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SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 2:47PM

Thermodynamic Eye Contact

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Confidence shocking
Stout-hearted rain
Into inescapable blossoming
Cellular structure gossiping
Iris-black hues, coleoptera shine
Moored to the middle
Of my liquefied spine
Red hearts undulating
Gruesome and admirable
Blessed and cursed
Alit top dead center
At any point of the universe


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"Moored to the middle/Of everything of my liquefied spine"
Don't you love when that happens?

I learned a new word here. Had to look up coleoptera. I saw the movie about Iris Murdoch's life starring Judi Dench ... it was quite something.
Had to look up coleoptera, too.
first there's the sound present in words and image, so loud it i feel surrounded by it
and then there's color, not for the faint hearted
A little less googling except for that c word. Infinitely rich.
Thanks for reading!
Scarlett ~ Check out Murdoch's The Sea, The Sea or The Black Prince if you like. Be warned, though, it's very easy to become addicted.
Vanessa ~ Good thing you are muy valiente, then!
Mr. W~ Facinating things, those c words...
Someone else has noticed iris-black hues!