's Postcard from the Tundra

The wind here is popping corn and whirling pearls into peppermint white twisting curls turning kamikaze cartwheels down the garage roof as proof
that somewhere the sea pulls citrus beads off your starboard side
later, lilting, only slightly tilting, grapefruit seeps into rocks under rum
a Nureyev d… Read full post »
DECEMBER 3, 2014 5:21PM


                   sleep wanders away
           moon looms over prairie dawn
                   footprints left bereft
NOVEMBER 9, 2014 8:26PM

If Not Longer

bury the hole
line it with stale topsoil
leave a few leaves but add
as much homemade mulch
as you can bear to spare
this season although for any reason
supplies might feel meager
heap in what you have
step back
let frost and snow seal, heal
NOVEMBER 6, 2014 5:38PM

Clark Kent Dreams of the Big Leagues

I have to think Superman was an insomniac. All that flying and earth spinning is bound to leave a guy with an aching back
It was Clark Kent who could sleep to dream
letting Atlas and Alcides turn into pitchers as he sleeps
playing on winning teams of rowdy men… Read full post »
OCTOBER 19, 2014 6:19PM

Tropical Divinities

Eshu, dressed sharp in his red and black hat
strolls on sea legs down main street toward the docks
the early afternoon sun dappling the already dark rum 
collected below his hand around the glass neck

Maria Lionza, golden combs coaxing her locks to stay
for now smiles
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OCTOBER 5, 2014 12:06PM

A White Girl Swoons In The Tropics

un rayo de sol entre sal
y dientes de peces
que han escapado mil y un veces
de las redes de sus sueños 
dejen que el son Cubano
o el slide guitar
te hace el twang in your ear
and your ankle twinges
to the beat of a few… Read full post »
Una diosa: un ejemplo

Su sonrisa equivale un mar de brisas
Donde siempre flota una línea de labios llena de risas
Su pelo crece curvado y un poco pesado 
Undulando como la caña de azúcar no muy bien refinado
Ella es toda una compañera a distancia cualq
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JUNE 21, 2014 8:47PM

Wide Ranging Interest

The polyglot ghetto cop walks
The final hour of his beat
Through barrancas cortadas
Por luces cobres y crudas
Y aún mas profundas
Que el triángulo de las Bermudas

Luckily for our protagonist
Su rumbo le lleva por el cementerio
Su esquina protegida con un floripón
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JUNE 12, 2014 8:50PM

First Impression

He stepped out from the suit aisle

Resistance untangled, long lost, futile

Cuff links, watch chain, no ring

A steaming date waiting

With the guitar later laid in his hands

Created to ache, then cry and sing

Notes fallen aside hardened ears

Ready to settle on drunken heads dropping pink… Read full post »

MAY 27, 2014 4:10PM

Orion and Cupid Play Miles Davis

A heart made of smoke floats over the other side of cornflower blue
Drifts over cliffs of loss standing up to the sun in sea sunken sand
Astros and archers expand (Miles Davis leads the band)
Eyesight improves at night, leaving any arc ours to close tight
kisses bowed… Read full post »
MARCH 11, 2014 12:49PM

Brand New Shade of Black


my Dad told me the Casselton train wreckage is still

resting where it landed when old school tankers

vibrating with the living volatilityRead full post »

JANUARY 26, 2014 2:18PM

Even Orion

Your body language, I read it

Blue hot fire, I breathe it

In from the wave curling to its crest

I surf down from your chest

Your eyes and starlight, all I can see 

Your smile under the moon, the only cradle I need

Even Orion in the southern sky

Tilts… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 16, 2013 10:28PM

If A Drink Won´t Do

This is the time of year when I ego trip
Around corners, wondering if I might meet Leo Kottke
So I could ask him if women named Mary
Buy him drinks and if they don´t
Could I buy him one to make up for that

Or if a drink… Read full post »
OCTOBER 23, 2013 7:48AM

Desmodus rotundus


The vampire bat laps blood 

                                               as though it were honey dripping         

       … Read full post »

OCTOBER 2, 2013 11:57AM

My Hands Understand

My hands understand any two stars in the sky

Tiny temples of light fearlessly moving

Across the endless night of your back


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AUGUST 26, 2013 8:56PM

Sky On All Sides

When I miss my tierra natal, where the old farmers slip away dreaming of spring colts, their barns now sinking prairie ships escorted by round barrels of hay, rolled lifeboats silent and scattered, hoping to collapse in a funeral pyre and mix, sifting, with any other ash buri… Read full post »

JUNE 25, 2013 9:03PM

Railroad Hearted Man

My daddy told me lookin’ back
The best friend you’ll have is a railroad track

Bottom of the World
Tom Waits
Cornfed, coal bled, crooning crossword puzzle clues as scripture
Humming air into a black-and-white, 2 x 2, parallel-lined picture
His scratch sharpened pencils leRead full post »
JUNE 4, 2013 10:22PM

Lucky Star Noir

An unoriginal start, there at the bar
Turned into a finely tuned shining dime
When two belt buckles clinked
Undone among shots left to drink
Taken and gone in a butterfly wink
We danced a stepping stone salsa
Side to side over the riverbanks
Back and forth across an… Read full post »
MAY 21, 2013 2:42PM

À la Cormac McCarthy

              ¨Thou art a little spirit bearing up a corpse.¨ - Epictetus 


My son and I sit on our porch and watch the small triangle-shaped park across the street, an open space with clumps of trees and rocks and flowers at each end. SometimesRead full post »

APRIL 13, 2013 5:19PM

Criminal Bride Car Ride

Sentenced, condenada
Ever since I caught a getaway ride
In your trusty running Lada
We worked out a very good ending to a very bad scare
The morning I fled from the bank
To see your rig rumbling at the stair
I ran all the way down
Carrying my heels, lifting… Read full post »
MARCH 25, 2013 5:06PM


This started with a post by an artist and OSer I really miss, bbd. Please hit this link: bbd in Japan for a better idea of his huge contribution to this site. If you remember to click back here and read a few lines from my contribution, that would be wonderful.


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MARCH 15, 2013 5:49PM

lo que vi / what I saw

Yo vi a una Medusa
Culebra laced cabeza curl
Vena cava venom swirl 
Con un cuerpo hecho de flores
Alimentado con gotas de los ojos de sus muchos amores
I saw her slither 
From the top of a pyramid
Back down to Earth
Leaving dead skin shed