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OCTOBER 29, 2010 1:05PM


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You are an outlaw

Criminally charismatic

You look over your shoulder just to see me
laughing and running barefoot
through grass, toward glass, a mirror of water
under spots of silver inverse
verse to a pattern in your eyes
Dewy green between toes


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You capture such a sense of freedom in this!
Yes, there is a sense of freedom in this, but we wonder if it is all in the memory of the outlaw who "wants" to look over his shoulder (but doesn't, can't?), and this "wanting" suggests to me that perhaps it is all merely a wistful vision that won't come into focus as the outlaw rides away regretfully.
I am grinning like an idiot.
Loved, loved, loved this!
and if I must qualify why (as if it should be done, but here it goes)
I love the consonance and the alliteration, the rhythm of 'spots of silver inverse' that falls into in then verse then getting lost in eyes
the open promise of the ending verse
that is why
Creative use of words here, and love the lilting rhythm. Dewy green.. I get that..
open the sauna door, run toward the lake, let the dive in peel you some fresh skin. grin like only an idiot can all the way to the open end.

always such a pleasure...
Sí. A big picture in a few words with a lot of feeling...
I could only ask the poet to point out what law requires that a man be a dud. Or is it all the laws put together?