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JULY 22, 2010 1:03PM

Choir Boy, Cholo Thug

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I swim along, a pleasant tug

Toward my choir boy,my cholo thug

Discrete and divine we separate and entwine

He, the curling cylinder of wave

Me, the scouting, surfing rider


(I lace my own gloves

I am my own prize fighter) 

High tide rises, ebbs his web over my sand, pulls me into the water 

Undertow laps me until I don't even bother

Resisting, persisting, lips sinking, telling truths, telling lies

How can I when he's kind enough

To let me melt in the whirlpools of chocolate

Everyone else thinks are his eyes


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I performed this out loud and oooooh it swayed and swirled the rhumba off my tongue. Delicious.
Read and reread.

So many things here, packed into tight imagery. Some of it like coming into an embrace so close you can hardly breathe. And you don't want to let go either.
curling cylinder of wave
and scouting surf rider..
chocolate whirlpool eyes, I like it all..
sounds like delicious fun...
The ladies certainly liked this one.